Election Crimes Chief Dies, Issued Dire Warning weeks Before Death

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Corruption in Florida is unraveling as Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis cleans his state government up.

There has been widespread debate about the voting integrity of the 2020 elections, but in Florida, there was documented mishandling of votes in the 2018 elections as well.

Due to previous attention to voting issues, the 2020 election in Florida was an improvement over previous elections, and the state continues to strive to make greater standards beyond what it had already achieved.

MyFlorida states that in 2020 Florida received 262 Elections Fraud Complaints and that all were addressed, 75 of those being turned over to law enforcement.

During the 2018 recount where unsealed ballot drops, late-night ballot deliveries, and a refusal to admit non-mainstream media journalists into Brenda Snipes’ Supervisor of Elections office created a national firestorm, Snipes’ years-long mishandling of elections and history of rigging the outcomes even garnered the attention of congressional candidate Tim Canova, who challenged progressive Congresswoman and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz several times, including in 2018, which The Gateway Pundit reported on.

Peter Antonacci was then appointed to replace corrupt Democrat Broward Supervisor Brenda Snipes after she tried to steal the gubernatorial election for Democrat nominee Andrew Gillum during a state-mandated recount during the 2018 elections.

After his appointment as Broward Supervisor of Elections, Antonacci ran several clean elections in Broward County, which hadn’t seen an honest vote count in decades.

Years later, Mr. Antonacci was tapped by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be the Director of the Office of Election Crimes and Security, a newly created post that was funded with over $1million from the state legislature to combat election and voter fraud in the state of Florida.

DeSantis’ bold move to address the lack of integrity in our elections has already resulted in dozens of arrests under Antonacci’s lead, TGP reported.

Antonacci’s investigative team started in high gear, as the team turned over evidence that lead to the arrest of 20 individuals in Florida connected to voter fraud.

DeSantis’ smart choice to create an office of Election Crimes and Security was already bearing fruit heading into the 2022 mid-term general elections and Antonacci likely had dozens more investigations in progress currently.

Before his passing, longtime Trump advisor and confidante Roger Stone wrote several op-eds detailing the issues that should draw the attention of Antonacci’s office, highlighting the problems with voter registration and the Department of Motor Vehicles and mail in ballots.

In an interview following Stone and others addressing the problems that still exist with voter registration at the DMV and mail-in-ballots in Florida, Antonacci gave an interview to independent journalist and anti-lockdown activist Chris Nelson, which is believed to be his last on camera interview before his passing.

His interview was just over a month after Antonacci’s team had started turning over evidence.

“I did not know the first time I met Pete that it would be the last,” Nelson noted. “He was the best interview I ever had. I asked a few questions and Pete just started going.”

In the interview, Mr. Antonacci also told Nelson that the voter registration issues that he asked him about were “much bigger” issues.

“We have vulnerabilities in the system,” Antonacci confided to Nelson, before addressing how he was helping Governor DeSantis fix these issues.

“I had asked the Governor about mail in ballots. He told me I was barking up the wrong tree. He said the voter registration system in Florida is completely insecure and done on the honor system. That means ineligible voters could be voting all over the state,” Nelson confided to a TGP journalist.

Unfortunately, the man who Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed in June of this year to be the Director of the Office of Election Crimes and Security and who was unraveling the flawed voting system in Florida, unexpectedly passed away as a result of a heart attack, according to news reports.

Peter Antonacci, who had served several previous Republican administrations, including advising former Florida Governor Rick Scott and serving as the Deputy Attorney General, had a long history of public service.

It is unclear how the Office of Election Crimes and Security will handle Antonacci’s current investigations, but several sources have confirmed to this GP journalist that Governor Ron DeSantis remains “100%” committed to supporting current and future investigations, wanting to see briefings or progress reports on a “regular basis,” noted TGP.

Gov. DeSantis released a statement on September 23:

“Casey and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Peter Antonacci, Director of the Office of Elections Crimes and Security. He was a dedicated, tenacious, and assiduous public servant, lawyer, and respected professional – a friend to all in the State of Florida. He vigilantly sought to uphold the law throughout his lengthy career as a Deputy Attorney General, /statewide Prosecutor, General Counsel, Supervisor of Elections, and most recently as the newly appointed watchdog over Florida’s election security. His fighting passion will be missed, and his legacy will persist in the hearts and minds of many.”


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