IT BEGINS: Arizonans Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

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A new election is being demanded by a coalition of Arizona’s citizens and organized grassroots groups, who are so disgusted by the overwhelming amount of voter fraud and corruption by election officials in last week’s elections in Arizona that they have issued a set of demands for a new and fair election, and they are going to petition the government starting Wednesday.

If their demands are not met, they plan to show up in force to peacefully continue to demand action and a return to some sort of integrity in their election process.

Jim Hoft reported on the announcement of one group’s plans to get a new election in the state for Gateway Pundit:

The Arizona election is a total mess. It’s full of corruption in almost every area. It is uncertifiable as a result. A new free and fair election is demanded.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs should have recused herself due to her running for governor in this election but her conflict of interest was ignored.

The same people involved in the uncertifiable 2020 Election were also involved in this election. They too should have been removed.

The systems are the same systems with still unanswered questions from the 2020 Election.

As a result, a group of citizens in Arizona released a statement last night calling for a new election. They request that this election in the state be held on December 6.

This bold statement has merit and precedent.

In the US there have been numerous instances in the past 20 years where elections have been redone.

The leaflet reads:

We demand a real midterm election immediately in Arizona, three strikes for secretary Hobbs and Maricopa County, and the officials and Maricopa County are actively obstructing. The will of Arizona voters between ballot stuffing via drawer three. The 30% voting machine failures on Election Day and unexplained extended ballot counting the election. And Arizona cannot be trusted.

Enough is enough; Arizona citizens no longer trust officials to count the votes of Arizonians with Fidelity; the track record of incompetence and obstruction by Arizona’s election officials and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs over the course of multiple elections proves they are untrustworthy.

We, the people of Arizona, deserve better, and we demand better demands for remedy, include:

1) We immediately demand the following, a special Master assigned to oversee the election in Arizona, removing Katie, Hobbs, Bill Gates, and Stephen Riker, from the election, oversight number to conduct a new election and Arizona on December 6th 2022,

2) which will be in person with paper ballots; identification will be required. Precinct level hand counting of ballots on December 6th, 2022, ballots counted at the Precinct to be sealed and transported by the county sheriff to a secure location and a complete election process. Transparency, Arizona, citizens, demand, Arizona election officials agree to these terms by close of business on Friday
November 18, 20 22.

If these demands for an election are refused. Arizona citizens, joined by American citizens from across the country, were peaceful and descended on Arizona Until the new election is conducted, elections belong to the people conduct a real midterm now.

The announcement comes from the group U.S. Election Integrity Plan, who released the following statement:


Arizona citizens reject the midterm election process prior to final ballot counts and certification – proving the call for a transparent, analog redo of the election is independent of candidates, parties, or final results.

[Denver, Colorado November 15, 2022] –  Today, an open letter authored by “Arizona Citizens” addressed to Arizona election officials is being circulated through a variety of primarily online channels.  The three part letter outlines the case to conduct a new election, how the Arizona citizens want the election to be conducted, dates, and most importantly what the state and the election officials can expect if the will of the people is not respected.

The tone of the demand letter is firm, clear, and peaceful. The first paragraph of the letter is a clear vote of no confidence in the current election process by calling out the incompetence of Arizona election officials and Secretary of State Katie Hobbes based on their track record of botched elections starting in 2020.

The second paragraph in the letter outlines the analog election process by which the Arizona citizens want the new election to be used.  It’s a simplified voting process that mirrors how France conducts their elections.  Most notably is the removal of mail-in ballots, and all electronic voting equipment.  Essentially, Arizona citizens demand to return to how elections were conducted prior to universal mail-in ballots and electronic voting equipment.

The first-of-its-kind letter out of Arizona wraps with key dates where citizens expect a response by Arizona election officials. The first deadline is for election officials to agree to conduct a new, transparent midterm election. The second deadline for the state election officials is the date Arizona citizens expect the new election to take place.

Consequences of non-compliance are clear. Arizona can expect citizens to “peacefully descend” on the state, suggesting they will not leave until a legitimate election is conducted.

It’s expected that Arizona election officials will balk by citing rules and statutes to create a range of technicalities in order to create excuses for not being able to conduct a new election.  Based on the letter, it appears that Arizona citizens will not accept anything but a new election.

Operational concerns like ADA voting laws and ballot printing are easily accommodated with the traditional voting plan.  In the past, bi partisan election judges would go to the ADA voters and assist them with completing their ballots.  Printing ballots has an easy solve considering ballots are already formatted and can be printed on-demand at voting centers. Voters receive ballots once they present valid voter i.d.

The message the Arizona voters have sent is that any “challenges” that arise with the new election can be addressed by referencing how elections have been legally, and transparently run in the past.

The letter sign-off includes a hashtag obviously designed for social media. As of the writing of this press release social media avatars are being changed to the Arizona state flag presumably showing solidarity for Arizona citizens and their call for a new election.


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