Democrat Senate Candidate Urges Voters to ‘Kill and Confront’ MAGA Candidates

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Demands for political violence against conservative Republicans and other Populist supporters of President Donald J. Trump have reached an epic pitch in the United States by people aligned with the Democrat party, yet the corporate media is doing nothing to defend the civil liberties of the Americans who are being targeted in an emerging multipronged attack.

The extreme hatred and agitation toward the political process is dangerous, which the Democrats are waging in the name of political ‘progress’ calling for the eradication of Conservatives and MAGA supporters.

Just this week, we have an Ohio Democrat running for US Senate candidate talking about ‘killing’ his opponents. Local news covered the details:

“On Tuesday, speaking to Joe Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” panel on MSNBC, Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan made a dramatic statement regarding how he wants to deal with members of the Republican Party he regards as extremist,” Ohio Star reported.

“We’ve got to kill and confront that movement,” Ryan said of a group he termed “the extremists that we’re dealing with every single day,” strongly implying he meant supporters of former President Donald Trump or the “Make America Great Again” [MAGA] movement. The candidate, who represents Ohio’s 13th district in the U.S. House of Representatives, faces attorney, author, and venture capitalist J.D. Vance – an outspoken MAGA candidate – in the November election.

The two candidates have struggled for the upper hand throughout the campaign. Scarborough and his colleagues opened the segment by noting a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll showing Ryan with 47 percent of the vote, one point ahead of Vance.

Ryan’s suggestion about his opponents contrasted with other statements he made in the MSNBC interview that seemed phrased to make him sound moderate and accommodating.

“I want to work across the aisle,” he said in the run-up to his call for confrontation. “Look, the Democrats aren’t right on everything and I’m willing to sit down and have conversations about how we can move out of this age of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and reform – how do we fix all of these broken systems?”

The congressman did not mention any issues on which he has broken with his own party and now sides with the GOP. (He was pro-life early in his congressional career but now solidly supports abortion.) In the nearly 90 congressional votes examined by the data-aggregation website FiveThirtyEight, Ryan has backed the preferred position of President Joe Biden 100 percent of the time.

“Tim Ryan wants to ‘kill and confront’ the MAGA movement,” Martin wrote. “This guy is a left-wing extremist who belongs nowhere near the Senate.”

Republican activists and movement conservatives also castigated the Democrat for his “kill and confront” declaration.

“Where is the outrage over this call to violence!” Scott M. Feigelstein, a regional director for the Republican Jewish Coalition in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, wrote in a Twitter post in response to Ryan’s assertion.

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak was similarly astounded.

“Who, exactly, is the extremist?” he tweeted.

Reaction online from candidates was quick:

“They say we’re the ones with the extremist rhetoric?” US Rep. Lauren Boebert posted along with a Fox News article on the matter.

US Rep Ronny Jackson wrote:

Tim Ryan said it’s time to “kill & confront” the MAGA movement. He’s talking about MILLIONS of Americans. It’s disgraceful. This should DISQUALIFY him from office. Democrats are the party of VIOLENCE. They want every Trump supporter to live in FEAR!!”

“Tim Ryan on supposed “extremist” Republicans⁩: “We have to kill and confront that movement” REMINDER: Tim Ryan, just like his buddy Joe Biden, who he votes with 100% of the time, believes that any Republican who supports Donald Trump is an “extremist.”

From the Fox News article are more details:

Before the “kill and confront” comments, both Ryan and Geist spoke about how close the race has become less than two months before the midterm elections. Geist invited Ryan to increase his chances with Republicans on air, asking, “What is your message to Ohio Republicans in this general election who may look at J.D. Vance and say, ‘I don’t like the way he’s running the campaign, maybe I don’t like the guy,’ and are giving you a look?”

Ryan, who has touted his own push to acquire Republican votes, and has even distanced himself from President Joe Biden to appeal to a state with a large Republican base, replied, “Well, I would say, one, I’m one of the most bipartisan members of Congress. The last two congresses I have been in the top 10% of most bipartisan. I want to work across the aisle.”

The candidate and congressman admonished his own party on the air, adding, “Look, the Democrats aren’t right on everything, and I’m willing to sit down and have conversations about how we can move out of this age of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and reform.”

“How do we fix all of these broken systems?” he rhetorically asked. Breaking the Republican Party into two camps, he answered his own question, “Some of those answers will come from Republicans ­­– not the extremists that we’re dealing with every single day.”

As President Biden did in his “MAGA Republicans” speech, Ryan condemned the “extremist” wing of the GOP in no uncertain terms, saying they must be killed politically.

“We have to kill and confront that movement,” Ryan told Geist, before arguing that only “normal mainstream Republicans” are worth dealing with.

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