“U.S. Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui delivered the stern rebuke to federal prosecutors at a hearing for a Texas man who the judge said was “lost” in the court system after being arrested in December and accused of assaulting police officers during the storming of the Capitol,” The Political Insider reported.

“You have been lost for months,” Faruqui told Lucas Denney of Mansfield, Texas, during a hearing in a Washington courtroom. “There’s no excuse to treat a human being like that. … There is no circumstance under which any person should be forgotten.”

Faruqui, who noted he was formerly a federal prosecutor in the same U.S. Attorney’s Office leading the investigation, suggested the government had “bitten off more than it can chew.”

Notably, the only people who died on Jan. 6th were people who were supporters of President Donald J. Trump. The most notable death was that of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by an officer of the Capitol Police, who admitted he never saw a weapon on Babbitt but shot and killed her anyway for being inside the Capitol building.

Others died from being trampled, shot with targetable, and there are stories that rally participants were thrown over a wall and pushed down a flight of stairs, by the Capitol Police.

Even the US Government knows they have a fragile case, as evidenced by their statements during the Couy Griffen hearing that the US Government could not release over 14,000 hours of footage at the Capitol that day because it would show that they had no case.

So it isn’t a secret that the US Government is struggling in defending its charges against detainees.

Politico reported that Faruqui seemed inclined to release Denney, but such a move was complicated because a grand jury had indicted him – on a single count related to the Capitol riot.

That indictment came on Monday, 425 days after the January 6 incident.

Oddly, Denney’s name does not appear on the Justice Department’s ‘Capitol Breach Cases roll call.’

His name does appear in a press release from the DOJ, indicating he has been charged and accused of having “grabbed and shoved a police officer” and swinging a “long metal pole” at them.

The Dallas Morning News reported in Dec. 2021 about Denney’s arrest, showing the tactics the government used to frame a narrative that Patriots are pre-judged to be violent:

Donald Hazard, 43, of Hurst, and Lucas Denney, 44, of Mansfield, were arrested and accused of assaulting officers during the Jan. 6 insurrection. The two men, whom the FBI says were members of a militia group, are the latest North Texans to be charged in connection with case.

According to the DOJ, Hazard was seen “grappling” with U.S. Capitol Police officers as he fell down some stairs under scaffolding on the west side of the Capitol building, court records show. And he allegedly fought with one officer as they both fell. The officer was knocked unconscious during the fight and suffered injuries to his head, foot and arm, according to court records.

Denney at one point “swung his arm and fist” at an officer on steps leading to the Capitol building, “pulling the officer further down the stairs,” court records show.

Charges against the men include engaging in physical violence in officers with a dangerous weapon or resulting in bodily injury.

Prosecutors say Denney used social media and other methods in December 2020 to recruit members for his militia group — the Patriot Boys of North Texas.

Denney wanted his new recruits to travel with him to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, authorities say. He posted a photograph on Facebook on Dec. 30 that said, “Occupy Congress,” but it was removed the same day, court records say.

In other words, a guy started a Facebook group to find fellow travelers to attend the largest rally in Washington DC, to support President Trump, and used language the left has used for decades- and the DOJ called them “militia,” so they must be guilty.