FBI Raids NYC Building Where Communist China Is Accused Of ‘Conducting’ Secret ‘Police Operations’

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Recently, the United States Congress decided to pass a law suggesting that the Chinese company Tik-Tok should not be used on government phones after reports that the app was collecting data which is being stored by Communist China. Most would agree that this is a prudent action. In fact, government employees have heretofore been told not to use any social media on their work phones. But this is not the only instance of the reach of the long arm of China, as the communist country has been setting up locations worldwide that they refer to as “overseas police service centers” that are of dubious use.

Daily Wire reported that one example of the Chinese taking efforts to hide their actions came in Europe when a Hungarian lawmaker said he visited a Chinese police center that was clearly marked as “Qingtian Police Overseas Service Station.” After the lawmaker talked about what he saw, the signs instantly vanished. A Chinese dissident in Europe told The Times that he was “extremely anxious” about what China was doing with their secret police offices because “there’s nothing we can do about it.”

The locations are reportedly in many countries around the world, and one such location was discovered by the FBI in New York City. Federal law enforcement officials reportedly raided a building in New York’s Chinatown late last year as part of the FBI’s efforts to rein in a secretive Chinese police force accused of collecting intelligence on the Chinese diaspora and harassing dissidents.

The New York Times reported that on the third floor of the six-story office building was a Chinese outpost that the feds say was conducting police operations without jurisdiction or diplomatic approval from U.S. officials. The raid by FBI counterintelligence agents was conducted in conjunction with the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn as part of the U.S. government’s crackdown on communist China’s notorious effort to surveil their citizens and hunt down dissidents overseas and force them to return back to China.

The global effort by China, which is present in numerous countries around the world, is known as “Operation Fox Hunt.” China, which is known for making blatantly false statements, attempted to downplay what these police centers do and suggested that it was just some volunteers who helped people obtain things like a driver’s license.

The Times reviewed numerous reports from inside China that showed that Chinese officials bragged about the effectiveness of the “overseas police service centers,” which collect intelligence for the Chinese government. Many of the reports were subsequently deleted from China’s internet. “It’s extremely worrying from the human rights perspective. We’re essentially allowing the Chinese diaspora to be controlled by [communist China] rather than subject to our national laws,” said Igor Merheim-Eyre, an adviser to a Slovakian member of the European Parliament. “That obviously has a huge impact — not only for our relations with the Chinese diaspora across Europe, but also has huge implications for national sovereignty,” Daily Wire stated.

As unsettling as the existence of such Chinese offices on American soil is, the CCP has been buying property across the United States and in bordering countries.

“China has been investing considerable revenue in the economies of the hemisphere’s anti-American Caribbean socialist states of Cuba and Venezuela,” reports the Jewish Policy Center. “Chinese investors are plowing millions of dollars into tourist-oriented construction projects. China’s state-supported construction enterprises are building hotel resorts in the Bahamas, Guyana and Barbados. Of more concern to U.S. security interests is the ongoing seaport expansion project in the already commercially important port in Kingston, Jamaica, as well as the port at Freeport, Bahamas, China’s possible new base of operations 90 miles off the U.S. coast.”

With a Chinese base already present in the Grand Bahama/Abaco region of the Bahamas, China was quick to offer aid after hurricane Dorian devastated both of those islands, NPR reported. Former President Trump kept an eye on the Chinese presence in this section of the Bahamas, only 50 miles off the shore of Florida, during this time as Chinese President Xi Jinping then commented in a speech in Peru, “China will not shut the door to the outside world, but will open it even wider.”

The EurAsian Times reported in 2022 that after China establishes in Australia, they are looking to develop a “Solomon Islands-like facility near Hawaii” in Kiribati, which is only 3000km away from Hawaii.

China, for its part, does not seem to be shy about its initiatives in other countries, in fact, it is a matter of pride, according to one researcher. “The Chinese government wants to have more influence and to extend their transnational policing,” said Chen Yen-ting, a Taiwan-based researcher. “It’s a long-arm power to show their own citizens inside China that their government is so strong. We have the power to reach globally, and even if you go out, you’re still under our control.”


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