Liz Cheney is 28 POINTS behind her GOP primary opponent Harriet Hageman

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US Rep ‘Liz’ Cheney (R-WY) hasn’t been in Washington DC politics for all that long. Still, she has been in place long enough to rise to the top quickly, get placed into potent positions, screw it all up, and lose the support of any voters who had a say in getting her there.

Cheney faces a painful primary to keep her position and recent polling show she is not going to have that job much longer.

Elizabeth Lynne Cheney is an American attorney and politician who has been the U.S. representative for Wyoming’s at-large congressional district since 2017.

According to her bio, she chaired the House Republican Conference, the third-highest position in the House Republican leadership, from 2019 to 2021, according to her bio.

This week Cheney is notable for leading the persecution of Americans and harassing President Donald J. Trump- in what resembles a soviet show trial- possibly a third impeachment trial- over the events of Jam. 6th.

And voters are not happy with her, polls show.

Everywhere you look in Cheney’s political career, you see anti-American behavior, and she may soon be displaced from the Halls of Congress.

Gone from her lofty placement- may be the vicious ‘Never Trumper’ who appears to only be focused on destroying President Trump and his supporters.

Remember, Somehow, a freshman  Republican legislator was given a very high and strategic position to lead and wage a battle against a sitting Republic president.

Apparently that Cheney’s name carries some authority in Washington DC.  Experience in public policy and support from the public is not essential to crony politics.

Recall the public pressure against Cheney, for her Never Trump and other Anti-American activity, caused such tremendous pressure -recently- that Cheney was recalled from her ‘GOP attack position’ and replaced by someone who more represented the Republican base- US Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is the current GOP Conference Chair.

And her polling has not improved in all that time.

‘Liz’ Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. She served under squishy left-Republic George W. Bush and represented the military-industrial complex- the one that was identified as President Dwight Eisenhower and has never stopped their swampy lust for power and funding.

“Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex,” Eisenhower said in a speech during his term.

Liz Cheney- or ‘Daddy’s Girl’ as her opponents call her, is likely a part of the longstanding problem identified by Eisenhower- because apparently no one else really likes Cheney- and now her Primary opponent appears ready to unseat the radical, according to polls.

Cheney is having her position challenged by Republican Hageman, who Trump has endorsed and who is surging in popularity, according to polling.

Hageman is a firebrand- Conservative-Populist, who says she is ready to fight for her people, at a time when her people want to see someone fight against the Cheney family and their influence.

“I was going to say hello, Wyoming, but instead I am going to say Hello – Home,” she said when accepting Trump’s endorsement, to the sounds of great applause. Hageman is a fellow attorney who has a track record of ‘fighting the government and bureaucracy” and winning against places like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- and “winning,” she told audiences.

The Cheneys are not a family from Wyoming, Hageman has a long family history in the state.

“I am Wyoming, and I will fight for you in Washington DC just as soon as I defeat Liz Cheney,” she told the crowd that day to uproarious applause. “I am going to take that position from that Virginiana who now holds it.  People say they are fed up with Cheney and the Federal Government,” Hageman said.

Here is Hageman’s latest:

“Washington elites like Liz have taken over Wyoming for far too long. It’s time we have a REAL conservative voice representing Wyoming. As your Congresswoman, I will fight to take our great state back from big government.”

According to a Daily Mail report, Cheney is going to get her political ‘clock cleaned’:

“Liz Cheney is 28 POINTS behind her GOP primary opponent Harriet Hageman: 70% of Republican Rep’s party’s voters in Wyoming view her unfavorably as she faces an uphill battle to keep her seat”

Another congressional term for Liz Cheney is looking less and less likely as Republicans in her home state of Wyoming continue to turn on her after she voted to impeach Donald Trump and joined the Democrat-led select committee probing the January 6 Capitol attack.

According to a new poll from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates survey and consulting firm, just 28 percent of Wyoming Republican voters say they would cast a ballot to reelect Cheney in the 2022 midterms, according to a new poll from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates survey and consulting firm.

The survey of 400 likely Republican primary voters in the deep red state shows that 56 percent would vote for Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman over the incumbent if the election were held today.”

From the pollsters:

“Hageman Viewed Favorably by 2-to-1 Margin, while Cheney is Overwhelmingly Disliked Over the past six months, Harriet Hageman has become known to nearly all Wyoming RPV, and as she has done so, her net favorable image has increased from +21 to +29. A 58% majority now view her favorably while just 29% have an unfavorable opinion.

Conversely, the already unpopular Congresswoman Liz Cheney has become even more disliked, with her net favorable falling from -40 to -47. A whopping 73% of GOP primary voters have an unfavorable view of Cheney, including 66% who view her very unfavorably.

It might be time for the Cheneys to get out of Wyoming, out of the business of Republican voters, and out of DC.


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