Fox News Favorite Breaks Into Tears Making Heart-Wrenching Announcement

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In a poignant declaration, Tyrus, a Fox News anchor and professional wrestler, disclosed his intention to conclude his wrestling career following two decades of active participation. Renowned for his contributions to professional wrestling organizations such as WWE, Impact Wrestling, and NWA, Tyrus provided an open and sincere account of his personal odyssey and the various elements that culminated at this significant juncture.

“I wanted to keep wrestling so all my kids could see me wrestle,” Tyrus said. “I was a little chubby kid who wanted to be like his heroes Dusty Rose and Mr. Wonderful Paul Warnedorf and Haku Andre the Giant and I did that. I accomplished those things and I was able to use that platform to establish myself here to become an author.”

Tyrus also talked about the demanding schedule that professional wrestlers must follow. “To be a great wrestler you got to go 300 days a year. You got to train,” he added. He revealed that his family played a significant role in his decision to retire. “My kids voted and I said that’s one last weekend that daddy’s gone and it was unanimous,” he said.

Tyrus also talked about how Snoop Dogg, who was Tyrus’ bodyguard at the time, inspired him to go into wrestling. He expressed his gratitude to Vince McMahon and Triple H among other WWE celebrities for their support.


In his concluding remarks, Tyrus said, “It’s time,” signaling the end of an era for him in professional wrestling but also the beginning of a new chapter in his life.”

There was a number of reactions from fans to this news they didn’t see coming:


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