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Mike Lindell, the CEO of my Pillow,  is running for the position of chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The New York Times got something right when they reported on the disastrous chairmanship of the current RNC leader in their December article; McDaniels is seen as a major part of the reason the Republican party never seems to be able to capitalize on the massive popularity of Donald J. Trump.

Here is what the NYT wrote:

“Race for G.O.P. Chair Obscures the Party’s Bigger Problems, Ronna McDaniel’s quest for a fourth term atop the Republican National Committee has triggered an ugly intraparty fight between the right and the farther right. Figuring out how to win back swing voters is not a top priority,” they reported, adding:

“Since former President Donald J. Trump’s narrow victory in 2016, the Republican Party has suffered at the ballot box every two years, from the loss of the House in 2018 to the loss of the White House and Senate in 2020 to this year’s history-defying midterm disappointments.

As Ms. McDaniel struggles for a fourth term at the party’s helm, her re-election fight before the clubby 168 members of the Republican National Committee next month may be diverting G.O.P. leaders from any serious consideration of the thornier problems facing the party heading into the 2024 presidential campaign.”

Liddell, a very high-profile supporter and defender of Trump and of the America First/MAGA movement that propelled Trump into power, definaelty understands the people and their concerns far better than McDaniel does.

Lindell has been talking about election reform for two years now, which is in direct contrast to McDaniel and her official point of view on elections.

“One of the things I will tell you, you know, [we] will never, ever stop to get rid of these machines and make this the best elections in world history in our country. We need someone, everybody, and I’ll step into that if God willing,” Lindell said on his FrankSpeech TV platform.

Lindell is attempting to replace the embattled ‘RINO Ronna’ McDaniel, and he will need a solid plan to lead- and a lot of energy to displace the woman who is a proponent of the administrative state and who has, from all indications, purposefully run the Republican brand into the ground:

While McDaniel’s leadership is taking some hits, for sure, from various party members who will vote on her leadership soon, she has gotten smacked down with ‘no confidence’ from some state GOP groups ahead of that vote.

However, she does hold sway over a number of determined voters- who remain loyal to her.

So Lindell is going to need a lot of that characteristic high energy.

Noah from our friends at We Love Trump, reported on where Lindell and others could find that kind of stuff:

Want to know Mike Lindell’s secret weapon? The thing that gives him all that energy? The man is like the Energizer Bunny! Mike Lindell has done a lot of great things…

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Watch this:

Here are some responses:

“If you want some, go here (while supplies last):

Speaking of Mike, I can’t show you that and not show you this….How fun is this? We Love Trump reported.

Back to the RNC thing with Noach:

Mike Lindell Explains The FIRST Thing He’d Do As RNC Chair…

Mike Lindell is very seriously considering a run for Chair of the RNC, the Republican National Convention.

When asked what his first move would be as Chair, he didn’t hesitate.

Fire all the attorneys!

Check this out, where Lindell talks to Trump attorney Jenna Ellis:

Read here:

It’s official!

After teasing it for the last week, Mike Lindell made it official today on December 9th: he’s running for Republican National Committee Chair!

Take a look:

Newsweek reported on the battle and what Lindell had to say:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced Monday he is “100% running” to be chair of the Republican National Committee, a position now held by Ronna McDaniel.

Lindell went public with the expected decision during Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.

“With all my due diligence and in prayer, I am 100% running for RNC chairman against Ronna McDaniel,” Lindell said.

“I didn’t hear one negative from donors, from heads of state,” he added.

“Not only am I going to win, it’s going to change real fast,” he said about the RNC. “We’re going to get our country right, really quick.”

Lindell later told Business Insider his first priority is to call all 168 members of the RNC to find out what the biggest problem is with the organization.

McDaniel has already been endorsed by a majority of the RNC’s voting members — 101 in total — who signed on to the letter endorsing her re-election, The Hill has reported.

Lindell has been open about his interest in the job, telling National File that Republicans “need someone who knows how to run a business to lead one of the most important organizations in our country.”


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