Heads of MI5 and FBI warn of threat posed by China in first ever joint speech

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While America is a fragile and vulnerable ‘sitting duck’ under Democrat Joe Biden’s reckless, lazy and incompetent leadership, our number one enemy is making dangerous inroads into our already suffering system of government and other public institutions and threatening our way of life.

While Biden’s nightmare of an open borders invasion happens- with the Democrats enticing the most violent third-world terrorists into our country, giving them free access to our transportation, housing, and social welfare systems, we now hear about more highly bombastic threats against the United States of America from the Communist regime.

According to media sources, the heads of MI5 and FBI joined together to discuss the threats posed by China- and the Chinese Communist Party- in an unprecedented press conference on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail, about the presser:

“Security chiefs say they are facing a ‘game-changing challenge’ from the communist party, which is ‘covertly applying pressure across the globe.’

MI5 director Ken McCallum and FBI chief Christopher Wray in a historic address that will include heads of security agencies used the joint speech to warn of China’s long-term risk, saying that the ruling CCP poses a ‘game-changing challenge’ to the established world order.

It is an announcement that many Americans have anticipated while watching the Marxist left destroy our country in favor of the tyrannical foreign regime.

From their reporting, the Daily Mail said:

The heads of Britain and America’s intelligence agencies have promised more investigations into China as they jointly warned the world faces a ‘game changing challenge’ from the ruling communist party.

Director general Ken McCallum said MI5 is running seven times as many investigations into China as it was four years ago and planned to ‘grow as much again’ to tackle the nation’s widespread attempts at interference.

In an unprecedented joint address with the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, at MI5’s Thames House headquarters in London on Wednesday, business leaders and academic chiefs also heard warnings that a Chinese takeover of Taiwan could ‘represent one of the most horrific business disruptions the world has ever seen.

In their historic speech, the security chiefs warned of China’s ruling communist party, headed up by President Xi Jinping, attempting to ‘covertly apply pressure across the globe’.

They warned the Chinese government was a looming threat to global economics, technology, businesses, and particularly to Taiwan – the tiny East Asian island that has long fought off calls to reintegrate with mainland China.

Side by side in London, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Britain’s MI5. Director-general can McCallum with an unprecedented joint warning, the threat.

“From China is immediate and immense, we consistently see that it’s the Chinese government that poses. The biggest long-term threat to our economic and National Security,” Wray said.

The US and UK accused China of deploying a Global Network of spies to hack and penetrate governments, businesses, and universities. Even local communities steal secrets and influence public opinion.

“The Chinese Communist Party is interested in our Democratic media and legal systems. Not to emulate them. Sadly that’s use them for its game,” The MI5 director said.

They had seen a global cyber threat against Aerospace interest was disrupted in May FBI director Ray reiterated the bureau opens a new China-related investigation every 12 hours, the united front coming just as US national counterintelligence has issued a warning that us leaders at the state and local level risk being manipulated to support the hidden plan.

The pair said that Chinese companies offer Financial incentives to US businesses or governments. While opening the door for Chinese Espionage. Chinese business Works hand-in-hand with the Chinese government.


USA Today reported on the press conference and said: “That’s the message. The US wants to send. There are no free lunches if you see an offer from Chinese from a Chinese business entity that seems too good to be true.

It probably is the US government’s recent efforts to combat Chinese surveillance and influence even extend to the apps on your phone. Last month, the FCC commissioner urged Apple and Google to take down Tick-Tock because of reports that sensitive user data was being accessed by Beijing.”

Tick-Tock called those reports misleading and has said there is no security concern. Now the Chinese foreign Ministry is pushing back against the most recent intelligence warnings saying on Wednesday, in order to mislead the public, the USS worked hand-in-glove with NATO to hype up a coordinated push back against them.

But the FBI said that the threat is very real.

“The Chinese government is set on stealing your technology, whatever it is, that makes your industry Tech and using it to undercut your business and dominate your market. They’re set on using every tool at their disposal to do it,” Wray said.

“The FBI says China is also harassing and trying to undermine Chinese dissidents, including those living in America, who don’t support the regime in March.

The FBI says it learned that Chinese agents were working against a Chinese-American running for congress because he’d been a student during the Tiananmen Square massacre. In 1989. The Chinese agents were even authorized to use violence against him,” USA Today reported on Thursday.


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