Huckabee Makes Bold Statement About Trump’s Speech Last Night

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It’s official that Donald J. Trump is now back in the running for President of the United States with his eyes on 2024.  Trump made his candidacy legal and official by filing his FEC paperwork on Tuesday, Nov. 15, in what will kick off a historically long campaign for POTUS.

“We will be resisted and attacked, but in the end, WE WILL WIN!” Trump told an enthusiastic crowd. “I believe republicans will overwhelmingly reject the left’s platform of national ruin.”

Trump spoke at a gala event from his Florida family home of Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday evening, just one week after the disastrous and strange midterm elections, which exposed numerous problems with the Republican Party’s strategy for engaging with people, getting out the vote and winning elections.

At the event from a large ballroom, Trump spoke about the dangers he risks in the running again, and he asked for prayers, talking about the ‘deep state, the media, and the lunatic leftists’ who assault him and his family constancy for his determined America First policies..

In his speech Trump, flanked by many American flags, called the journey to run for president ‘dangerous’ and he asked for prayers.

Newsmax reported on comments by Trump supporter Mike Huckabee, who talked about the importance of Trump’s Tuesday statements:

Despite “some reservations” about former President Donald Trump making his official declaration Tuesday night, former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee said this “pitch perfect speech” can make Trump once again “unbeatable.”

“I think he’s going to be unbeatable, if he stays in this message,” Huckabee told Newsmax host Rob Schmitt moments after the speech concluded.

Huckabee had earlier said he wanted Trump to hold off his official declaration until after Herschel Walker’s final vote from the Dec. 6 runoff, which could take an indefinite amount of time counting votes.

“I thought it was a pitch perfect speech,” Huckabee, changing his tune from earlier in the day on Newsmax. “I thought it was constructed brilliantly. He laid out the case for why he needed to run. He announced that he was going to run. But the most important thing he did tonight, he reminded us of why he won in the first place, because he made it about the American people and he talked about this is not my campaign, this is your campaign.”

According to Huckabee, this message can make him “unbeatable,” no matter who runs,

“This is the message that, if he sticks to it, I believe will make him unbeatable, unbeatable in the primary and unbeatable in the general election,” Huckabee continued.

“We need a party that fights for working-class men and women who come home bone tired from a day’s work, having sweat through their clothes, and they know that somebody in a place of power is fighting for them.
“Tonight, Donald Trump said I’m that guy. I’ll be there for you. I thought it was a brilliant speech.”

Huckabee’s prior “reservations” were abated by Trump’s speech at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I’m telling you, I think it’s a winning message,” Huckabee said. “I had some reservations, to be very honest, about him making this announcement right now, because we have an election going on in Georgia.”

Huckabee is headed to Georgia on Wednesday to campaign for Walker, who is fighting for the 50th seat in the Senate, attempting to unseat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga.

“I was thrilled that he brought that race up, and he encouraged people go vote for Herschel Walker,” Trump said. “That was a great and important touch because he reminded people that the 2022 election is not over. But I was really thrilled.”

Huckabee did admit Trump has a “bedside manner” that does not sit well with everyone.

“One thing I always want to say about Donald Trump: Look, if this is a hospital, and there are a lot of doctors in it, he’s got the worst bedside matter of anybody in the entire hospital — no doubt about that — but he’s the best surgeon in that hospital,” Huckabee concluded.

“Nobody can do the operation better than he can.”

Trump got his mojo back 2nite. I was apprehensive he’d announce while GA Senate race in play, but he urged ppl to go vote for @HerschelWalker& Trump speech was pitch perfect–he focused on the American ppl and the future, not the past. If he stays on this path, he’s unbeatable,” Huckabee posted on Twitter.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee is also the proud Dad of the next Governor of Arkansas, former White House Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who won her election last week and will serve as the first female Governor of the state.

“Was a pretty special night! @SarahHuckabee wins in landslide. Historic night electing 1st woman Gov of AR & 1st ever father/daughter to hold the office. W/ @LeslieRutledge as LtGov, 1st time in US that both Gov and LtGov are women,” Huckabee posted on Twitter, announcing the happy news.


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