Fox News Segement Erupts Into Chaos Live On Air – Immediately Cuts To Break

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During a Fox News episode, a heated exchange between two guests ensued, revolving around the topic of President Joe Biden’s border problem. The intensity of the discussion escalated to the point where Fox News presenter Harris Faulkner had to intervene and conclude the segment.

In the midst of a challenging situation in New York City, it has been reported that President Biden is declining to authorize the provision of military housing for migrants in the city. Eric Adams, the incumbent Democratic mayor of New York City, has earnestly implored for federal aid and support.

According to Gianno Caldwell, a political analyst affiliated with Fox News, the number of individuals who have successfully evaded apprehension at checkpoints exceeds 1.5 million. Additionally, Faulkner underscored the fact that those who manage to dodge these checkpoints are not subjected to comprehensive screening procedures.

Subsequently, Richard Fowler, a liberal contributor to Fox News, asserted that the range of choices available to President Biden is constrained due to the necessity of obtaining Congressional approval for the allocation of funds towards border security measures.

“If we’re actually going to tackle our immigration crisis, it requires Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate to work with the White House and come up with real solutions. If you talk to any of these democratic mayors, I’ve talked to most of them, they will tell you ‘we want to solve this problem. We understand it is not a White House fix. It is a Washington, D.C. fix that requires all of us working together.’”

“That’s absolutely not true Richard!” Caldwell ripped back.

“That’s absolutely true,” Fowler quickly responded. “It’s called the Constitution.”

“Alright, hold on,” Faulkner interrupted.

“Joe Biden is the head of the Democratic Party. He can tell them we’re gonna put together —”

“Yeah but it’s not about the Democratic Party —” Fowler said, cutting Faulkner off. “It’s about the federal government passing legislation.”

“Gentleman I’m gonna jump back in here, and I’m the only one who’s gonna be talking so let me have a chance here,” Faulkner said, taking back control. She asserted that Biden could put forth an executive order but isn’t.

“He’s not saying anything, and he doesn’t want to say anything,” Caldwell argued that Biden isn’t listening to Americans’ “pleas.”

Fowler subsequently posited that Title 42, as an illustration, constituted a “extraordinary circumstance” for the Biden Administration, to which Faulkner interjected and said, “This is an extraordinary circumstance!”

View the video:

Over the weekend, a member of the Republican Party in Florida initiated a fresh set of impeachment articles against President Biden, alleging his involvement in four distinct transgressions.

Representative Greg Steube asserted in a news statement that the impeachment of Joe Biden is long overdue. “He has undermined the integrity of his office, brought disrepute on the Presidency, betrayed his trust as President, and acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice at the expense of America’s citizens.”

He continued: “The evidence continues to mount by the day – the Biden Crime Family has personally profited off Joe’s government positions through bribery, threats, and fraud. Joe Biden must not be allowed to continue to sit in the White House, selling out our country.”

New shocking details of the criminal activity of the Biden crime family have surfaced in DC and parties are scrambling to explain to the American people about a previously undisclosed email chain from 2015, when Democrat Joe Biden was Vice President and on his way to Ukraine for an official visit- with his son, Hunter Biden curiously in tow.

Media reports show that this previously ignored email chain revealed the motive and “ultimate purpose” behind Hunter Biden’s affiliation at the time with a Ukraine energy company named- Burisma Holdings.

The new information gives a new understanding of Joe Biden’s actions when demanding the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor from a Ukrainian case that we now know involved Hunter Biden:

Fox News reported that, in the month leading up to former Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine, during which he issued a threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless Ukrainian leaders dismissed their top prosecutor, there were discussions between Hunter Biden and Burisma executives regarding a potential contract aimed at countering any federal investigations concerning Burisma’s founder and then-president, Mykola Zlochevsky.

“The sequence of events that led to the firing of Viktor Shokin, and the subsequent comments by then-Vice President Biden, raise serious concerns as to what machinations were really at play — and were purposefully concealed from the American people,” Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., a member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, told Fox News Digital.

“No matter how you slice Hunter Biden’s involvement, it screams public corruption at the highest levels and must be fully investigated,” she added.

“The calm, judicious, steady reveal of incredibly condemning evidence that clearly incriminates the Biden crime family will eventually alarm even the most ardent supporters of this WH occupier,” added Rep. Clay Higgins, R-La., who also sits on the committee.


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