Harris Plots Her Next, More Aggressive Move In Abortion Fight

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The Democrats are desperate to keep their supporters focused and engaged on getting politicians into powerful positions, as the Biden administration is tanking in approval with even the most dedicated far-left activists.

The approaching midterms in November are headed toward disaster for the left, according to every poll on the topic, and the left is scrambling for ideas on how to keep some hope alive.

Enter- Democrat Kamala Harris and her push to bully states on abortion and use her national platform to get attention:

Harris has notably made a move to inflame, organize and lead all of the left’s activists on the topic of abortion, using all of the tactics of the world’s leading Community Organizers.

“She’s been kind of leading the fray and just pushing that shift forward in making sure the Democrats focus on that. All too often to our detriment, we’ve put a lot of focus on federal elections,” said David Turner, communications director for the Democratic Governors Association, about Harris’s abortion actions.

So to some- Harris’s appearance, as Democrats are losing approval even at the State level, is a godsend.

“We’ve seen the results in some of the key states about what can happen when we lose a state legislature or a governor or an attorney general,” Turner told Politico recently.

Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Barack Obama, Harris is emerging as that hero- as an abortion Community Organizer.

First, Harris enflames the activist with cries about ‘racism’ to give them something to fight about:
“e know we know from the NAACP that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies,” Harris said, to inflame people’s emotions.

Then she gives them tactics to get their message out:

“And to make this happen, let us do what we do best. We build clothing, we know how to do that. We got the meanest baddest phone for use in the world and to make this happen,” Harris said recently.

POLITICO reported on Harris’s push to keep abortion in the national discussion:

“Vice President Kamala Harris and her team plan to hit the campaign and fundraising circuit aggressively to elevate Democratic state legislators and governors on the abortion rights frontlines.

The events reflect the vice president’s expanding work on abortion policy since the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade. And, if executed, they would mark an aggressive push by the second highest Democrat in the land to get involved in races often overlooked by the national party.”

“We need to make it a goal that we’re out in America three days a week,” Harris told her staff recently as they worked to figure out how much overall travel she should take through the November elections, a source familiar with the conversations said.

“Who is governor of this state will matter,” Harris told the crowd. “The General Assembly … [we’ve] got to turn it and elect a majority pro-choice General Assembly.”

The message echoed those she’s shared for national races, and the visit was part of what Harris aides and Democrats in state-focused organizations see as a necessary step to find ways to protect abortion rights.

As Politico notes, we can expect that Harris’s message about pro-Abortion will get more aggressive as we grow closer to the mid-terms. And she has already begun using her platform as the Vice President to shock people with intense rhetoric, as seen in the following video.

Local Indiana news reported on Monday morning:

Vice President Kamala Harris will be visiting the Indiana Statehouse today! She is expected to visit on the day that state lawmakers reconvene to discuss abortion and inflation legislation.”

But Harris wasn’t expected to address any inflation concerns with anyone. Instead, she would focus on promoting abortion and harming the Republican point of view with protests and other political theater.

Politico reported further:

“But the next chapter in her strategy will get more aggressive. White House aides said the vice president would head to red and purple states to call out “Republican extremism” on issues like abortion.

On Monday, Harris will visit Indiana as the state begins a special legislative session on abortion, the first in the nation since Roe v. Wade was overturned last month. The White House says she’ll meet with abortion rights advocates and state legislators during her trip.

On a parallel track, the White House has also taken several executive actions to try and protect access to abortion pills and give additional protections to abortion providers and those who cross state lines to get the procedure. But Harris, President Joe Biden, and other Democratic leaders have stressed that the primary remedy for the court’s decision is to elect more Democratic lawmakers who could change the laws on the books.

Harris’ direct involvement in local and state elections is something Democrats in organizations focused on those races have sought for years from top Democrats.”

One has to wonder, after seeing other Community Organizers at work, such as the case before the 2020 elections- just how aggressive Harris is going to get?

It was reported Monday that Harris had made it to Indiana, as the public comment was opening at the State House, as Harris planned to lobby against any move to weaken abortion in the state.

From Vice President to leftist Community Organizer- that job American taxpayers are funding with the Democrats in power.


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