Matt Gaetz Reveals Republicans Will Release the 14,000 Hours of J6 Tapes That Have Been Hidden

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Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced to Charlie Kirk on Tuesday, on the Charlie Kirk show, that the Republican-led House would release the long-hidden trove of video footage from Jan. 6th. 2021 which has been at the center of the disagreement between the political prisoners- and the government.

“Kevin McCarthy told us he’s going to get the evidence out in front of the American people, and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have been hidden that I think would give more full context to that day, rather than the cherry-picked moments that the January 6th committee tried to use to inflame and further divide our country,” Gaetz told Kirk.

The government has denied almost everyone access to their footage, admitting that if people see that dangerous footage, it will destroy the opportunity they have to build a false political narrative about what happened that day.

David Sumrall, the founder of, who is one of two official investigators for some of the J6 defendants, was allowed to see the government’s footage.  The agreement Sumrall had was that he could describe the footage to the media but not show anyone any of the footage.

Sumrall has investigated tens of thousands of hours of footage and compiled an expert amount of information on the events that unfolded on the 6th.

He recently posted about the deeds of the Capitol Police from that day:

Sumrall has said that when the American people see the footage, they are going to be shocked and dismayed at what they see- pointing primarily to the death of one woman who was screaming for help, as the police continued to attack the rally participants.

He recently posted about one of the victims who was shot that day:

About the footage that is tome come, Sumrall prepares people that what they will see is horrifying.

“You watch her die, right there while the Trump supporters are begging the police to stop and they are trying to help her,” Sumrall has said.

There is no doubt that the footage is bombastic and graphic and will expose the government’s role in creating a disaster.

The government has denied the J6 defendants access to the film as well, in a highly unethical and unconstitutional move.

Hope among voters was that if Republicans took over the US House, as they have, the Republicans would take the opportunity to destroy the left’s highly politicized messaging about what happened that day, and in doing that- the political prisoners who have been held without trials- would begin to see some relief.

The release of the footage, which Gaetz is saying is imminent, is likely to show that the Democrats and the RINO proponents of the unconstitutional US House committee were lying about everything.

When that day comes, it will show that the media was in conclusion with the Democrats to frame Americans and unfairly harass supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Also, the number of deaths, including the shooting death of Ashi Babbitt by a Capitol Police officer, could be examined in a new way.

There is hope that in that film lies some answers about the roles that the different law enforcement agencies on the ground that day played.

There is speculation among many of the participants that it was the Capitol Police themselves who created the violent uprising that caused up to 5 deaths.

“Gaetz told Charlie Kirk that releasing the tapes “would give full context to that day rather than the cherry-picked moments of the January 6th committee.” He further explained this is one example of the deal made with Kevin McCarthy to provide the American people the truth rather than the lies propagated by the Biden Regime,” Cullen Linberger reported for the Gateway Pundit.

“Looks like truth about Pelosi’s Fed-Op is going to be exposed even further,”
DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) posted on Twitter on January 10, 2023.

Here is the relevant part of their conversation, GWP reported:

Kirk: One of my favorite members of Congress is Thomas Massie and the fact that he is going to be on this new committee (the Church Committee) really gives me hope.

Matt, do you anticipate allowing the dogs to be released if you will against this fourth branch of government (the Deep State).

Gaetz: Kevin McCarthy told us he is going to get the evidence out in front of the American people and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have been hidden that I think would give more full context to that day (January 6th) rather than the cherry-picked moments the January 6th committee tried to use to inflame and further divide out country.

So yes, I do believe that part of this deal is a concession that we are going to get the truth out in front of the American people.

Should Congress actually follow through and release the tapes, this will serve as the first step toward getting justice for the January 6th prisoners. The Gateway Pundit has provided numerous accounts of the horrifying conditions the Regime has placed them in.


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