GOP congresswoman Mayra Flores slams Pelosi for ELBOWING her little daughter

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Most of us wonder how long Nancy Pelosi will keep her seat in the House. At 82 years old, surely she’s about finished. She was elected to the House in 1987 and is serving her 18th term.

Of course, she’s gotten quite wealthy from her position. In 2019 she and her husband had an estimated net worth of $119 million, and today estimates are as high as $200 million.

Back in March, Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, purchased nearly $2.2 million worth of Tesla stock.

Disclosures of congressional financial information show that Paul Pelosi has made tens of millions of dollars trading stocks through the years, while his wife has remained one of the most powerful politicians in this country throughout that time.

It has led to speculation of criminal insider trading by the duo.

Of course, all that money will console her when Democrats lose the House this year. Among the 49 members of the House not running for re-election this year, 32 are Democrats.

Republicans are set to take back the Lower House.

Politico reported on Friday:

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are still dropping — and the effects of that plunge are reverberating across the House map.

A new internal GOP poll found Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) locked in a tight race with her Republican challenger in her Lansing-based battleground, with the president’s approval underwater by 26 points. It’s just one survey, paid for by the Republican nominee, state Sen. Tom Barrett, and the National Republican Congressional Committee — but it’s emblematic of a larger problem for House Democrats in what appears to be a foreboding midterm environment.

A spate of recent GOP polling has shown Biden’s ratings dipping to new lows in districts that he carried just two years ago.

After redistricting, Biden would have narrowly carried Slotkin’s district in 2020 by less than 1 point. The survey, conducted in mid-June by the GOP polling outfit Cygnal, found that nearly 63 percent disapprove of Biden’s tenure, while only 36 percent approve.

The generic ballot is also a warning sign for Democrats. Voters favored a GOP candidate over a Democratic candidate by 11 points, 50 percent to 39 percent.

The stress of knowing she’s about to lose the speakership and the House may be taking its toll on Pelosi.

She appears to want to stay in the spotlight as much as possible before she loses power, and it’s leading her to do some downright rude things… even to children.

The Daily Mail reported that Pelosi pushed a child to the side during a photo-op.

A newly elected Republican congresswoman has accused Nancy Pelosi of ‘pushing’ her young daughter to the side during a photo op.

Rep. Mayra Flores from Texas was getting sworn-in by the House Speaker last week when she posed for a photograph at the White House.

The congresswoman’s two daughters were standing beside Pelosi who appeared to ‘elbow’ one of them during the ceremony.

Flores, 36, who is married to a Border Patrol agent, said on Twitter: ‘No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!

‘I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her.

‘She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen.’

Video on social media shows Pelosi gesturing and beckoning over the family pastor.

She then looks down at the young girl and appears to move her elbow towards her as the daughter moves away.

Social media lit up over the push heard round the world.

Some accused the Speaker of being a racist.

The footage was widely shared after it was initially not noticed by Flores. She followed up several days later by commenting on it.

One of the best responses on Twitter was…

James Woods, an actor who became a Republican activist, said: ‘I love this princess stood her ground, while Nancy showed her true colors.’

The Mail report continued:

Flores became the first Mexican-born congress member after winning a special election this month to replace Texas Democrat, Rep. Filemon Vela, who retired before the end of his term.

During the ceremony, Pelosi said: ‘It’s a great honor to welcome Congresswoman Flores to the Capitol and to the Congress of the United States with great congratulations.

Flores faces another election in November against Democrat nominee Vicente Gonzalez.

Of course, we know Pelosi was lying. It wasn’t an honor for her to welcome Flores to the Capitol. She knows Hispanics are voting Republican in greater numbers now because of the woke policies Democrats are pushing. They thought they had that voting bloc locked in but it’s turning out badly for them.

In private life, Pelosi’s family is struggling a bit, also.

Her husband Paul was arrested for DUI late in May.

Then came the shocking news that a lot of people didn’t know. Paul Pelosi actually killed his brother.

The New York Post reported:

Nancy Pelosi’s husband killed his older brother when he flipped his sports car in California — 65 years before he was arrested over the weekend and charged with drunk driving, newspaper clippings show.

Paul Pelosi was 16 when he crashed his car near San Mateo in the early hours of Feb. 22, 1957, the Daily Mail reported, citing a local news report from the time.

His brother, David Pelosi, 19, was likely strangled by a neck brace he had been wearing due to a previous neck fracture, according to the San Francisco Examiner report.

The Pelosi family. Killers and racist child shovers. Perfectly sums up the Democratic Party.


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