Chicago mayor is caught on camera racking up at least eight traffic tickets – NONE of them paid

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Lori Lightfoot, a radical leftist mayor of embattled Chicago, is being called ‘Lori Leadfoot’ because she has been caught in a speeding vehicle.

“Just when you think Lori Lightfoot couldn’t be an even bigger hypocrite if she tried, she finds a way to one-up herself,” Dan Eberhardt, a political commentator, posted on Twitter.

Some of the most obvious proof that you live in an authoritarian state is when elite rules make laws for others that they and their friends and associates do not abide by and pay no consequences for breaking.

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot was accused Tuesday of “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy amid revelations that some SUVs whisking the mayor around the city have received more tickets for speeding and running red lights that have gone unpaid,” The Chicago Suntimes reported, in response to the news that Lightfoot doesn’t care what is happening in her vehicle- at the same time she is pushing laws onto the little people in her district.

She is free to speed- but others are not.

“Lori Leadfoot! Chicago mayor is condemned as it’s revealed her official SUVs have racked up at least eight traffic tickets – NONE of them paid – for speeding and running red lights with footage capturing their brazen bad driving,” The Daily Mail reported slamming Lightfoot and her regime.

And what makes her a hypocrite is that one of her significant platform issues is speeding.

Lightfoot’s city SUVs have racked up red light and speed camera tickets that aren’t being paid. According to records, some tickets were issued in school zones with children present. A seizure order is out for one of her SUVs due to non-payment.

“Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has implemented a crackdown on speeding and last year reduced a buffer zone around schools from 10mph to 6mph and it has emerged that her own motorcade is guilty of at least eight incidents since February 2020, and has racked up $658 in unpaid fines,” the outlet reported.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s motorcade has been busted for multiple speeding and traffic offenses – despite the lawmaker pushing for harsher punishments for drivers who go too fast.

Lightfoot’s SUVs have since February 2020 been involved in at least eight incidents, and since May 2021 received three-speed camera tickets and two warnings, plus a red light ticket,” The Daily Mail confirmed.

Lightfoot infuriated Chicago residents over the use of the cameras, being accused of making money.

The speed limits in the school zones were ten mph, but Lightfoot last year ordered that speed limits be reduced to 6mph, arguing that it would make roads safer and reduce deaths.

‘No one likes speed cameras. I get it,’ she said last month.

‘But this is life or death that we’re talking about here, and we’ve got to step up as a city and address this.’ Lightfoot has also repeatedly highlighted the threat to children from speeding vehicles near schools.

One media report on resetting the speed cameras and the new laws is outrageous and unfair.



We asked a question no one had bothered to ask before how many traffic fatalities have happened in Chicago around speed cameras? What we found was eye-opening.

In 2019 it was not ninety-six deaths; it’s five. In 2020 it was not 139; it was eleven. The Lightfoot Administration is not forthcoming, and we know the numbers were manipulated to fit the narrative e, and it had a significant impact.

A single mom of twins got eight tickets in a month, that’s $500, and can feed her children for a month.

And then there’s this, you will only find speed cameras near schools because that’s the law, the point to protect children, and we discovered another interesting fact when we analyzed The city’s data that fatality involving children are rare 2019, it was one a 14-year-old boy crossing the street when he was hit by a semi turning onto Western.

In 2021, one Twelve-year-old boy was the victim of a tragic hit-and-run at a crosswalk.

This has nothing to do with safety. This has everything to do with revenue and revenue. And the money was pouring in between March and July.

There have been Nearly 46 million dollars in fines, which more than doubled any other recent Year.

There was no response from the mayor about the accusations that she misled the public about fatality data or for generating more speeding tickets for drivers to get more money for the city,” the outlet reported in 2021.

Last week, before the report on her driver’s actions, Lightfoot said: ‘It makes no sense for us to increase the speed around the parks and schools when we know what the horrific consequences are for pedestrians and other drivers.’

In 2020, Chicago Tribune reported that the city of Chicago dismissed the majority of tickets issued to Lightfoot’s security team, including tickets given at times the mayor was attending non-city-related events.

The Illinois Policy Institute, a libertarian think tank, found that Chicago has issued 3.8 million speeding tickets, generating almost $80 million in revenue for the city since Lightfoot lowered the threshold to 6mph last year.


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