Kayleigh McEnany Announces Her Huge Next Move

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Even before becoming President Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany appeared alongside political figures during the midday and primetime programming of outlets such as Fox News. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Tampa native was born in 1988 and for as long as she can recall has been interested in politics. She founded Political Prospect, a now-defunct website dedicated to fostering dialogue between different political ideologies.

“I have always been fascinated by politics and political commentary. Interestingly, besides me, no one in my family has a specific interest in politics or comes from a political background,” McEnany said in an interview.

According to the University of Miami School of Law where she attended for a year, “McEnany first got involved in politics as a high school sophomore in 2004 when she volunteered with the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign. This experience not only landed her an internship with the campaign, but also helped launched the beginning of what would become a career in politics and eventual transition into television. After her senior year in high school, the college-bound 18-year-old interned for Tom Gallagher, a gubernatorial candidate who ran against Charlie Christ in the primary for Governor of Florida in 2006.”

McEnany has leaned conservative since her college days and was highly critical of the Obama presidency.

Now the former White House Press Secretary has revealed that she’s currently working on a book.

Her upcoming publication was announced via a video posted to her social media accounts. McEnany co-hosts Fox’s “Outnumbered.”

Among other things, she revealed the cover design of her upcoming book, “Serenity in the Storm: Living Through Chaos by Leaning on Christ.”

“I’m excited to reveal the cover of my upcoming book,” she stated.

“The theme of the book is that it has been a chaotic two years, what’s happening in our schools, Afghanistan, Ukraine…it’s not all Biden’s fault… but this is bigger than any president, political movement… and this shows that there is something some bigger and that is Jesus Christ.”

This book is described on Amazon as follows:

“Kayleigh McEnany brings to life the key cultural and political issues of our time, from the fall of Afghanistan to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, analyzing world events through the lens of faith and providing readers with Serenity in the Storm.

“Our world, without question, is experiencing aberrational times.

“The ravages and life-altering realities of COVID-19 that I worked through as White House press secretary were just the start of it.

“What followed was a series of history-defining events. From the fall of Afghanistan to the nationwide crime wave, we’ve all endured painful images of death, destruction, and chaos.

“Meanwhile, radical teachings on gender and race have infiltrated our nation’s schools, poisoning the minds of our children—all at a time when our country feels more divided than ever before.

“Along with these twenty-first-century realities can come a feeling of despair and discouragement. Indeed, I hear it all the time as I crisscross the country: Americans feel disheartened and seek hope. Serenity in the Storm provides that hope.

“Despite our challenges, there is cause for great optimism for men and women of faith. In Afghanistan, the underground church is thriving.

“On the key issues of life and liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States has delivered enormous and consequential victories.

“In our schools, voters have spoken unmistakably against the insidious doctrines of critical race and gender theory.

“There is no doubt that God is at work as He hears the prayers of the faithful!” McEnany exclaimed.

“Taking a similar format to my New York Times bestselling book, For Such a Time as This, I analyze our domestic and international challenges through the lens of faith.

“Though we have lived through dark times and unsettled waters, the storms we face have prompted many great leaders to rise to the moment and have left a yearning in the human heart for a Savior, Jesus Christ, who is walking alongside us every step of the way,” the description states.

McEnany’s other book about her personal life is For Such a Time As This.

In that book, she also refers to her faith in Jesus as being a comfort in trying times.

McEnany tells the story of becoming Press Secretary and about her faith.

The Amazon description of the NY Times bestseller reads, “If you would have told me that in the year 2020, I would stand at the White House podium and communicate with the American people as COVID-19 ravaged the globe and violent protests beset the nation, I would have told you that you were crazy. But Jesus Christ had this very plan for my life.”

“From White House intern to White House press secretary, from production assistant to national television host, from Catholic all-girls high school to Harvard Law School, God has guided my path through uncharted territory. In For Such a Time as This, I will chronicle my journey to the White House and offer never-before-told anecdotes about what really happened within the Trump administration. You will experience some of the most high stakes moments in the West Wing right alongside me as I reveal how faith got me through.”

In June of last year, McEnany announced that she was pregnant with her second child by her husband Sean Gilmartin.


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