German Politician Slips And Says “You Will Remember Where You were On September 24

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This week the world has watched while the monarch of the United Kingdom was laid to rest after a historic, long-standing reign.

Elizabeth II reigned longer than any other British monarch and changes in the world during her reign would fill a history book.

The acceding of King Charles III to the throne at 73 years of age has the world speculating about what changes will occur.

There are some predictions floating around the internet, as to financial matters, world leaders, wars, and many other subjects.

But today there one follower of predictions has noticed that this very week there seems to be an alarming number of factors intersecting that implies something imminent.

Reflecting on these predictions that have been made about many things, on We Love Trump Noah is connecting predictions from guests with new startling comments from around the world.

Noah writes:

I was floored when I saw this…

For weeks, months and actually years, I have been telling you that September 2022 would be historic.

September 24-25, 2022, to be exact.

No, that wasn’t my prediction, it was what my good friend and frequent guest on my show, Bo Polny, told me.

He’s been watching that date for over a year and saying it will be historic.

“Biblical” even.

So I’ve had it circled on my calendar.

For over a year now he’s been coming on my show and telling us to watch for September 2022.

September 24-25, 2022 to be more exact.

Bo has been saying that the end of the 50 Year Jubilee on September 24/25 is going to be historic.

“Biblical” was Bo’s word, and a very carefully chosen word.

We had planned to only talk for 30 minutes, but then we got going and the rest was history!

Bo always has so much interesting information I find it almost impossible to cut off the interview at 30 minutes.

And I hope you enjoy the bonus m because we were rolling!

We covered the Queen’s death (murder?) and it’s prophetic significance….a lot of numbers wrapped up in that one!

We talked about Charles and what his impact will be.

We talked about how America is now free from the Harlet, and the Beast she was riding is now riderless.

But that was just the beginning!

Then we talked Stock Market Crash.

Actually, that’s not right.

Bo corrected me.

He said it’s not going to be a “Crash”, it’s going to be a “Collapse”.

Which, as you can guess, is much worse.

And it’s just around the corner according to Bo’s time cycles.

Then the biggest thing everyone always wants to know: what about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Spoiler alert: major move coming soon.

We’ve had 3-4 months of boring, sideways action (which Bo told us would happen in his Newsletter), but now?

Now the dull days of summer are nearly over and explosion is coming.

The Vatican has ordered all church funds from all over the world be immediately sent back to the Vatican before 9/30.


Something major is coming.

Do NOT underestimate the global power of the Vatican.

Is a major financial collapse coming?

It would be reasonable to be concerned after seeing the unprecedented step Pope Francis just took.

Take a look:

Why is the Vatican making this request, and why now?

And that’s not the most shocking.

It seems in Germany there has been a public statement made about this coming week-end to which we all should pay attention.

Noah writes:

A member of the German parliament just said something which seems so odd…..

“Everyone will not forget September 24, 2022 and everyone will know exactly where he or she was”

Why? Why does he believe that September 24th will be so historic? It’s 7 days away…

Another Twitter post gives references to Hollywood film disasters occurring on the same date, that the German government is telling citizens to stay indoors on the date, and that the city of Denver is handing out survival packages:

Noah continues:

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I saw someone from Germany’s Parliament address their Congress and suddenly tell everyone that they will “remember where they were on September 24, 2022”.

It’s not often you remember exactly where you were on a given date.

Something absolutely massive has to happen in the world for us to remember exactly what we were doing when we heard the news.

The only time in my life I can remember that happening is 9/11.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news of 9/11.

I remember what happened in the hours that followed.

And a member of Germany’s Parliament just stood up and told us that 9/24/22 was going to be another day just like that.

We’re now just FIVE days away from one of the biggest dates Bo Polny has been watching on the calendar.

Watch Bo here:

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