‘I feel sorry for him’ Biden tried to call dead Republican Congresswoman up to speak on stage

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Democrat humiliation is playing out across the world stage as their political idol, Democrat Joe Biden, is readily falling into consequences of repeated brain injuries and advanced age, and meandering from podium to podium, making strange statements and predictions that carry devastating consequences.

While the haughty elite carries on with their support of such a ridiculous spectacle as Biden mumbles or gets lost in a crowd of one- trying to exit a stage,  acting as if nothing is wrong, the world is laughing at what a bunch of charlatans we have at the top of our once great superpower.

Even RINO Megan McCain, a political insider who strongly  supported Biden’s campaign, has tried to distance herself from him as his age and injuries are overtaking him, reporting for the Daily Mail in her own column there in August:

“MEGHAN MCCAIN: Gaffe by gaffe, it’s sadly clearer every day Biden is too old and frail for office. Because when our president looks weak, America looks weak.”

McCain didn’t understand that before he ran for POTUS-noteworthy.

And now there is this: This week, Biden’s slip-ups drew pitty upon him for being so highly embarrassing as Biden attended a public event and called out a woman who had died.  Biden called out for,  Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski,  whose death he had eulogized in an official statement from the White House, and even called and spoke to the family about the death.

The brother of the late Representative was reportedly graceful to Biden after such a humiliating slip-up.

‘I feel sorry for him, bless him for trying:’ Late Jackie Walorski’s brother says he PITIES slow Joe Biden after the President mistakenly tried to call her to speak on stage.

Keith Walorski said that he was not angry at the president and added that he spoke with Biden after Walorski was killed in a car crash on August 3, 2022.

Walorski told the New York Post Biden is ‘doing the best he can do with what he’s got right now’ and he feels sorry for the president.

He did acknowledge, however, that ‘a nice way of putting it’ is that Biden is forgetful, due to his age
‘I don’t think anybody would look at the things that he’s done and said and say that his mind is as sharp as it used to be.’

Biden released a statement on her sudden death at the time, saying he was ‘shocked and saddened’ and praising her work on the hunger conference,” Stephen M. Lepore reported for The Daily Mail, adding:

“The brother of late Representative Jackie Walorski was graceful toward President Joe Biden after the Commander in Chief erroneously called out for her at a speech in Washington on Wednesday.

Walorski pitied the President – and said that Biden is ‘doing the best he can do with what he’s got right now.”

He added that it’s ‘par for the course’ for the 79-year-old.

‘All I’m saying right now about the president is bless his heart for trying. Yeah, it was a big mess-up today. Inexcusable? No. Unforgivable? No. I’m not gonna hold it against him. I just feel sorry for him.’

Biden asked the crowd gathered for the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in Washington, D.C. where Walorski was located as he thanked lawmakers for their work on a plan to end hunger in the U.S. by 2030.

He interrupted his own remarks to ask: ‘Jackie, are you here?’

‘Where’s Jackie? She must not be here,’ Biden concluded. It came after he also praised Senators Mike Braun, a Republican, and Cory Booker, a Democrat, on the bipartisan initiative.

The White House launched a confusing and nonsensical explanation for why President Joe Biden was looking for late Representative Jackie Walorski during an event after she was killed in a car crash in Indiana last month – and claimed she was ‘at top of mind.’

The briefing room devolved into shouts as Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sent reporters into a tizzy during Wednesday’s briefing when she repeatedly suggested that the president did not forget Walorski was dead when calling out for her during his remarks earlier in the day.

Jean-Pierre insisted that it’s ‘not unusual’ for people to say the names of deceased individuals when they are ‘at top of mind,’ a phrase she continued to repeat throughout her briefing Wednesday during questions from multiple outlets, including CNN, CBS and The Washington Post.

‘I don’t find that confusing,’ she said when asked if having her at ‘top of mind’ also means that the president thinks Walorski is living and in the room.

The reporter got snarky with Jean-Pierre, looking for an answer by saying: ‘I have John Lennon top of mind just about every day but I’m not looking around for him.’

‘When you sign a bill for John Lennon as president then we can have this conversation,’ she said, launching the briefing room into confusion and shouting over each other.

The botched excuse ended up garnering even more negative attention than the initial remarks from Biden.


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