‘Just The Beginning’: Trump Releases Big News On Durham Probe

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Special Counsel John Durham’s recent court filings are merely the “beginning” of what is to come, according to Donald Trump.

Durham wrote a court filing saying the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” Trump Tower’s and White House’s servers in order to establish a narrative of links between Trump and Russia. Trump has reacted to the report.

“It looks like this is just the beginning, because, if you read the filing and have any understanding of what took place, and I called this a long time ago, you’re going to see a lot of other things happening, having to do with what, really, just is a continuation of the crime of the century,” Trump said on Fox News. “This is such a big event, nobody’s seen anything like this.”

“Who would think a thing like this is even possible?” Trump questioned. “Durham is also coming up with things far bigger than anybody thought possible—Nobody ever thought a thing like this would be even discussed, let alone an act like this committed.”

Rep. Jim Jordan has ripped those who pushed the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative following the latest filing by special counsel John Durham, which indicated key evidence supporting the conspiracy could not be verified.

A filing by the special counsel reveals that his investigation thus far has found inauthentic “user-generated” data on devices; the CIA also stated that data claiming links between the former president and Russian banks “was not technically plausible,” “did not withstand technical scrutiny,” “conflicted with [itself],” as well as being “user-created and not machine/tool generated.”

“The CIA knew as early as 2017 that the Trump/Russia collusion data was not ‘technically plausible’ and was ‘user-created.’ In other words, it was made up. But Democrats and the media told you otherwise!” said Jordan in a tweet.

Jason Chaffetz, a former Utah Republican congressman who now contributes to Fox News, said Durham exposed an “incestuous relationship” among federal agencies involved in either crafting the phony narrative or failing to expose and refute it.

“The allegation here is that Michael Sussmann got in with a meeting with the general counsel there at the Federal Bureau of Investigation by representing that he wasn’t representing anybody,” Chaffetz said in a conversation with Rep. Andy Biggs on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“But there’s other documentation and flow of money and logs and whatnot,” he continued. “That’s why this is a case that is important because these people had this incestuous relationship to be able to actually go in and access things that other people that are on the receiving end of these — of these types of prosecutions don’t get to do.”

Biggs is then asked by Chaffetz if he has any information regarding the case.

“I’m hearing that there are some emails that Durham has found that, again, show that they’re — that Sussmann lied to the FBI and that he also lied and misrepresented regarding the connection of all of this with DNC, which is the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton campaign, and who paid for his bogus information that he was throwing out there,” Biggs responded.

“So, it’s pretty interesting to see. And I’m not sure that the Clinton campaign folks or the Democratic Party want to see this go to trial and air their dirty laundry even further,” he remarked.

The Daily Wire also reported:

Allegations of collusion with Russia dogged former President Donald Trump during his campaign and throughout his presidency. Ex-special counsel Robert Mueller for three years investigated claims that the Trump campaign had illegally coordinated with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election. Mueller eventually concluded that no such evidence exists.

Attorney Michael Sussmann, who previously worked for the Seattle-based law firm Perkins Coie, approached the FBI, under what Durham alleges were false pretenses, with information on potential Trump/Russia collusion. Sussmann took what he said could be evidence of coordination between Trump Tower in New York and Alfa-Bank, one of the largest private banks in Russia.

The CIA, identified in the filing as “Agency-2,” knew in 2017 that at least part of the information that Sussmann had given to federal investigators was not “technically plausible” and was “user-created,” according to Durham’s Friday filing.

The blog post that Jordan tweeted out from The Reactionary states:

Durham provided to the Court two sets of notes related to Sussmann’s representations to the CIA. The first was from Sussmann’s January 31, 2017 contacts with a CIA employee where Sussmann discussed wanting to provide to the CIA data on “the presence and activity of a unique Russian made phone around President Trump.” It was said that this secret activity started in April 2016 and continued after Trump’s “move to the White House.”

Sussmann alleged the Russian phone (YotaPhone) was always close to Trump (“only around the President’s Movements”), surfacing at his Trump Tower Network in April 2016 and being used through Wi-Fi at Trump’s Grand Central West apartment. The phone even “appeared with Trump in Michigan” when he was interviewing a Cabinet Secretary.

The Reactionary continues:

At a minimum, this confirms what we reported nearly two months ago: that the Trump transition data was passed to the CIA. Yet it’s also more than that. The CIA was provided with data all the way back from April 2016.

Why does April 2016 matter? Because Russia was alleged to have hacked “the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and DNC networks in April 2016.” Recall that “Crowdstrike was contacted on April 30, 2016 to respond to a suspected breach” of the DNC.

The CIA Notes Part 2: Sussmann’s February 9, 2017 meeting with the CIA

That January 31, 2017 conference was used to schedule the February 9, 2017 meeting with the CIA. At that meeting, Sussmann repeated his allegations that a “Russian-made Yota-phone” had been seen at Trump properties and had traveled with Trump to Michigan. He further alleged that “In December 2016, the Yota-phone was seen connecting to WIFI from the Executive Office of the President (the White House).” 


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