Megyn Kelly Just Went Scorched Earth on Chris Wallace

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Chris Wallace seems to have erred in leaving Fox News for CNN+ as he was frustrated with Fox’s 2020 election coverage and, in particular, with host Tucker Carlson.

There was a recent report that detailed how many of the funds that were allocated to CNN’s new streaming service would be cut.

Over the next four years, the news organization initially planned to invest about $1 billion in the service. The original investment total is expected to be slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars. Up to this point, about $300 million has been spent on the subscription service, which includes a significant marketing investment. CNN+ has yet to be decided on how to proceed by the new company’s leadership team. Chris Licht, CNN’s new boss, will take over on May 1.

The departure of Wallace from Fox News Primetime may have been more connected to Tucker Carlson than previously understood.

In an interview with The New York Times, the former “Fox News Sunday” host took a number of potshots at his former employer.

Fox News’ Wallace left for CNN+’s streaming service CNN+, where he will interview cultural figures rather than cover politics.

“I’m fine with opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion,” he said about leaving Fox News. “But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.”

According to him, he spent “a lot of 2021 looking to see if there was a different place for me to do my job.”

The New York Times interview with Wallace reads in part:

But Mr. Wallace also acknowledged that he felt a shift at Fox News in the months after Donald J. Trump’s defeat in 2020 — a period when the channel ended its 7 p.m. newscast, fired the political editor who helped project a Trump loss in Arizona on election night and promoted hosts like Mr. Carlson who downplayed the Jan. 6 riot.

He confirmed reports that he was so alarmed by Mr. Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge” — which falsely suggested the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a “false flag” operation intended to demonize conservatives — that he complained directly to Fox News management.

“Before, I found it was an environment in which I could do my job and feel good about my involvement at Fox,” Mr. Wallace said of his time at the network. “And since November of 2020, that just became unsustainable, increasingly unsustainable as time went on.”

Still, he acknowledged that some viewers may wonder why he did not leave earlier.

“Some people might have drawn the line earlier, or at a different point,” he said, adding: “I think Fox has changed over the course of the last year and a half. But I can certainly understand where somebody would say, ‘Gee, you were a slow learner, Chris.’”

Megyn Kelly criticized her former Fox News colleague for the comments he made about the network.

As part of a segment on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” she spoke about the “huge offer” Jeff Zucker made to her to jump ship to his network before hitting Wallace hard.

In the following moments, Kelly mocked CNN Plus, the new streaming service for the network.

“Who is the moron at CNN who actually thought, ‘you know what we need with our ratings in the toilet?’ More of us. We need more CNN,” Kelly asked sarcastically.

“I do love all of the jokes about how while Elon Musk is offering to buy Twitter for tens of billions, there are lots of people out there right now who are willing to buy CNN+ for tens of dollars,” Buck Sexton added to the discussion.

Kelly then went after Wallace, who was drafted by the network earlier this year.

“He was in last place every week, every year, every month. He was always in last. And they still paid him,” she noted.

In response, she told Sexton about the incredible offer CNN had made her when Zucker was the network’s president.

“I considered going to CNN. CNN made me a huge offer. Huge. I said no, Buck, because I knew: who is my fanbase going to be over there? I knew who my fans were and I knew that my Fox viewers were not going to follow me to CNN and that the CNN viewers were going to hate my guts.”

She suggested that Wallace could be “suffering from that very problem right now.”


CNN’s new streaming service has upset Wallace to the point of threatening his departure.

A former managing editor of Mediaite, Jon Nicosia reported Wallace’s disgruntlement on Twitter.

“SOURCE: Chris Wallace is ‘having daily breakdowns’ over the ‘miserable launch’ of @CNNplus. Wants a ‘CNN show or is threatening to walk’ they go on. ‘He is having staffers count how many times a day his promo is playing,’” he posted.

And now Chris may be looking for a new job, again. Perhaps MSNBC has some openings…

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