MAGA candidate Kari Lake Leads ex-VP’s pick Karrin Taylor Robson

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Tuesday in Arizona was a primary where for the first time in American history, a former President and his former Vice President were pitted against others in what appears to be a battle for the lifeline of the MAGA movement in the state.

Kari Lake, a firebrand MAGA Governor candidate, who stepped down from a media career to run, got endorsed by Donald J. Trump, and who had a solid lead in the polls leading up to the close of the election at 10 PM Tuesday night, was still in a tense battle with her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, until mid-Tuesday morning. Robson was favored by Mike Pence.

Lake was confident of her victory and posted a jab a Katie Hobbs early morning Wednesday:

Pence, who has been betraying Trump and the MAGA movement for years, was assisted by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in supporting Robson, a business executive and former member of the state’s Board of Regents.

Ducey himself is one of Trump’s political enemies because, in 2020, Ducey was seen as a determined obstacle to any and all investigation into the highly suspicious election results from AZ.

While the country waited for Lake’s results, other races in other states were called.

“Republican Rep. Peter Meijer lost to a Trump-backed challenger and a pair of Washington lawmakers were fighting to hang onto their seats after voting to impeach Trump following Jan. 6,” The AP reported.

Trump-endorsed Blake Masters won the Arizona GOP primary for Senate, and that race was called Tuesday night.

Trump’s endorsed candidate for a gubernatorial primary in Michigan to Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer won as well, showing a good night for Trump and his America First movement

Former conservative commentator Tudor Dixon handily won the crowded race after being endorsed by Trump late in July.

Dixon will now fight to unseat Whitmer, who has been speculated as a potential 2024 Presidental hopeful.

But the AZ Gov race is not adding up as smoothly as the other races. Tallying was going on until about 9 AM Wednesday.

Lake, a former local news anchor, as of midnight Tuesday night, was nearly 10 points behind Robson with almost 60% of votes in, and by Tuesday morning, media showed Lake was leading, but they said the race was still too close to call.

“After weeks of dominating early voter polls, former local news anchor Kari Lake is trailing her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson by nearly 10 points in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday night.

As of midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday morning, business executive Robson holds roughly 49 percent of the vote compared to Lake, hovering around 40 percent,” The Daily Mail reported Wed. morning.

“That’s with nearly 60 percent of the vote counted,” according to the New York Times.

Fox News reported:

“It is too close to call Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary, with former TV news anchor Kari Lake leading real estate developer and Arizona Board of Regents member Karrin Taylor Robson by fewer than 12,000 votes.

As of Wednesday morning, Lake had 46.2% of the vote, and Taylor Robson had 44.5% in the Republican primary. The two women are seeking to succeed term-limited Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican.

The race turned into a bit of a proxy war between former President Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

The former president last year endorsed Lake, who is a strong supporter of Trump’s repeated and unproven claims that his 2020 election loss to President Biden was due to massive voter fraud.”

Trump campaigned for Lake twice in Arizona and talked about the fake news media and problems with the Arizona election in 2020- which was a huge part of Lake’s campaign platform.

Lake was a proponent of smashing the Fake News, who pushed the election results without doing any of their own research. One of her campaign ads best describes her feelings about Fake News:

“Lockdowns, Masks, Weak Border Policies, Sketchy Elections & FAKE News Media — I’m taking a Sledgehammer to ALL of it

Elect the Conservative Outsider as Governor to drain the Arizona Swamp. Vote Kari Lake TODAY!”

Lake had reported early on Tuesday, Nov. 4th, 2020, that there were election irregularities and other issues even before voters took to the polls.  She was then joined by many other people, who joined in to talk about the sharpies they were given, in a confusing situation and early marker of problems in the 2020 election.

Lake posted on Twitter:

“I’m seeing posts about #ArizonaElections workers giving Sharpies to in-person voters at polls. My hubby & I voted in-person Tues. We were given ‘sterilized’ Sharpies. When I flipped my ballot I noticed lots of ink bled thru so I flagged a worker–she said no worries, it was OK.”

Early morning, Wednesday, August 3, Lake’s campaign was citing a media source that Lake had won the primary:

Mid-morning Wednesday, some were reporting that the results were in and Lake had won:

According to local AZ News, the race has not yet been called.

Lake wants to challenge radical leftist Katie Hobbs for the soul of Arizona.


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