Melania Slips And Revealed Trump’s Next Big Plan

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Melania Trump appeared on the cover of British GQ during the Obama administration when she was still known by her maiden name, Melania Knauss.

In February 2017, she covered the Mexico issue of Vanity Fair, though the story and photos were repurposed from the April 2016 GQ profile. The two publications come from Condé Nast, the same company that owns Vogue.

Vogue editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour hasn’t said explicitly that she would not put Mrs. Trump on another cover, but she has implied in the past that she wasn’t interested in doing that.

In contrast, Michelle Obama appeared on the cover of the magazine three times: first in February 2009, just under a month after President Obama was inaugurated, then again in 2013, and ultimately in November 2016.

Michelle Obama is the only First Lady to have appeared on the cover before Hillary Clinton did so in 1998.

Presidents’ wives began having their photos taken for the inside of the magazine back in 1929 with Lou Henry Hoover.

While their husbands were in office, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and Laura Bush all appeared on the pages of Vogue.

Trump, along with the Republicans, were rightly incensed by Melania’s absence from the magazine and other publications during his presidency.

Magazines were frequently criticized by Trump for failing to provide his wife with a cover.

Mainstream media, leftist Hollywood, and Democrats treated Melania so poorly, it would turn anyone off from being First Lady again.

As part of her first sit-down interview since Trump’s departure, Melania indicated she might be OK with a second term in the White House. Which reveals what may be in Trump’s mind. Becoming president again.

In a Fox Nation interview, Melania Trump said she is doing well after Trump’s exit from D.C.

During the interview with Pete Hegseth, Melania was asked if she thought the White House would become her home again.

‘I like Washington, D.C. I know it operates completely different[ly] than any other city. To be the First Lady of the United States was my greatest honor, and I think we achieved a lot in the four years of the Trump administration,’ she remarked.

‘Never say never,’ she continued.

A question regarding the baby formula crisis was also asked in Melania Trump’s sit-down interview with Fox.

‘It’s heartbreaking to see that they are struggling and the food is not available for children in the 21st century in the United States of America,’ she replied.

Upon being asked what caused the shortages, Melania pointed the finger at Joe Biden’s administration and said: “Leadership.”

She said, “Yeah,” when asked if her words implied a lack of leadership.

The former First Lady told Hegseth that she is used to criticism now. She has chosen to focus on her philanthropic work with foster children instead of other people’s opinions.

‘I’m here to help people and that is the mission. And those people who criticize me, I would encourage them to [help] their own community or maybe join my Foster the Future initiative.’

Currently, she is working to raise scholarships for vulnerable youths by selling her NFT digital artwork collection.

‘They need our resources, support, empowerment, to achieve that American dream,’ Melania said in her interview with Fox.

During her visit, the former First Lady also spoke with one of the recipients. He thanked the former first lady for her generosity and spoke of his commitment to straight A’s.

Melania slammed Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for putting Jill Biden on the cover of the magazine but not her when Trump was president.

‘We did a little research. You were the only first lady to go to the border. You did it twice,’ Hegseth said to Melania ‘How did you put up with the constant criticism?’

‘Take Vogue, for example — five months into Joe Biden’s presidency, Jill Biden’s on the cover. [Vice President] Kamala Harris is on the cover before she’s even sworn in. Hillary Clinton was on the cover when she was first lady. Michelle was on the cover three times. Yet with your business background and your fashion background and your beauty, never on the cover of Vogue. Why the double standard?’, Hegseth asked.

‘They’re biased and they have likes and dislikes, and it’s so obvious. And I think American people and everyone sees it. It was their decision, and I have much more important things to do — and I did in the White House — than being on the cover of Vogue,’ Melania answered.

In February 2005, Melania made the cover of Vogue. The Conde Nast title shot exclusive photos of her wearing her wedding gown as she married Donald.

According to her former assistant Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, she was offered a Vogue cover shoot shortly after Trump came to power, but she declined because the magazine couldn’t guarantee the cover.

The magazine has also denied covers to conservative first ladies, including Laura Bush and Barbara Bush. This has led to accusations of liberal discrimination.

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