McCarthy Vows To Let Biden Off If He Becomes Speaker Of The House

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Impeaching Democrat Joe Biden is not just about revenge; it is mostly about saving the Republic, and our citizenry from future destruction- Republicans can take back the US House of Representatives, and most Republicans and even some Democrats seemed to be on the same page about that as an election issue.

However, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy hints GOP, including himself, won’t impeach Biden cabinet officials – ‘because Democrats used it against Trump for purely political purposes,” the Dail Mail reported on Thursday.

Also on the list to impeach and remove from office are: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and AG Merrick Garland, who have caused a disaster on the US Southern Border and who have caused a complete breakdown in law enforcement and justice.

‘I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all,’ McCarthy said to Punchbowl News, adding.: “I think the country wants to heal.”‘If you spent all that time arguing against using impeachment for political purposes, you gotta be able to sustain exactly what you said,’ McCarthy added

“Kevin McCarthy is not as eager as his GOP colleagues to immediately seek impeachment against Joe Biden’s Cabinet members if they win back a majority in the November midterms. Some Republicans are out for blood-seeking revenge by way of Biden and his team after Democrats politicized impeachment and sought it against Donald Trump two times during his four years in office,” The Daily Mail reported, adding:

“The House GOP Leader, however, told Punchbowl News that Americans don’t ‘like impeachment used for political purposes at all,’ and said ‘the country wants to heal’ and see a ‘system that actually works.’ He also said that Republicans need to maintain their integrity by not turning around and engaging in the same politically-motivated actions that they railed against the opposing party for doing the last four years.

Some Republicans have even floated impeaching President Joe Biden, who turns 80 next month, by calling into question his physical and mental fitness to serve.

McCarthy, asked if anyone within the administration has engaged in conduct that would cause him to consider impeachment, said: ‘I don’t see it before me right now.’

‘You watch what the Democrats did – they all came out and said they would impeach before Trump was ever sworn in,’ the California Republican congressman said. ‘There wasn’t a purpose for it.’

‘If you spent all that time arguing against using impeachment for political purposes, you gotta be able to sustain exactly what you said,’ McCarthy added.

While McCarthy says he is against ‘impeachment for political purposes,’ that still leaves wiggle room for taking that action in instances he claims are not politically motivated.

McCarthy made the statements in the same week as Politico reported that McCarthy is seen as soft to the Democrat’s agenda:

“Biden world privately thinks McCarthy could fold on Ukraine aid Republicans are poised for big midterm gains but increasingly at odds over approving more aid to Kyiv — which means a new calculus for Biden,” Politico reported, adding:

“The GOP’s internal rift over how long to keep U.S. aid flowing to war-ravaged Ukraine is spilling into public view weeks before a midterm election that could hand the party full control of Congress.

When Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy — the likely speaker of a GOP House next year — suggested this week that he’d pull back on U.S. funding for Ukraine’s battle against Russia, it wasn’t the first signal to the Biden administration that Republican lawmakers are leery of prolonged financial support for Kyiv. But for many in Congress, including some Republicans, McCarthy’s comments only heightened the urgency of going big on a Ukraine aid package in December before the California Republican likely takes the reins of the House.”

Calls for Mayorkas’ impeachment are by far the most popular among border hawk Republicans.

‘DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has no integrity and should have already resigned from public office,’ Arizona Representative Andy Biggs tweeted on Tuesday.

‘We will use my impeachment articles and impeach him come January,’ the GOP lawmaker added.

Fellow Arizona Representative Paul Gosar tweeted Saturday: ‘Alejandro Mayorkas warrants impeachment for incompetence, dereliction of duty and gross negligence. Most of Biden’s admin comes from Clown World but Mayorkas takes the clown cake.’

‘Mayorkas must be impeached,’ Texas Representative Chip Roy wrote. ‘[H]e should have been impeached long before this for a host of reasons. I laid out the case for impeachment last spring, and this latest revelation demonstrates a total disregard for his duty and those he is entrusted to lead.’

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia wrote in a tweet last week: ‘Our country is being invaded and people are dying every single day. The cartels control the border and human trafficking is the worst it’s been in US history. Mayorkis (sic) must be impeached.’

GOP Representative Andy Biggs and Marjorie Taylor Greene are among the pro-Trump lawmakers who have called for immediate impeachments when they have a majority in the lower chamber.

The border crisis is one of the biggest priorities of Republicans as thousands of migrants continue to illegally cross into the U.S. every day – with seemingly no solution or action from the administration.

‘What we’ve done in the Commitment to America, but we’re really focused on the economy, on crime and the border,’ McCarthy told Punchbowl in the interview published Wednesday morning.

‘We focus on accountability,’ he said.


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