LAWLESS MARICOPA COUNTY: Something Stinks Bad As Votes Trickle In Days Later

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Voters in Arizona were growing restless because the Republican Primary for Governor candidate’s winner had still not been announced by Thursday afternoon.

“Two days after the Arizona primary, the governor’s race is still too close to call officially, although Republican primary voters have Kari Lake with a slight lead over Karrin Taylor Robson. It’s the highest profile of the remaining races yet to be determined,” AZ Central reported.

A big batch of vote results was scheduled to be released at 7 p.m. But, according to the Maricopa County Elections Department, local AZ news reported Thursday.

Looking for something to report on that wasn’t going to send people into frustration, local media reported, the next AZ Gov. is going to be a woman:

8 a.m.: A record 5th female governor

No matter who is the Republic nominee for governor, Arizonans in November are poised to elect their fifth female governor, more than any other state in the country.

If Kari Lake secures the GOP nomination, the sprint to November’s general election will pit one of the state’s loudest 2020 election deniers, Lake, and its chief defender, Democrat Katie Hobbs.

But not everyone was happy. Proponents of American First policies and the platform of President Donald J. Trump were still frustrated.

“Election day revealed major concerns and possible fraud in the election system,” Jim Hoft reported on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Hoft reported:

Earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that the County is stalling the election for Governor and that they had not updated their results since the middle of the night last night.

They stopped the counting after Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake pulled ahead from a 10-point deficit.”

And election officials have not made much progress still.

Wednesday afternoon, Stephen Reicher, the Maricopa County recorder, posted on his account:

Right now, we’re:

1) verifying signature of early ballots dropped off yesterday, retried at night, and scanned starting at 1:00 AM

2) bipartisan extraction and processing of ballot

Then, soon, once we have grist for the mill, we will tabulate again.

Then on Thursday:
Unofficial results are updated, and 715,949 ballots have been counted. We still have to count the rest of the verified early ballots dropped off on Election Day, verified provisional ballots, & write-in candidates. We’ll post more results Thursday after 7pm.

Maricopa County posted 5,188 to the R gov race.
Breakdown of batch:@KariLake 48.9%@KTaylorRobson 43.4%

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake is the clear winner for the Republican Governor after a huge comeback based on the statewide results. “However, the State and leftist media refuse to call the race for Kari Lake” Hoft wrote.

The Lake Campaign told The Gateway Pundit, “we don’t know why Maricopa county is taking so long to count the ballots, but we expect our lead to keep growing when the county finally gets around to announcing the results. We’ve won every other county and expect to win Maricopa as well.”

Maricopa County’s website still shows that Kari is behind by 1%, but she won in all other counties across the State.

According to Hoft, investigative citizens have seen trucks pulling into the County Elections Department and people walking in with computer bags, which sounds like a report of his coverage from the 2020 election.

The AP reported on some other problems with the primary:

“Officials in an Arizona county are vowing to overhaul their election procedures after a shortage of some ballots at about two dozen voting sites during Tuesday’s primary election led to some voters leaving without being able to cast their ballots.”

On Tuesday, that earlier issue played a role during in-person voting at some of the county’s 95 polling sites. Each site may have had as many as ten ballot styles.

A surge of people going to the polls led to some sites either running short or out of ballots. The county tried to print new ballots, but old printers were limited, and it took a long time in some cases to get new ballots to the affected polling sites.

At most, about 750 voters could have been affected out of about 50,000 total mail and in-person votes tallied from Tuesday’s election, but that is “purely a guess,” Volkmer said.

“The actual number of people impacted, we have no ability to really assess,” Volkmer said.



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