General Flynn Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Pelosi

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General Michael Flynn has filed a complaint to halt a subpoena from the House Select Committee that is investigating the January 6th riot at the Capitol. Flynn served as Trump’s first national security advisor.

Flynn says that the subpoena was issued without any legal authority.

The Western Journal reported on the breaking news:

Flynn is seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that would stop the subpoenas from being enforced until a court can adjudicate the legality of the subpoenas.

The filing stated that Flynn had no part in organizing, speaking at or participating in the rallies, protest or incursion that took place on Jan. 6, 2020.

The filed complaint named all nine members of the Select Committee as defendants, as well as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The complaint itself reads in part:

MICHAEL FLYNN, an individual,
Plaintiff, v.
NANCY PELOSI, in her official capacity as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives;

1. Plaintiff, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (Ret.) a private citizen, brings this complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief to invalidate and prohibit the enforcement of a subpoena from the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol (the “Select Committee”) issued in whole or in part without legal authority and demanding information from General Flynn and testimony by him in violation of his constitutional rights and the laws of the United States.

2. General Flynn further seeks declaratory and injunctive relief prohibiting the Select Committee from obtaining or releasing any records of General Flynn or his family’s communications that the Select Committee obtained through subpoenas issued to telecommunications providers that were likewise issued in whole or in part without legal authority in violation of the Constitution and laws of the United States.

3. At the times relevant herein, General Flynn was and is a private citizen. Like many Americans in late 2020, and to this day, General Flynn has sincerely held concerns about the integrity of the 2020 elections. It is not a crime to hold such beliefs, regardless of whether they are correct or mistaken, to discuss them with others, to associate with those who share the same belief, or to ask the government to address such political concerns. Indeed, it is our fundamental constitutional right to speak about and associate around political issues that concern us, and to petition our government about those grievances. See U.S. Const. Amen. I.

4. Yet, on November 8, 2021, the Select Committee mailed its subpoena to General Flynn(the “Subpoena”). The Subpoena commanded General Flynn produce documents in response to twenty sweeping and vague demands covering a year and a half time frame — by November 23, 2021. Further, it commanded General Flynn to appear for a deposition on December 6, 2021. As discussions with Committee counsel made clear, these demands were addressed to discovering General Flynn’s political beliefs, and demanded he produce evidence for those beliefs and identify those to whom he communicated and with whom he associated about those beliefs, as well as any communication of those beliefs to the President.

5. General Flynn has raised significant Constitutional and practical concerns that preclude his compliance with the subpoena without clarification of its scope and terms by the Select Committee, and reconciliation of the Subpoena’s commands with his rights under the 5th Amendment to not be a witness against himself due to an active criminal investigation into the same issues, as well as his 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association, and to petition the government to redress grievances.

This isn’t the first action the Flynn family has taken to hit back at those on the left who are trying to destroy them. Back in March, Flynn’s brother, John “Jack” Flynn, filed a $75 million defamation lawsuit against CNN for falsely accusing him and his wife Leslie of being part of QAnon. John Flynn accused CNN of doctoring a video that made it appear that he and his wife “pledged allegiance” to the group.  The suit also states that after January 6th, leftwing media outlets began falsely describing QAnon and that one of the lies the outlets told was that General Flynn was the founder of the organization. CNN attempted to get the lawsuit dismissed, but last week a federal judge rejected their bid.

Nancy Pelosi and those conducting the inquisition can’t hold a candle to General Flynn. He’s an honorable man who served his country well. The Democrats just want to destroy anyone who had anything to do with President Trump. But now they are facing a person who fights back. Flynn is a warrior. Pelosi and the left assailed him with lawfare, so he’s hitting them back with the same. If people just lay down and surrender, the left will overwhelm them.

The left wants everyone to believe there was some massive conspiracy to overthrow the government on January 6th. There wasn’t. If there had been, there would have been guns, and a lot more people involved. On January 6th a few people got out of hand. A few others went with the crowd. There were surely agent provocateurs there, also. Possibly FBI agents. Hundreds of thousands protested peacefully at the same time, though. Just like President Trump told them to.

The left knows they have nothing, the inquisition is a show for their base. The socialist left has no problem destroying the lives of innocent people in their quest for power, but on the flip side, there are people like General Flynn who take the fight right back to them. We need more patriots to do the same and to stand with those who are under fire.

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