Even Kamala’s home state has turned on her

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Even in California, where Kamala Harris grew up, nearly half of Americans disapprove of the job she is doing as vice president.

A UC Berkeley/Los Angeles Times poll found that only 35 percent of California voters are happy with Harris’ performance and 45 percent are dissatisfied with her.

The vice president’s approval rating plummeted to 38 percent in May versus 46 percent in February.

There was an increase of 5 percent in those with no opinion, from 15 percent in February to 21 percent in April.

In spite of Joe Biden’s slight upswing from February to April, his No. 2 has not yet been able to replicate it.

Based on the results of the April poll, which included 8,676 Californians between March 29 and April 5, 50 percent of registered voters in the state approve of the job Biden is doing in his role as president, while 46 percent are disapproving.

This was a bit better than the results in February when Biden’s approval to disapproval rating was 47 – 48 percent.

While Biden’s popularity has risen, enthusiasm has fallen sharply in one of the most liberal states, where over 6 in 10 voters gave him a positive approval rating last year – specifically, young voters between 18 and 39 and Asian Americans and Latinos show declining favorability with the president.

It appears Harris’ office continues to face a slew of crises, including a communications team that appears to be overturning on a regular basis and rumors of friction between her and the president’s office.

In addition, she is frequently criticized for her speeches and media appearances, such as gaffes, awkward work, and weirdly timed laughter.

As an example, Harris mentioned the ‘significance of the passage of time’ four times in less than 30 seconds in a speech about bringing high-speed internet to rural areas last month.

Her low approval rating among her own home states now shows how unpopular Harris is at the federal level.

Another poll, released two weeks ago, showed that if the 2024 election were held today, both President Biden and Vice President Harris would lose to Trump.

Harvard CAPS-Harris poll exclusively obtained by The Hill shows that Trump leads Biden by six points, another grim sign for a White House riddled with declining approval ratings and multiple crises.

45% of respondents to a survey say they will support Trump in 2024, while 41% support Biden. 12% said they are unsure.

The results for Harris are even worse than for her boss, as she trails Trump by 11 percentage points.

According to the hypothetical vote, Kamala received 38 percent of the vote, while Trump received 49 percent, which is two points higher than the Trump-Biden matchup.

As for Trump, he has repeatedly hinted at a 2024 run but has not said for sure he will run.

As a result, when Biden selected Harris as his running mate, making history in the process, it was widely predicted that she would take up his mantle after he retired at 79.

Yet, because of her deep unpopularity, which is worse than Biden’s, left-wing operatives are worried about who to put up in the next presidential race.

Harris does come out on top when matched against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical contest. According to the Harvard poll, the GOP governor received 38 percent of support, while Harris earned 40 percent.

As a former House Republican, he was elected to lead Florida with Trump’s support and has demonstrated strong leadership within the GOP, particularly in critiquing the Biden administration and opposing COVID mandates.

According to several GOP voter polls, he trails Trump in the race for 2024, but the former president is widely seen as the favorite candidate so far.

It is still a long way off until the presidential election, but Biden’s unpopularity remains a negative sign for Democrats seeking to retain their slim majority in November.

An NBC poll last month showed the Republicans have a slight edge over the Democrats when it comes to the upcoming elections. Among registered voters, 46 percent said they would prefer the Republicans to control Congress by 2023, compared to 44 percent who support the Democrat Party remaining in power.

As of the last NBC poll taken in January, Democrats had a slight edge over the Republicans with a 47-46 percent margin.

It is reported in the same poll that Biden’s approval rating is 40 percent, which is the lowest number, so far, in Biden’s first term.

Harris ran an unsuccessful Democratic primary campaign before being chosen as Biden’s running mate on the 2020 presidential ticket; she failed to garner even one point in various pre-primary polls.

She served as San Francisco’s district attorney from 2004 until 2011 before becoming Golden State Attorney General from 2011 until 2017.

Harris was sworn in as the junior California Democratic senator in January 2017.

Before she was picked by Biden to run on his presidential ticket, she had not even completed her first term as senator.

In what would have been the commencement of her fifth year as a senator, Senator Harris was sworn in as the first female and minority vice president of the United States.

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