Daunte Wright led a life of crime and violence and shot his own friend in the head

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Several years before Daunte Wright was fatally shot by Minnesota police officer Kim Potter, he terrorized his local neighborhood for several years, leaving behind an impact on the community and its residents.

Using court records and interviews with the victims, DailyMail.com exposed Wright’s violent past, which included shooting two of his school friends, robbing a home and assaulting and robbing a woman at gunpoint.

During a botched traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, officer Kim Potter pulled out her gun instead of her taser, resulting in the fatal shooting of Wright, 20.

The 49-year-old Potter was found guilty on Thursday afternoon of two manslaughter charges. In the suburbs of Minneapolis, angry protests in response to the fatal police shooting erupted for several days.

The death of Wright is, however, a reminder that he will never be brought to justice for the suffering he caused.

‘He’s an evil human being. Worse than a monster, a waste of space on earth,’ Jennifer LeMay said in an interview.

She claimed her 18-year-old son, Caleb, was permanently disabled from a shooting two years ago by Wright, his onetime friend. Wright was later found clinging to life as a result of the shooting.

According to legal filings, Wright shot Caleb outside a Full Stop convenience store and gas station on May 14, 2019

An attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of her son in May this year, detailing what happened in front of a Full Stop convenience store and gas station on May 14, 2019.

It states that Wright fired his weapon toward Caleb, hitting him with a single shot to the head, causing him seriously disabling and permanent injuries.

Despite the teen’s slim survival chances, he miraculously survived after spending almost seven months in the hospital.

As described by LeMay, Wright fired one bullet into Caleb’s head, which ripped into the other side of his skull, where it is still lodged. ‘Daunte shot my son and left him to die,’ she said. ‘During his hospital stay Caleb almost died six times because of his injuries.’

When Wright was 13 years old, Caleb had his first sleepover at LeMay’s house, when the two boys were good friends. ‘The younger Daunte I knew, I thought was a pretty good kid. I never saw any red flags,’ she said. Caleb and his mom eventually drifted apart after they moved to Chicago in 2018.

‘Caleb was still in contact with his friend back up in Minneapolis. It was at this time I started hearing things from my son about Daunte,’ LeMay said. ‘He was running away from home and on one occasion he even spat on his father.’ Months later Caleb went back up to Minneapolis to visit some family members and was at the local gas station when Wright shot him point blank in his head.

According to LeMay, Daunte told some of his pals that he had only wanted to scare Caleb with the gun but that it accidentally discharged. ‘I don’t believe you can just accidentally shoot someone. I don’t buy it,’ the mom said.

According to LeMay, she later found out that they had been in a physical altercation a few days earlier, during which Caleb had beaten Daunte, leading her to the belief that revenge was the motive for the shooting.

Her son has now been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and respiratory arrest, and is wheelchair-bound. He can’t speak, or walk, and has limited movement in his limbs.’Caleb requires 24/7/365 care, he can’t eat, dress, or basically do anything on his own. He requires constant attention,’ LeMay said.

‘He needs to be lifted in and out of his bed into his wheelchair. He has a service dog, a 12-year-old pit bull terrier named Ciroc that stays by his side most of the time.

‘He’s going to be 19 years old in a few weeks, he should be out dating and having a good time, instead he’s bound to his bed and wheelchair. ‘He’ll never date, he’ll never be able to have children, drive a car or most likely tell us he loves us again,’ she said tearfully.

‘Daunte changed not only Caleb’s life but everyone who is around him,’ added LeMay. Wright was never arrested or charged with shooting Caleb.

Wright’s mother recalled that after he was killed, local police officials told her they didn’t have any witnesses to who shot him.

‘The local police really didn’t work that hard on my son’s case. To the best of my knowledge they haven’t spoken with anyone on the case since May 15, 2019.’

‘Technically the case is still open, but they’re never going to solve it.’Now with Wright dead, LeMay says her son will never get justice. When she first heard the news that he had been killed, LeMay felt relief, then anger.

‘I’m mad as hell that he died,’ she said. ‘I have mixed emotions about his death, part of me is content knowing he’ll never be able to hurt someone again like he did to my son and others. ‘But then the other part is furious. When Kim Potter killed him, she took away any possibly for him to be held criminal accountable for what he did.

‘Now there will never be justice for my child, my son doesn’t deserve this type of life.’ LeMay said she’ll be disgusted if Potter is acquitted, adding: ‘She’s a veteran police officer, she should have known the difference between and taser and a gun.’

Despite the fact that Wright attempted to run away from the police, she believes he would still be alive today. If Potter is convicted of killing Daunte, LeMay said, ‘at least his parents will get some sort of justice, justice I’ll never get.’

‘Daunte lived a lifestyle that didn’t have a long life span. He was either going to be imprisoned, kill someone, or be killed. His actions and behavior were inexcusable on every level.

Daunte Wright was never arrested or charged with shooting Caleb Livingston. However, court records show he had an outstanding warrant at the time of his death for missing a court appearance on separate firearms charges

‘You live by the sword you die by the sword. How many more lives did he have to destroy? Karma’s a b***h, ain’t it?’ she added.

Yet, LeMay acknowledged that her heart goes out to the boy’s family because they have lost a child.

‘But at least Daunte was able to give them a son to carry on his generation, something I’ll never experience from my mine,’ she added.

The death of Wright coincided with a trial in Minneapolis for the killing of George Floyd by another white officer, Derek Chauvin, fueling unrest.

Nonetheless, LeMay expressed disappointment when people refer to Wright as a martyr, as a hero, as a prince of Brooklyn Center, or as Floyd.

‘He’s no George Floyd. I knew him and interacted with him on occasion,’ she said. ‘George was a gentleman, he didn’t assault anyone, he didn’t shoot anyone.

‘For all those people who want to believe that Daunte was this saint, I ask them to come walk in my or my son’s shoes for 24 hours and experience the repercussions of his criminal behavior.

‘I just thank God that Daunte didn’t do to their child what he did to mine.’

The estate of Wright was sued by someone identified only as the ‘C.V.’ (crime victim), months after Wright was killed, for assault, battery, sexual assault, and intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

As reported by DailyMail.com, Wright was alleged to have assaulted and robbed her in 2019. Despite her approval for photos showing her face, she asked that the name of her associates be withheld for fear of reprisal.

In an account shared by CV, a friend, Emajay Driver, was invited over to their apartment in Osseo, Minnesota on November 30, 2019. ‘I knew Emajay and thought he was OK. At the time I had no idea he was capable of doing what he did,’ she told DailyMail.com.

CV told Driver that she had no idea who Daunte was, but he said he would bring her along. Driver and Wright were dropped off at CV’s one-bedroom apartment on Sunday evening by an unknown driver, according to a police report obtained by Dailymail.com.

Wright and Driver smoked marijuana and drank alcohol in CV’s apartment while listening to music and playing games. CV and Driver discussed relationships, and at one point in the conversation, CV related an experience with an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Wright told CV that he was ‘offended by any man who abuses a woman deserves to rot in prison.”After I heard Daunte tell me this, it made me feel a bit more comfortable around him,’ added CV.

CV’s roommate went to bed at 2:30am because she had to wake up early for work. She slept on the sofa in the living room area, while CV slept in the bedroom.

‘I asked Emajay and Daunte when were they planning on leaving, and they told me they were waiting for their ride.

‘A short time later Daunte left to go outside of the apartment, I thought it was to check on their ride. But a few minutes later Daunte came back inside with food for him and Emajay.’

‘They told me their ride wasn’t going to be able to pick them up, it was snowing outside at the time and freezing cold. So, I let them stay over at our apartment for the night.’

Wright and Driver slept on the floor in her room, while CV slept in her bed alone. Both of them were perfect gentlemen, she said.

‘I waited for them to fall asleep before I went to bed. At that time, I had no reason to believe what was going to happen next.’

She informed CV’s roommate that she would go to the ATM to retrieve her half of the rent the next morning. Her roommate had reminded CV the night before that they had to pay rent the following morning, and she believes Driver and Wright overheard their chat.

During CV’s visit with Wright, Wright made the comment that he didn’t have to work that day, then turned to Driver and said we should rob someone, but she thought it was a joke.

Since the men were procrastinating at that point and claiming to wait for a ride, she asked them again when they were going to depart.

‘I was busy getting ready to leave so I wasn’t paying too much attention to the situation,’ CV said.

When she left, she stuffed the $820 cash of rent money into her bra: ‘I have no idea why I decided to hide the money, I just had a bad feeling,’ she said.

However, Wright blocked the exit door just as they were going out of the apartment and pointed a black handgun at the victim, demanding money.

According to CV, Wright took his gun and pointed it at her and kept saying: ‘I know you have the money, give me the f**king money, we know you have the money, that is what we are here for.’

‘I then looked at Emajay and said to him, “are you kidding me?”‘

Emajay then said to her: ‘No, just listen to him. Do what he says, just do it.’

‘He pointed the gun at my head, only a few feet away. I stared down the barrel of his gun. I looked him dead in his eyes and I saw nothing but darkness, pure evil,’ CV stated.

‘I asked him if taking my life over $800 is worth going to prison for the rest of your life? ‘After I said that, he put the gun down to his side and with his other hand began to choke me for about 10 seconds. ‘I dropped to the floor on my knees to try to break free. I was screaming at him, stop, stop, hoping my neighbors would hear something.’

As a result, Emajay told Wright that the money was in her bra. After CV broke free for a moment, Wright took my shirt and began to tear it apart, ripping it off me so that he could grab the money. ‘

Afterwards, she broke free again, unaware whether the money had fallen out. ‘Daunte then grabbed me by the neck again and started to choke me, I yelled, “I don’t have the money.’ Driver eventually opened the door and both men ran out, as CV chased them believing they had somehow stolen her money.

Eventually, both CV and the driver got into a waiting car. CV went back to her apartment and found the money tucked away in the side part of her bra. Days later, Driver and Wright were both arrested.

Two years later, CV said she is still traumatized by that night. ‘I still have nightmares, even though he’s dead. I attend therapy for PTSD.’ Driver plead guilty to the crime and served time in jail. Wright was awaiting trial for aggravated robbery when he died.

In the incident report of the Osseo Police Department, Daunte Wright is identified as a Loud Pack gang member.

‘When I first heard about Daunte’s death my heart sunk, I relived the moment when he put his gun to my head,’ CV said.

‘I was also relieved because I knew he could never hurt me or anyone else again. But part of me was also mad, I wanted to face Daunte at a trial in a controlled environment where I could tell him what he did to me and how he traumatized me.

‘I’ll never get that chance now; he’ll never be held accountable criminally for what he did to me.’

She added: ‘He’s an evil human being, a monster. He’s the worst of the worst. He’s not someone to look up to or celebrate.’

CV told reporters she believed ‘both sides will be unhappy regardless of the jury’s decision’ regarding Potter’s trial.

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