FBI staff have ‘lost confidence’ in Director Christopher Wray and are calling for him to step down

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The FBI Director, Christopher Wray, has been blackballed by his own agency and has been given a ‘vote of no confidence’ by the men and women who serve under him, according to media reports.

The news of the scolding is being welcomed by the American people who have had enough of corruption aimed at conservatives and America First voters, especially after watching President Donald J. Trump being targeted by the FBI in a political raid of his Florida family home last month.

FBI staff are calling for Wray to step down, according to a  lawyer who specializes in representing whistleblowers, following just one day after stories emerged of a ‘politically biased’ agent, Timothy Thibault leaving the agency.

Thibault allegedly protected Hunter Biden and suppressed the information from his laptop from getting to the public.

Media reports last week showed the power of the FBI suppressing the lap-top story right before the 2020 election:

We now know Facebook censored spread of Hunter Biden laptop story after FBI approached them. FBI & Facebook/Big Tech interfered in 2020 election Facebook acted as an arm of govt Both Facebook & FBI should b ashamed of interfering in our electoral process,” Republican Chuck Grassley reported on Twitter.

It is being reported that the lawyer, Kurt Siuzdak, said agents want Wray to quit for losing control of the agency as Wray is being accused of being aware of problems with the political bias and doing nothing to resolve them. Allegations of Wray’s own political bias have been ongoing since the beginning of his appointment to the position.

Siuzdak said that agents are telling him Wray has lost control of the agency and they do not see how he can continue in his position.

‘I’m hearing from [FBI personnel] that they feel like the director has lost control of the bureau,’ Siuzdak told the Washington Times.

‘They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave.’

‘All Wray does is go in and say we need more training and we’re doing stuff about it, or we will not tolerate it,’ Siuzdak told the media. 

Siuzdak claimed he left his job as an FBI agent after almost 25 years last March because of alleged politicization at the top and said FBI leaders not being held accountable.

According to a Washington Times report, specifically, the FBI whistleblowers who are talking to Congress about corruption and retaliation- say in disclosures that Mr. Wray was often notified of the problems within the bureau but never took action to resolve them.

“That includes recent whistleblower disclosures to House Judiciary Committee Republicans about agents being forced or coerced into signing false affidavits and claims of sexual harassment and stalking. It also includes fabricated terrorism cases to elevate performance statistics, as reported this month by The Times,” WATimes reported.

The report comes hot on the heels of the resignation of Timothy Thibault, the FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, over accusations of political bias,” Walter Finch reported for the Daily Mail.

Thibault reportedly retired from the bureau at the end of last week and on Friday was escorted out of the building for the last time, according to Fox News.

The news about Thibault being escorted out went viral as Americans look for some consequences for the massive about of injustice they have seen come out of the agency.

On Monday, the media reported on a whistleblower’s report alleging inadequacies in Wray’s leadership of the agency that added to the speculation that the FBI was seeing a sizeable shakable for the first time in years.

“In disclosures to Congress on about corruption and retaliation, FBI agents say that Wray would become aware of problems within the bureau but then never took action to resolve them.

Some of those problems included being forced or coerced into signing false affidavits, claims of sexual harassment and stalking and fabricating terrorism cases to elevate performance statistics.

Trump nominated Wray in 2017 after firing then-director James Comey over his investigation into Trump’s links to Russia,” Finch wrote.

Thibault was one of 13 assistant special agents assigned to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop saga and was removed from the supervisory role by FBI Director Christopher Wray earlier this month after agency whistleblowers shed light on an alleged pattern of political bias from multiple high-ranking officials.

The agent was also singled out by Senate Judiciary ranking member Chuck Grassley, who on July 18 penned a letter to Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland imploring the pair to act on allegations of political bias influencing agency operations.

‘As you are aware, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Tim Thibault is not the only politically biased FBI agent at the Washington Field Office,’ Grassley wrote, reminding Wray that ‘the FBI answers to Congress and the American people.’

As a Republican candidate, Vernon Jones, reported that the corruption doesn’t stop with Wray, it goes further:

“Can the American people now see what’s happening? The top law enforcement officer in the country, US Attorney General Merrick Garland, is threatening @DOJPH and @FBI employees if they report corruption within its agencies to congress.

There’s a dead cat on the end of the line.”


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