FBI Engaged in ‘Political Interference’ in Hunter Biden Cover-Up

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Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was intense on Sunday night when he talked to former US House Rep Trey Gowdy about whistleblowers within the FBI, who were pointing fingers at the FBI ‘top brass’, who told him that one agent’s actions, in particular, was critical to creating the two tiers of justice within the department and was working to discredit allegations against Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, while elevating nonsense charges against President Donald J. Trump.

Grassley is a longtime advocate of official whistleblowers coming forward.

“You can’t have an honest government without honoring whistleblowers; we ought to honor these patriotic Americans that when they see something wrong in government, like money being wasted or law, not being followed,” Grassley said last week.

“They’re doing the right thing. But you know what, often they’re treated by other people in government like they’re skunks at a picnic, and that isn’t right. And that’s why over decades, I have been a supporter of whistleblowers and encouraged whistleblowing,” he said after he had written an explosive letter to the FBI.

Breitbart News reported on that letter that started it all and said:

“Grassley, who penned a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland saying that sources within the bureau showed him evidence of attempts to downplay or discredit information about Hunter Biden, said the effort to label reports about the younger Biden as “disinformation” was ‘political interference’ by the FBI.”

Catherine Herridge of CBS News reported on the letter as well and posted a link to hear the report:

“NEW: Multiple “highly credible” FBI whistleblowers have come forward to senior Senate Republican @ChuckGrassley alleging widespread effort to downplay or discredit negative information about the President ‘s son Hunter Biden, according to letters.”

Grassley also sent a  pointed personal message to Wray that Wray better start thinking about stopping the bias and be prepared to talk about it at an upcoming hearing. Grassley appears to be loaded for ‘Bear’ for Thursday’s meeting.

“@FBI Director Wray is coming before the Senate Judiciary Cmte this Thursday. I expect him to answer on how he’s going to stop #PoliticalBias at the FBI,” Grassley posted after the appearance with Gowdy.

And Grassley named the man, Agent Thibault, who the whistleblowers pointed to who he was told was creating the double standards with specific examples of when this agent did the most damage to the American public by creating a false narrative around the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop- claiming that it was all ‘disinformation’- which ignited Grassley into action, according to the letter Grassley sent.

“We had concrete information about of lot of things of Hunter Biden has done, and he stopped that and labeled it as disinformation,” Grassley told Gowdy. “Now, that is political interference in the FBI. And it is going to cause people to lose credibility in the FBI, and every citizen ought to have the most confidence you could ever have an agency like the FBI.”

“Now, we’re going to have … Director Wray before our committee on Thursday, and he is going to get a lot of questions about this,” he continued. “And he ought to know that he is going to have to show us concrete information and plan that he is going to be able to change this culture in the FBI where there is a power or party makes a decision of whether or not investigations go ahead. It has got to be no political bias whatsoever in any of these decisions.”

Watch Grassley with Gowdy on Sunday Night in America on Fox News:

“Adam Schiff gave the media a reason to ignore the Hunter Biden story, and the media obliged. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Adam Schiff would play politics. Senator Grassley wants to know if the FBI was playing politics.  Senator, what prompted you to write this letter about the Whistleblowers?,” Gowdy asked.

Grassley responded:

“And I have listened to a lot of whistleblowers because they know where the bodies are buried. And with evidence that a special agent in charge by the name of Thibault was making decisions about what investigation should go ahead and which one should be stopped. And We Know by his social media comments that he is very, very liberal, very, very liberal,  and we have evidence from these whistleblowers that he would use fuzzy information from newspaper reports about Trump and would allow an investigation to go ahead.

And you don’t let an investigation go ahead on just fuzzy newspaper reports. Then we had concrete information about a lot of things Hunter Biden had done,  and he labeled it as disinformation. Now, that’s political interference in the FBI, and it’s going to cause people to lose credibility in the FBI.

Every citizen ought to have the most confidence that you could ever have in an agency like the FBI. Now, we’re going to have Wray before our committee and the directory before our committee on Thursday, and he’s going to get a lot of questions about this.”

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