GOP Rep Boebert Reported To FBI Over A Tweet

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The radical far-left is exposing their tyrannical underpinnings more and more every day, pushing concepts of free speech, which liberals American were once so proud of, into the dustbins of history.

As time goes by and people get more accustomed to  Communist cancel culture, and soviet style show trials, the reminders of American civil liberties are disappearing quickly.

Many people are conforming to the ‘brave new world’ of virtue signaling, or they are shutting up.  However, some remaining outliers continue to speak their mind- and get punished for speaking their minds as well.

The well-organized left will not tolerate any dissent of their Dear Leaders, even if they have to embarrass themselves to expose it.

The political idols of the left are protected from scrutiny and criticism online by the ‘street soldiers’ or the activists who do things like report tweets, and feign danger, even while it is painfully obvious there is no danger at all to be had.

But they have to be victims to report a problem, right?

Consider this, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was reported to the FBI after she posted a simple response to President Joe Biden’s latest speech.

Yes- activists on the left felt entitled to complain to the FBI about a very non-threatening post by one of their America First targets.

“Boebert took to Twitter to call on terminating Biden’s presidency, adding, “End quote. Repeat the line,” The Conservative Brief reported.

Boebert responded to Biden signing an executive order to protect certain abortion rights and medications after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade last month.

“We need to terminate this Presidency. End quote. Repeat the line,” Boebert tweeted.

We need to terminate this Presidency.

End quote. Repeat the line.

In an obviously coordinated scheme to punish Boebert, social media users said they were afraid of that post and reported the tweet to the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Justice Department.

As Conservative Brief pointed out: One user tagged both the FBI and the Secret Service. They said, “This person continues to threaten the president’s life after taking action on Jan 6 to overthrow a valid election and government… Please take action.”

@FBI @SecretService this person continues to threaten the life of the president after taking action on Jan 6 to overthrow a valid election and government… Please take action

@SecretService @FBI ! Calling to have the President of the United States Terminated seems very dangerous!

Another said, “Calling to have the President of the United States Terminated seems very dangerous!”

The ‘hall monitors’ of Twitter who were organized to report that tweet could have a plan to cover up disastrous news for Joe Biden this week- by making him look like a victim- a favored tactic of the left.

Politico had a blistering story about Biden’s sinking popularity, which could be the real issue the left is trying to cover up.

“Rep. Kim Schrier called it an “honor” to welcome President Joe Biden to suburban Seattle for a health care speech in April. Then, nearly three months later, the Washington Democrat used a TV ad to boast about “taking on” the Biden administration over gas prices.

This kind of pivot in a House battleground — which Biden won by 7 points just two years ago — isn’t an anomaly. Recent GOP polling in roughly a dozen swing districts offers a bleak portrait of how President Joe Biden’s anemic approval ratings are threatening to doom battle-tested swing-seat incumbents — and nudge once-safe districts into the middle of the danger zone,” Politico reported.

“I literally laughed out loud,” Army veteran Jesse Jensen, one of Schrier’s GOP opponents, said of the first time he saw the ad. “She is claiming — because she finally looked at some polling and realized that he’s unpopular — that she’s this independent-minded free spirit that is fighting the administration. And she’s been a rubber stamp for him every single step of the way.”

With just four months until the midterms, Democrats were already on the defensive in at least 30 highly competitive districts. But Biden’s toxicity has given the GOP optimism about seriously contesting a fresh crop of about a dozen seats that the president won in 2020 by 9 points or more — from western Rhode Island to California’s Central Valley to the suburbs of Arizona’s capital.

The result is a House map that has expanded to an uncomfortable place for Democrats. Survey data obtained by POLITICO shows the president underwater by double-digit margins in 11 districts he carried.

So while the left continues to act childish online about non-threatening posts, their Dear Leader is sinking and has no life-line in sight to help him reignite the Democrat Party in time for the 2022 midterm elections.

Watching them cry online about Boebert’s tweets feels exactly like they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

If the Republicans get a hold of the US House of Representatives, there is going to be enough shock and awe- they will see- to go around for years.


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