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During an emotional memorial service in North Carolina over the weekend for conservative vlogger Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway, who died earlier this month at the age of 51, President Trump paid tribute to Diamond with many influencers and political pundits. Details of what caused Hardaway’s death were not discussed until the weekend service, however, speculation had been that she died from complications of COVID since it was reported that she had not been feeling well.

According to Wikipedia on the pair: Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, known as Diamond and Silk, respectively, were a pair of American conservative political commentators and vloggers. They are known for their support of former U.S. president Donald Trump. Both have served as contributors for the conservative news channel Newsmax.

The duo received media attention during the 2016 presidential campaign of Trump and again in April 2018 when Facebook notified them they were “unsafe to the community”. In response, they publicly complained that Facebook blocked and censored their Facebook page. On April 26, 2018, at Congressman Steve King’s invitation, they testified in front of Congress about their removal from Facebook. Subsequently, Republican members of Congress brought up the two women’s censorship claims at Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress. In April 2020.

On January 8, 2023, Diamond died at her home in North Carolina.

Our friends at We Love Trump reported on details of the memorial service:

Diamond’s funeral was held recently and it gave us a much greater insight into how she died and what all happened.

It’s a tragic story and very emotional.

President Trump was also there at the funeral and delivered a moving eulogy.

Oh, and he paid for everything.

Class act.

“I have all the clips for you, let’s cover them one by one.

We start of with Mike Lindell giving some wonderful remarks and a prayer:

Mike Lindell’s moving eulogy for Diamond:” (@DailyNoahNews) Tweeted on January 23, 2023.

The biggest topic seems to be HOW did Diamond die…

Was it COVID?

Was she vaxxed?

This seems to answer things, here is Silk seemingly suggesting she died from the poison vax shedding:


And now we have President Trump:

“President Trump: “I knew Diamond, but I didn’t know Silk at all. I just learned about Silk. You’re fantastic.” (@DailyNoahNews) posted on Twitter on January 23, 2023.


“Funny moment from Trump: pic.” (@DailyNoahNews) posted on Twitter on January 23, 2023.

Longer clip:

Longer clip of President Trump’s eulogy for Diamond: pic.

— (@DailyNoahNews) January 23, 2023

Trump’s conclusion:

Trump’s eulogy conclusion:

— (@DailyNoahNews) January 23, 2023

And you gotta love this from Diamond’s brother:

During her brother’s eulogy: “President Trump is OUR President!”

“And, President, I love you too! Let that person know you love them… I’ve been on this Earth for awhile now, and he’s the best President we’ve ever had.”#DiamondAndSilk #RIP

— (@DailyNoahNews) January 23, 2023

Yes sir, yes indeed!

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Known as “Diamond” from the social media duo “Diamond & Silk,” Hardaway passed away unexpectedly earlier this month at the age of 51. At the time of her death, the former president praised her as a “magnificent” woman. He said on his Truth Social account:

Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL Americans. Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loved so much, North Carolina. Silk was with her all the way, and at her passing. There was no better TEAM anywhere, or at any time! Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out. Rest In Peace our Magnificent Diamond, you will be greatly missed!

The former president repeated those words of praise while attending her funeral on Saturday.

“This is a fantastic woman that we lost. We haven’t really lost her because she’s looking down. And she loved her sister and she loved her family. I talked to her about it and she was a great passionate woman with a great, big, beautiful brain,” he began.

The former president recalled some of the top moments of his presidential campaign and how Diamond & Silk supported him in the earliest days and never jumped ship.

“I turned over the podium, and Diamond loudly and proudly declared, ‘I want everybody to know that we stand behind Donald J. Trump.’ This was so early. It was an incredible thing,” he said, adding later:

On June 16 of 2015, Diamond & Silk were at home watching a certain network which I won’t name. I announced my campaign for president and they were lifelong Democrats, but they ultimately, very quickly, later said, ‘He’s right.’ Because we were talking common sense. We were talking about health. We were talking about walls.

The president concluded his speech by saying that people will miss Diamond “greatly.”

“We will miss her greatly, we will remember her always, and together we will carry on a mission that has been an amazing mission,” he said.


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