DOJ Releases Pics From Mar-a-Lago Raid And Attempts To Smear Trump

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Flooding the zone with garbage, the leaky US Department of Justice appears to be trying to distract from their highly redacted warrant last week and the breaking news this week of their busted lone FBI agent- who just happened to be assigned all of the politically sensitive assignments for six years.

These stories are terrible PR for the players in DC.

Then there is the ruling on a ‘special master’ or independent party to assess the documents that the DOJ is now flooding social media with.

Corporate PR media for the administrative state, like the New York Times, says that the documents are a ‘smoking gun’ and exactly what they have been reporting on for three weeks, which proves a close association between the two groups.

A cheerleader for the administrative state, Maggie Haberman, reported, “Our first cut at the DOJ filing, a remarkable document that affirms our reporting over the last three weeks and finally shows the statement a Trump lawyer (said by sources to be Christina Bobb) signed.”

Almost as if she is a part of a giant administrative state team, pushing a corporate chosen narrative in order to smear her political opponent.

Yes, the US DOJ and their media partners are claiming that their political opponent was hiding documents by spreading them on the floor in a sort of perfect way that appears to many others to be a staged photo-op.

Here is what these photos look like to people who are independent of the administrative state- a lot of nonsense and a political smear job.

“So the DOJ took documents, which they claim are supposed to be super sensitive, out of container, scattered them all over the floor, took a picture of them, and released the picture for the world to see?” Boris Epstein reported.

Now we have a childish attempt by the DOJ to distract from their other high-impact stories this month, and the US Corporate media has run to publish some photos, on behalf of the DOJ, of their political raid on President Donald J. Trump’s family home in Florida.

And the corporate media is doing this without asking any questions, like- what exactly are we looking at here?

“Documents so secret the DOJ threw them across the floor, took a picture, and posted it on Twitter dot com,” Jack Posobiec wrote about the recent DOJ clown show.

“The Justice Department has released images of classified documents sprawled across the floor at Mar-a-Lago during the FBI’s raid,” Harriet Alexandar reported for The Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The lack of integrity in Washington over this newest move by our national security agencies is to be expected from the people who brought us the Russiagate hoax and so many other moments of utter corruption in the six-year-long administrative state’s soviet style show trial against Trump.

“Classified documents sprawled across Mar-a-Lago floor during FBI raid – as DOJ claims it uncovered a plot to ‘conceal’ papers in desks to hide them from probe,” Alexander wrote.

The DOJ, who refuses to unredacted their warrant for the American people, ran to their PR partners- the corporate media, and detailed their reasoning behind the August 8 search of Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, saying that classified documents were found not just in boxes but also in drawers in Donald Trump’s desk.

The papers that the DOJ wanted were not where they wanted them to be, but they were hidden on the floor and in desk drawers- that is the shocking story.

And like clockwork, the claims sent the activist rank-and-file government workers into a tizzy on social media, demanding Trump’s arrest and a lifeline sentence in prison.

“Tuesday’s document was in response to Trump’s lawyers’ request that a ‘special master’ be appointed to oversee the review of the seized papers. The Justice Department has released images of classified documents sprawled across the floor at Mar-a-Lago during the FBI’s raid.

The’ bombshell pictures’ showed the papers – with many marked ‘top secret’ – on the carpet at Donald Trump’s Florida mansion during the August 8 search. The photographs were released in a 36-page court filing where officials said they’d uncovered a plot to obstruct the probe into the discovery of government records.

“The DOJ accused the ex-president’s team of moving around and hiding classified documents they had previously searched for,”Alexandar reported.

Officials claimed they were ‘likely concealed and removed from a padlocked storage room where Trump’s lawyers had said they were all kept together.

The new court filing also shot down attempts to get a ‘special master’ – a third party – to review the documents seized by the FBI, branding the move ‘unnecessary’ and saying it would ‘harm national security interests.

Likely what the DOJ was looking for, according to Kash Patel, were papers that would incriminate the top leadership at the FBI and DOJ.

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s television show, former house intel staff and Trump aide  Patel confirmed the documents targeted by the DOJ/FBI raid on Trump’s home were documents of evidence showing DOJ/FBI political corruption in the Trump-Russia probe.

Trump declassified documents that show how the institutions within the U.S. government targeted him.  However, the institutions that illegally targeted President Trump are now the same institutions seeking control of the specific evidence of their unlawful targeting.


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