JUST IN: Trump Issues Public Apology To Melania and Sean Hannity

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Former President Donald Trump has been under attack since he began stumping for GOP candidates ahead of the midterms. Those incendiary remarks have gone into overdrive since Election Day on Wednesday, even from Republican supporters who spoke out against him after he referred to Florida governor Ron DeSantis as “Ron DeSanctimonious” during a final rally pre-midterm rally in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the election, Trump has been a top supporter of Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, which earned his criticism, most notably from one of his biggest media adversaries, Maggie Hagaman of the New York Times. After Oz’s stunning loss to John Fetterman, Hagaman had something to say which Trump didn’t take kindly to, which has since resulted in him publicly apologizing to former First Lady Melania Trump and his close media ally, Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

In a social media post on Thursday, Trump apologized on to Melania Trump and Sean Hannity for all the “fictional stories made up out of thin air, with no sources despite them claiming there are, being dumped on you by reporters” who should know better, Slay News reported.

“There is a Fake Story being promulgated by third-rate reporter Maggie Hagaman of the Failing New York Times, that I am blaming our great former First Lady, Melania, and Sean Hannity, that I was angry with their pushing me to Endorse Dr. Oz,” he added in the online rant.

Trump continued to call out the post-midterm allegations in addition to issuing an apology in his post thread on Truth Social:

“First of all Oz is a wonderful guy who really worked hard and was a very good candidate, but he WAS LONG IN THE RACE before I ever Endorsed him, they had NOTHING to do with it, he was not a ‘denier’ (his mistake!), & I was not at all ANGRY. Fake News!

“I’d like to apologize to Melania and Sean Hannity for all of the Fake News and fictional stories (made up out of thin air, with no sources despite them claiming there are!), being dumped on you by reporters and ‘News’ Organizations who know these stories are not true.

“The Fake News Media is ‘Crazed’ and totally out of control.

“I only wish the public could understand how really corrupt and crooked they are.

“They MAKE UP stories and then push them down your throats.

“Despite having picked so many winners, I have to put up with the Fake News.

His frustration didn’t end there, as he blasted reports that he was enraged over several of his handpicked Republican candidates losing their midterm election bids.

“For those many people that are being fed the fake narrative from the corrupt media that I am Angry about the Midterms, don’t believe it,” Trump said on Truth Social. “I am not at all angry, did a great job (I wasn’t the one running!), and am very busy looking into the future.”

“Remember, I am a ‘Stable Genius,’” he added.

According to the New York Post, “the 45th president was referencing reports that he was ‘furious’ Wednesday morning about Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz’s loss in the crucial Pennsylvania Senate race, and was blaming everyone in his circle — including wife Melania — for urging him to support the now-failed candidate.”

New York Times reporter and author Maggie Haberman tweeted the shocking claim, reporting that Trump described his wife’s backing of Oz as “not her best decision.”

The Post’s report added that “despite Trump apologizing to Hannity ‘for all of the Fake News and fictional stories,’ the former president raged against Fox News in a follow-up post, dubbing the channel ‘fake news’ for reporting on Trump-backed candidates who lost their elections.

“For me, Fox News was always gone, even in 2015-16 when I began my ‘journey,’ but now they’re really gone,” Trump said. “Such an opportunity for another media outlet to make an absolute fortune, and do good for America. Let’s see what happens?”

Trump also commented on two undecided key races: Arizona’s gubernatorial race, and the U.S. Senate race in Nevada. He warned of potential election fraud affecting the outcome for Kari Lake, Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, and Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s Republican Senate hopeful.

“Clark County, Nevada, has a corrupt voting system (be careful Adam!), as do many places in our soon to be Third World Country. Arizona even said ‘by the end of the week!” – They want more time to cheat! Kari Lake MUST win!” he noted.

Trump’s rant spurred on more attacks over the issue from his media adversaries, such as Salon, who claimed “Trump was beside himself because Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – his most likely competitor for the 2024 presidential nomination – easily won a second term.”


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