Fetterman Advisor Admits Shocking Truth Now That He Has Won The Senate Seat

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Democrat John Fetterman is now a US  senator for the embarrassing state of Pennsylvania after defeating his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

PA voters elected the troubled Fetterman in a stunning case of public masochism, bypassing the opportunity to correct much of what ails the states in favor of a man who has trouble speaking and processing the English language.   

While Oz was no great candidate himself and had no political cred at all, at least he offered a chance to represent PA in a traditional and normal way.

But PA voters preferred t be governed by a man who is slowly recovering from a stroke and has had life-altering damage to his ability to communicate.

Then there is Fetteran’s appearance, which was nonconventional, to say the least, in a signature dirty and misshapen hoodie sweatshirt, which in DC will be fodder for the media for the entire time he is there.

“Spotted in Senate basement: John Fetterman He didn’t answer when I asked if he’ll be able to wear his hoodie on Senate floor,” Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic said in a tweet that caught the eye of Fetterman advisor Rebecca Katz.

Katz retweeted the post showing Fetterman in a suit.

“Two things we need to get out of the way: 1) John Fetterman has a suit and will wear it to the Capitol. 2) He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at Senators will not work here,” she said.

“Two things we need to get out of the way:

1) John Fetterman has a suit and will wear it to the Capitol.

2) He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at Senators will not work here,” Rebecca Katz (@RebeccaKKatz) posted on Twitter on November 15, 2022.

“It was a tough contest for the Senate between Fetterman and Oz where even Fetterman’s hometown newspaper backed his Republican opponent,” Carmine  Sabia wrote for Conservative Brief, adding:

“The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said in its endorsement that Oz was the “better bet for Pennsylvania” and cast doubts on Fetterman’s ability to serve as senator due to his recent stroke and his debate performance.”

From that endorsement:

“During Tuesday’s debate, after hundreds of thousands of votes had already been cast, voters finally learned something about where the candidates stood. They learned, among other things, that Mr. Oz opposes federal intervention in abortion rights, and Mr. Fetterman supports the broader Constitutional guarantees provided by the overturned Roe v. Wade decision. They learned Mr. Fetterman supports a federally mandated $15-an-hour minimum wage, and Mr. Oz wants market forces to raise wages. They learned both candidates support fracking. They also learned both men are politicians, as they ducked and dodged questions about why they had changed their minds on fracking,” the editorial board said.

“Neither candidate has experience as a U.S. senator. Given the lack of substance during the campaign, many voters will have to make a leap of faith on Nov. 8.

“We believe Mr. Oz is the better bet for Pennsylvania,” it said.

The board cited significant concerns about Fetterman.

Mr. Fetterman’s health — he suffered a serious stroke in May — is not the issue. His lack of transparency, however, in refusing to release his medical records is troubling. It suggests an impulse to conceal and a mistrust of the people. All candidates for a major elected office should release their medical records, as did Mr. Oz. If you want privacy, don’t run for public office.

Mr. Fetterman’s life experience and maturity are also concerns. He has lived off his family’s money for much of his life. That has allowed him to do some good things, including mentoring disadvantaged young people and working to improve community policing and economic development in Braddock. That work, along with his six-foot-eight frame, shaved head, and tattoos, attracted national media attention. Still, Mr. Fetterman, despite his hoodies and shorts, has little experience in holding real jobs or facing the problems of working people.

In 2013, as the mayor of Braddock, Mr. Fetterman, after hearing gunshots, pulled a shotgun on an unarmed Black jogger. It was, we believe, an honest mistake. Still, it’s troubling that Mr. Fetterman never apologized for it. And during Tuesday’s debate, confronted with his 2018 statement that he didn’t support fracking, Mr. Fetterman still said, with a straight face, that he always supported fracking.

Fetterman had difficulty speaking during the debate and his campaign blamed the closed-captioning system provided for him as being “delayed” and “filled with errors.” Nexstar’s communications chief said both candidates were given a chance to test the system twice — but Fetterman chose to only do one rehearsal. Fetterman is still recovering from a stroke he suffered in May.

The host of the debate responded to the Fetterman campaign with fire, knocking down their excuses and stating the system worked as expected.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Fetterman is now criticizing the closed captioning process employed by Nexstar during tonight’s debate,” Nexstar communications chief Gary Weitman said in a statement.


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