“Everything in Your Life Financially and Economically is Changing in the Last 72 hours”

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Imploding economic disasters are happening in the homes of the American people because of the Democrats, who didn’t have to make our lives more miserable- but can’t see to stop themselves from doing just that with their reckless, wanton spending and their lazy, uneducated and careless attempts to drive economic policies that we have to live by.

The name of the consequences we face for electing Democrat Joe Biden is stagflation.  Bannon’s War Room program is talking about those Macroeconomics that host, Steve Bannon, describes as if they were “headwinds, would be a Cat 5”  pain that Americans face.

“Stagflation is the simultaneous appearance in an economy of slow growth, high unemployment, and rising prices. Once thought by economists to be impossible, stagflation has occurred repeatedly in the developed world since the 1970s. Policy solutions for slow growth tend to worsen inflation and vice versa,” according to Investopedia, which reported on the stagflation of the 1970s, adding:

“The stagflation became more severe in the early 1970s but was suppressed by President Nixon’s price controls and wage freeze starting in August 1971 and through 1972.”

According to economics experts, stagflation “presents a dilemma for economic policy since actions intended to lower inflation may exacerbate unemployment.”

It doesn’t sound like a problem that Conservatives and MAGA want to address.

The America First movement is heavily attractive to Americans demanding prosperous employment, so a grave political conflict is unfolding in the US over stagflation.

The crew at the War Room has been talking about the details of stagflation and explaining what such a situation would mean for the working class Americans especially.

Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, explains that this coming disaster will infect everyone’s finances, so no one is safe from the dumb Democrat economic policies.

“The spending was careless. We have to worry about the balance sheet of the United States. This thing is exploding, and it will come back to how we financed this mess,” Bannon, who served as a top strategist to President Donald Trump, told his audiences about why we are in this mess- it is all the fault of the Democrats in the government, and his show guests support him.

“A destruction of the American economy is the fault of the Democrats, and people are going to go vote on that,” political strategist Boris Epshteyn said last week during a segment on the devastating consequences of Democrat Joe Biden’s economic policies.

“You can see this thing come like a high hard one,” economist Peter Navarro said during the same segment, talking about the patterns of warnings that has come from host Steve Bannon and himself, who have been ringing the bell for the past ’10 months’ about the looming disaster to the American people as a result of the stupid Democrat policies.

After listening to the War Room, it feels like the complex storm of abuse leveled on the American people is intentional.

“The Biden economy is taking over, and the results of his administration’s actions are devastating. Last week the US markets collapsed. The DOW is down more than 6,700 points this year. If this stands, it will be the worst year in US market history,” Joe Hoft reported on the blistering War Room segment, adding:

“Biden’s gang wants to destroy America. There’s nowhere to hide,” Hoft reported about the following segment that included Peter Navarro.

“Dr. Navarro called the top. He’s got a chart to back it up and it is another bloodbath not just in stocks, we keep telling people in the bond market. It is an absolute bloodbath. We want everybody to understand what capitulation is, right? When the happy talk in the spin stops. This is going to be the first of many brutal day,” Bannon said, bringing Navarro into the conversation.

“In income, you have to make with a 30 percent down payment is put you on the precipice of the of an implosion of the housing bubble. I mean, everything in your life financially and economically is changing in the last 72 hours, and it’s only going to get worse,” Bannon said, adding:

“Peter in the bond market. You know you’ve been saying, hey, typically when you come out of stocks and get into bonds, but there’s no place to hide here, right? This is a blood bath,” Bannon said, handing the mic off to Navarro, who displayed some more charts about what he had predicted would happen.

“Look, as I explained in November, the usual asset allocation strategy is, like you know, happens to have stocks because those prices move in opposite directions. So you have a natural hedge. When you have stagflation,. They both go down at simultaneously. The only protection is very risky short-selling. So this is blood bad. We are losing trillions and trillions of dollars,” Navarro said.

Epshteyn came into the conversation to smash the Democrats predicting a Populist rage would take over the elections.

“Americans Democrats are the most radical liberals because they are so dead-set on driving our country into the ground with Sky High inflation. And internationally, we get no respect. Better believe this is political.  Remember, you’re going to have the American people go to the polls in droves. The Maga Republicans and the  America First President Trump’s



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