FBI Goes After Mike Lindell Again In Court In Search Warrant Dispute

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A highly politicized FBI appears to have a mission to target President Donald Trump and his supporters, like Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow and the founder of Frank Speech News Network.  And now there is the reason for the FBI to face some scrutiny of their own now, according to shocking new court documents.

On Sept. 13, agents from Democrat Joe Biden’s FBI seized Lindell’s business cell phone in the parking lot of a Hardee’s Restaurant claiming to have had a search warrant. The seizure was highly public and obviously done to send a message to other Trump supporters that the FBI will use any tactics they please to shame, mock and humiliate people in public and inconvenience American citizens- even disrupting their relationships by sensing private correspondences and destroying their businesses seizing business tools- using ‘strong-arm’ tactics that are not even close to necessary.

And the search warrant may not have even been legitimate.

Lindell filed a civil case against the FBI and the DOJ for their aggressive and inappropriate actions that day. So already, there are some very odd developments exposing the possible corrupt actions by the FBI.

Last week before a judge in that Lindell civil case, government lawyers representing the agency refused to concede that  the search warrant filed by Lindell’s legal team was “true and correct.”

So the entire raid on Lindell, as he waited for a hamburger at lunchtime- could be illegal, according to two different attorneys.

Well-known Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz,  who is on that legal team, demands that the warrant be declared “invalid.”

Law and Crime reported on more details in a lengthy article:

Lindell’s 20-page complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, seeks the return of the company-issued phone and other “declaratory or equitable relief.” The complaint also (more relevantly) asks for a judge to declare as “invalid” the search warrant federal agents used to seize the device. It further seeks the return of any data accessed from the device; a “temporary restraining order prohibiting the Defendants from attempting any access to the data collected;” and for the government to provide Lindell “a copy of the Affidavit submitted to the Court to obtain the Warrant.”

Federal prosecutors on Friday twice reiterated that they were “not conceding” that MyPillow founder and Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell filed a “true and correct” copy of a purported search warrant served upon him for the seizure of his cell phone.

According to Dershowitz, who is not generally considered a conservative by any stretch, he is defending Lindell despite their political differences because this case is so important.

Newsweek reported on the search warrant: Here.

Dershowitz, a well-known liberal, is determined to overturn the FBI based purely on his interest in preserving civil liberties under the  US Constitution.

“I’m going to continue to defend Mike Lindell and others regardless of their political views. But I’m going to especially—especially—focus on people who are having their constitutional rights violated by my political party—by my people who I voted for—by my people, whose attitudes on the election I agree with, Dershowitz told media about his action on behalf of Lindell.

“That’s the special obligation that every citizen has: to hold to account those who are on your side…I pride myself on sticking to my principles…I paid a high price for defending Trump. I will probably pay a high price for defending Lindell,” Dershowitz said.

Attorney Pat McSweeny, also defending Lindell, commented about the cell phone seized by the FBI, saying:

“The data on that phone covered years of communications, including communications with people who were working with Mike to advocate for the termination of the dependence on computerized voting machines that we now have established can and have been manipulated.”

McSweeny told reporters that he believes the seizure of Lindell’s phone violates the Fourth Amendment covering illegal searches and seizures.

“The warrant was executed in a manner that itself violates the fourth amendment. The first amendment issue is very important, one of the most important issues of the case. That’s because the freedom of association, which is so essential to our constitutional order and not really appreciated by nations around the world,” he said, adding:

“It is a unique protection that Americans have. In other words, you can participate in an effort to advocate a position that is in the public interest anonymously.”

McSweeny added that associates of Lindell’s who were cooperating with Lindell’s media investigations into the accuracy of the voting machines have already been labeled “domestic terrorists by the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.“

So now there is a good reason for his associates to fear they might also be harassed and intimidated and possibly investigated and prosecuted for participating in activism and journalism efforts to investigate the use of voting machines.

“This is a critically important issue,” McSweeny added as a warning to Americans who may find themselves targeted by the Federal government.



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