January 6 Trial Blown Wide Open By Hired FBI Informant Who Proved Proud Boys Innocent

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The January 6th kangaroo court committee has tried to convince Americans that there was some vast, right-wing conspiracy headed up by then-President Trump which sought to violently overturn the results of the election. So far, Democrats have failed spectacularly.

They even went so far as turning the committee into a Hollywood production of sorts.

An executive from the news industry was recruited by the House select committee to produce the primetime hearings of the Democrat-led panel.

James Goldston was the president of ABC News for several years. As an executive producer in the past, he oversaw the operations of Good Morning America and Nightline.

Goldston advised Democrat members of Congress who say the events of January 6 were the culmination of Donald Trump’s effort to undermine democracy.

Now bombshell information has come out as documents were leaked to Gateway Pundit that have “exculpatory evidence proving the Department of Justice was aware that a group of Indicted Proud Boys were innocent- yet are prosecuting them anyway.”

It’s being said that an FBI “Confidential Human Source, or CHS, infiltrated the Kansas City Proud Boy Group for over a year and a half before the January 6th event and kept the FBI goons informed on the group’s activity.”

It was revealed that the FBI informant is a person named James Ehren Knowles.

FBI Confidential Human Source James Ehren Knowles

According to the source, Knowles had gained the group’s total trust and was included in all group communications.

The informant told his handlers at the FBI that the Kansas City Proud Boy Group he was infiltrating and accompanied to the Capitol on January 6th “were not involved in, nor did they inspire the breaking of the barriers at the Capitol building. CHS describe the scene as the crowd doing it as a “herd mentality,” and that it was not organized. The crowd was shouting “stop the vote,” as they made their way to the Capitol building…

…There were no overt threats of violence made at that time.”

“Not only that, but the informant also testifies to the FBI that Proud Boys planned to come to Washington DC to risk their own safety to protect average Trump Supporters from Antifa attacks so MAGA folk could enjoy the day and “get back to their hotels safely,” the Pundit continued.

Currently, there are two Proud Boy Group indictments – one for Seditious Conspiracy in which Enrique Tarrio and others are charged, and one for the Kansas City Proud Boys that a government informant infiltrated.

As FBI Plant explained to his superiors, the Proud Boys did not really know what they were getting themselves into. There was NO planning or conspiracy to enter the Capitol, and the Proud Boys assisted law enforcement within the Capitol.

According to him, the members of the groups never brought up: “stopping the electoral college or certification of the election” as the FB apparently expected him to report.

During the interview, the agents pressed him and clearly didn’t like what they heard because it didn’t match their narrative and what they wanted the public to believe.

The Pundit added that “Every single Kansas City Proud Boy and other individuals that the rat reported to his handlers in the document dump are indicted and facing decades in prison EVEN THOUGH THE FBI INFORMANT THAT WAS WITH THEM THAT DAY REPORTED THEIR INNOCENCE! One of the men (William Chrestman) has been detained at DC Gitmo in pre-trial detention for over a year and a half to date. A total of six people (including a woman who was pregnant at the time) are being charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting (this carries a maximum 20 year penalty), Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder and Aiding and Abetting, Threatening a Federal Officer, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon.”

Confidential Human Source James Ehren Knowles to the FBI on January 6th.

As described on page 15 of the FBI’s CHS “Reporting Document”:

Confidential Human Source (CHS), a collaborative source with direct and indirect access, most of whose reporting has been corroborated , stated the following on 1/6/2021:

CHS stated the Proud Boys were not involved in, nor did they inspire the breaking of the barriers at the Capitol building. CHS describe the scene as the crowd doing it as a “herd mentality,” and that it was not organized. The crowd was shouting “stop the vote,” as they made their way to the Capitol building. There were no overt threats of violence made at that time.

CHS stated that the KC Proud Boys (KCPB) in attendance at the rally entered the Capitol building 30 minutes after the building was breached to help deescalate Trump supporters and law enforcement. Once KCPB entered the building, they told people to stop acting like anarchists and leave. KCPB told the people to start bagging trash from where trash cans were thrown at law enforcement, along with a woman who was saying the same thing to protestors. KCPB told protestors to stop at the doors of the House of Representatives, and that their voice was heard and it was time to go. A law enforcement officer gave a thumbs up to KCPB, as they were trying to clear the area of people trying to fight law enforcement.

No one from KCPB were involved with the battery of a law enforcement officer, nor did anyone damage property in the capital building. KCPB then went back to a rental house and adhered to the curfew in place. CHS stated law enforcement seemed grateful as KCPB ushered individuals out of the building.

One member of KCPB told an older “hefty” white law enforcement that the “Proud Boys deescalated downstairs, they are clearing out.”


Stop the Steal Rally Update 1/6/21

FBI agents admitting on the record that January 6th defendants have no shot at a fair trial in D.C.

Democrats are so afraid of Trump running again, and of the GOP investigating the investigators when they take the House in November they are just making sh-t up and lying like hell as they always do.

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