“Let Me Be Blunt. Let Me Do Some Harvard Business School Math for You – You’re screwed!” – Stephen Bannon on Biden’s coming economic nightmare

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Steve Bannon, the host of the War Room program on Real America’s Voice, hates terrible government leadership, and on Saturday, he once again slammed the people in office he calls ‘the clowns’, who have put Americans and their finances in a ‘house of pain’.

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit responded to Bannon’s epic rant on Saturday, where he called out the clowns and kicked in their house of pain:

“The working class is suffering under the Biden/Obama regime. The equity in their homes is expected to decline as house prices begin to plummet. Their wages cannot cover the devastating inflation rate.

Now the experts are saying that housing prices are going to decrease by 25%,” Hoft wrote for the Gateway Pundit, adding:

“The map was compiled by Fortune based on data from Moody’s Analytics. The research company found that 183 of the 413 largest regional housing markets in the U.S. are “overvalued” by more than 25 percent. The map shows that some of those significantly overvalued markets include Boise, Idaho, which is overvalued by 71.7 percent, and Flagstaff, Arizona, which is overvalued by 60.6 percent.”

The working class in the country has a special place in Bannon’s heart, and he sours at the idea of their suffering- so he gets out his commander jacket and gets to work breaking down the cause of the problem into small bites and then igniting people into action to solve the problems.

Of course, the solutions start with Americans getting out to vote for better leadership, so alone- Bannon can only do so much.   His epic rants are famous for waking people and casting them off in the right direction, and for that, the administrative state – who loves sleepy Americans, hounds Bannon day and night to try to make him stop talking.

Yet he persists on rattling cages.

On Saturday, talking about a Breitbart article- Bannon was quite blunt. He told people they are screwed. He forecast a very cold and hard Winter for people and their families due to the recklessness of Democrat Joe Biden.

The Breitbart article highlighted the disaster of the energy crisis in France and Germany- but Bannon was quick to tell the American people- the bad news is for them as well:

Bannon says that Americans are screwed like France and Germany- for the same reasons, poor leadership.

Here is part of Bannon’s Saturday wake-up call from the War Room:

“Here’s how it’s going to impact your life. If you’re in Nebraska or Georgia or listening from Southern California. Number one, we have a huge export business to think that’s all going to dry up because they’re going to be making the decisions.

The energy crisis will impact 20 million households in the United States, who will have to ask themselves- Do I put food on the table, gas in the car or do I pay the electric bill, or pay the rent or mortgage?

That’s why we see cars being repossessed. That’s where the repo numbers up for the cars. That’s why people are late on their rents. That’s where people are getting foreclosed on their mortgages. This is why housing prices are collapsing.

And now, Home Equity prices could drop 20%.  So,  get your pencil out while you are drinking a cup of coffee and watching the War Room.  Just might want to get your pad out and say, hmm. If my house drops in value by 20%, what is my Equity worth? Probably zero, okay?

And you’ve got inflation, that you’re falling behind. Every time you get a paycheck, you’re falling behind because of inflation, your real wages, for the last 16 months in a row.

Now let me think how long has Biden Administration has been here, about 18 months, right?

Every month since they’ve been here, real wages are down. Okay, so you’re losing your treadmill, you’re losing every day on your wages. And now the little bit of equity you have in the world, a little bit of net worth, you’ve got in the world, the bottoms falling out of that, okay?

Yeah, you know we’re going to put you in the house of pain because of every mistake leaders have made -these clowns made up on Capitol Hill and with and they and they made with the Federal Reserve in the fiscal, monetary policy. The energy policies to the until somebody steps forward and says. As this is an energy plan we get this thing back on track.

This economy is going to continue to implode, and the working class is going to get brutalized even worse than they are getting brutalized right now.”

Steve Bannon slammed the administrative state who is behind creating this massive pain for the working-class Americans and said:

Every time you get a paycheck, you’re falling behind because of inflation. Your real wages, sixteen months in a row (now let me think, how long has the Biden Administration been around here – about 18 months). Every month since they’ve been here, real wages are down.

Ok so you’re losing your treadmill, you’re losing every day in your wages and now the little bit of equity you have in the world, the little bit of net worth you’ve got in the world, the bottom’s fallen out on that.

Ok. You are screwed. Let me be blunt. Let me do some Harvard Business School math for you – You’re screwed.



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