Damning Photo of Jill Biden Goes Viral: Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

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Hypocritical Democrats are exposed again for virtue signaling about their stupid ideas on how to end ‘globalist climate change’ while refusing to abide by the regulations they want to be enforced on everyone else.

A study into how these deceitful Democrats really behave in the face of their biggest boogeyman, “global warming’ should show people that it is a hoax to control people and funnel funds into Democrat pockets from the government tax base.

This newest push is the work of the administrative state which has pushed the government’s scope of authority too far.

This week is a perfect example of the double standards Democrats rule over free people by:

After the US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. was interviewed by Bloomberg News this week and reported that gas stove usage is a “hidden hazard” to the environment- Democrat Jill Biden photographed her gas stove.

Founded in 1972, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent agency of the United States government. CPSC seeks to promote the safety of consumer products by addressing “unreasonable risks” of injury; developing uniform safety standards; and conducting research into product-related illness and injury.

So gas stoves are a risk now, according to the goofy agency…

According to their government-run website, the agency claims:

CPSC works to save lives and keep families safe by reducing the unreasonable risk of injuries and deaths associated with consumer products and fulfilling its vision to be the recognized global leader in consumer product safety. CPSC does this by:

Issuing and enforcing mandatory standards or banning consumer products if no feasible standard would adequately protect the public;
Obtaining the recall of products and arranging for a repair, replacement or refund for recalled products;
Researching potential product hazards;

Developing voluntary standards with standards organizations, manufacturers and businesses;

Informing and educating consumers directly and through traditional, online, and social media and by working with foreign, state and local governments and private organizations; and

Educating manufacturers worldwide about our regulations, supply chain integrity and development of safe products.

The evidence of the First Lady not properly virtue signaling her political beliefs about the weather should have caused an outrage, but it didn’t.

“Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” Trumka Jr. said, telling Bloomberg that the agency has planned to “to take action” to address indoor pollution, which is supposedly caused by stoves that Jill Biden uses.

“We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether it’s drastically reducing emissions or banning gas stoves entirely,” he said. And he said that a ban “is a powerful tool in our toolbox and it’s a real possibility here, particularly because there seem to be readily available alternatives already in the market.

Upon hearing the news about banning gas stoves, social media posters showed photos of first lady Jill Biden cooking on a gas stove from Sept 2020.

“Hey @Antoni, what are you cooking tonight?” Biden posted on Twitter in September 2020, to Canadian chef Antoni Porowski, showing a photo of herself cooking on a gas stove in what appears to be her home.

“I’ll NEVER give up my gas stove. If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” US Rep Ronny Jackson responded to the US Consumer Product Safety powergrab:


Conservative US Senator Tex Cruz (R-TX) remembered the Biden post and retweeted it along with a comment directed at Biden saying:

“Rules for thee but not for me”.

“Can’t wait to see the headlines when Feds raid Jill Biden’s private home to confiscate her criminal gas stove,” Kenny Webster, a reporter with Media Matters posted.

“Here’s Jill Biden killing children and the planet with a gas stove,” another poster wrote.

“Jill Biden cooking on her gas stove but not for you peasants that pay taxes to fund their livelihoods- congress, senate, Biden administration all thieves – rules for thee but not for me,” another Twitter user wrote in response to Cruz.

The photo was being used to bomb the comments of pro-climate change hoaxers like radical US Rep. AOC, who had posted about New Yorkers being forced to change appliances:

“Did you know that ongoing exposure to NO2 from gas stoves is linked to reduced cognitive performance?” AOC posted.

A poster responded to her:

“Real question – if we all have to switch to electric will there be any government assistance to do that?”

“The way we are handling it in NYC isn’t to force people to switch what they already have. Folks can keep their appliances, and new buildings in NYC will have gas-free stoves. As for federally, any proposal from the CPSC would go through a quite lengthy review and input process,” AOC answered.

“Jill Biden cooking on her gas stove but not for you peasants that pay taxes to fund their livelihoods- congress, senate, Biden administration all thieves – rules for thee but not for me,” another poster wrote.

“DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” is another response to AOC.

The American people are getting a great whiff of how the administrative state disrupts American lives over their nonsense.


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