Ghislaine Maxwell Comes Clean About Working With Clintons

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Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive. We don’t know for how long, but hopefully long enough to spill the beans on who Jeffrey Epstein’s customers were.

The daughter of publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, Maxwell was born into the upper echelons of English society.

She attended boarding schools across the country before graduating from Oxford University as the youngest child of her father, the media tycoon.

In her 20s, Maxwell made a name for herself on London’s social scene, as director of the Oxford United football club and the founder of the Kit Kat Club for Women, a modern take on intellectual clubs aimed at helping women in the workplace.

After her father died suddenly on his yacht, which was named “Lady Ghislaine” in her honor, a shadow was cast on the family. As his death occurred during financial struggles at his company, it made headlines in the British tabloids, and conspiracies swirled around his death, much like Epstein’s suicide.

When Maxwell’s father passed away, she moved to the US and established herself as an American socialite, settling down on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and taking advantage of her connections to the rich and powerful to break into real estate.

In New York, she was often photographed at events with the son of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew, who was her close friend.

During this time, she became romantically involved with Epstein, a vacation companion of the prince, who held dinner parties that Maxwell organized and was mentioned in the press.

And that’s when she came into the orbit of the Clintons.

The Daily Mail is reporting:

Maxwell used her connections to Bill Clinton in an effort to get herself a lower sentence for trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

The disgraced socialite pointed to her work for the former President’s philanthropic endeavors three times as she argued she should serve just four years in jail at her sentencing on June 28th.

According to the Mail, the outlet got its hands on a photograph of a signed copy of Clinton’s memoir. Clinton wrote ‘To Ghislaine with love’ on the cover.

Maxwell claimed that helping launch the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) demonstrated she has a ‘desire to do good in the world’.

Maxwell, 60, will be sentenced next Monday after she was found guilty of trafficking and sexually abusing underage girls last December.

She has asked to serve just four years and three months in jail when she is sentenced later this month – and claimed she is getting death threats in prison.

In her filing, Maxwell references her ‘history of philanthropy, charitable work, and helping others namely her work with the Clinton Global Initiative’.

The filing states in part:

‘Ms. Maxwell has always worked hard. Her many educational, occupational, and avocational accomplishments include becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a helicopter pilot, a submersible pilot, a banker; partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to establish a telemedicine platform to enable people in remote areas to obtain quality medical treatment; helping develop the Clinton Global Initiative; and supporting a variety non-profit and charitable organizations’.

The filing continues, ‘She has endeavored to contribute to society….(by) helping launch the Clinton Global Initiative’.

In light of this claim, a renewed focus is being placed on the connections between Epstein and Clinton.

Epstein said that he helped Clinton establish the CGI and that the ex-president traveled on his private jet – dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ – very frequently.

Clinton and Maxwell are seen in a photo taken on the steps of the plane as the jet was about to take off, smiling warmly as they stand together.

Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

The Mail continued:

The friendship between Epstein, Clinton and Maxwell dates back to the mid 1990s at least when they were all photographed together at the White House.

Clinton has denied any wrongdoing in relation to Epstein and said he never visited his private island in the Caribbean as some reports claimed.

Newsweek reported on the friendship of Clinton and Epstein:

Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein were “like brothers” and respected Prince Andrew’s links to Queen Elizabeth II, according to a new documentary.

British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey told the BBC how the U.S. president was “very close to Jeffrey” in Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile, broadcast in Britain on Tuesday, January 18.

Hervey was a friend of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and said she believed she was used as bait to lure glamorous women to parties.

Clinton’s spokesperson previously told Newsweek in 2020 that he had not seen Epstein since “well before his terrible crimes came to light.”

Hervey told the documentary: “Clinton was definitely very close to Jeffrey. I don’t know if you saw the paintings that were in Jeffrey Epstein’s house?

“One of them being a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing the dress that Monica Lewinsky wore when they had the affair.

“So yeah, he was super close to Jeffrey Epstein. They were like brothers, you know, and he was close to Ghislaine as well.”

She added: “Prince Andrew was the son of the queen of England. Americans love that. Jeffrey loved that. Bill Clinton loved that.”

In Maxwell’s filing she claims to have been told by guards inside the prison she is in that ‘there was concern she could be shot by a sniper’.

Her high-security confinement at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, was supposed to be due to this reason.

Who’s behind the sniper? Perhaps Bill and Hillary? Maxwell has a lot of secrets that many powerful people don’t want to come to light.


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