Georgia Voter Fraud Investigation Explodes After Eye-Witness Testimony

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Georgia has opened an investigation into the state’s 2020 elections after public outcry about what appears to be illegal ballot harvesting to help the Democrats.

It is essential to know that under Georgia law, it is illegal for any third party to pick up and drop off ballots for other voters.

According to news reports, there is evidence of at least 242 people who acted illegally and made over 5,000 ballot drop-offs during the Georgia Senate runoff elections alone, which happened after the curious 2020 Presidential election.

“Credible evidence was given to us that people were harvesting ballots,” said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat. “This information was provided to us and they said there’s a witness, a ‘John Doe.’ And so we’re looking at subpoenaing that person to get the information.”

The first subpoenas into a Georgia ballot harvesting probe prove a roadmap to an investigation, with a heavy focus on an anonymous witness, who is considered a Whistleblower.

Focus will also be on the funding of the nonprofits that may have helped fund the massive scheme to defraud the American people of their solemn honor of voting for their own government.

“Georgia investigators have signaled their focus in a wide-ranging investigation into alleged illegal ballot trafficking during the 2020 election with subpoenas that target the possible source of funding for such an operation and any eyewitness participants,” reported Just The News.

The four subpoenas that were obtained Monday by Just the News through an open records request show the State Elections Board and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger working to get the identity of any suspected participants in ballot harvesting schemes.

Raffensperger said the information that includes the whistleblower identified only as ‘John Doe’, and who a powerful election watchdog groups claims admitted to gathering ballots for cash.

The movement to get this new information started late last week through the election integrity watchdog called True the Vote, which President Donald J. Trump has often promoted.

The group’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, and its researchers are focused on a company called OPSEC Group LLC.

In November 2021 True The Vote alleged that as many as 242 people illegally gathered third-party ballots during the battleground state’s November 2020 election and also- then in the following U.S. Senate races for the state.

The newest subpoenas ask for “the identity and contact information of the several individuals regarding personal knowledge, methods, and organizations involved in ballot trafficking in Georgia referenced in the Complaint and any recordings, transcripts, summaries, testimony, statements, witness interviews, notes or other documents describing what those individuals said.”

That legal request includes the identity of a whistleblower Engelbrecht’s group interviewed who admitted being paid $10 for ballots he collected and “all statements John Doe made regarding his alleged participation in ballot harvesting in Georgia.”

The subpoena also seeks contact information for John Doe’s mother and any evidence of whether True the Vote paid any of his medical bills.

Engelbrecht said Monday night she was consulting with her lawyers concerning the subpoena.

“I can confirm that Secretary Raffensperger is actively investigating allegations of ballot trafficking and voter abuse,” she told Just the News. “The issues his team is tackling are both massive and complex, and investigations like this will take time.”

The subpoenas, signed by acting State Elections Board Chairman Matt Mashburn, also target any information the group and its researchers have about the funding streams for the alleged ballot harvesting scheme.

They seek the identities of the “network of non-governmental organizations that worked together to facilitate a ballot trafficking scheme in Georgia” as well as any information about 10 “hubs” the group alleged coordinated the ballot trafficking.

Ballot harvesting, the act of gathering other voter’s ballots, is expressly prohibited in Georgia and many other key election states. On Monday, a new complaint was filed in Green Bay, Wisc., alleging such harvesting occurred in that state’s primary election earlier this month.

The escalation of the Georgia probe, which had been delayed months while the elections board changed personnel, comes as Raffensperger is locked in a tight primary election with Trump-backed challenger Jody Hice and conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is poised to release “2,000 Mules,” which highlights True the Vote’s evidence in a documentary about widespread ballot trafficking in swing states in the 2020 election.

Raffensperger originally disclosed the existence of the Georgia harvesting investigation in a January interview with Just the News.

Raffensperger is now pushing for a nationwide ban on ballot harvesting.

“We had a 20%, 25% uptick in the total number of votes cast in this past election,” U.S. Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) told Just the News. “And so one of the things that came about from that is that you look at a Barack Obama, who got 85,000 absentee ballots, Hillary Clinton got about 100,000, Stacey Abrams got 135,000, and Joe Biden gets 850,000 absentee ballots. And so I think that anybody who would look at those numbers would reasonably agree that we need to know who’s voting in these elections.”

As for Democrats clamoring to end such inquiries, Scott said: “If they didn’t cheat, they shouldn’t be worried about the next election.”


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