Candace Owens Threatened With CPS and Misdemeanor Charge

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Candace Owens, a popular Conservative podcaster, told her ‘birth story’ recently that staff members at the Tennessee hospital where she gave birth recently attempted to hold her and her newborn daughter hostage until she agreed to submit to their medical plans for her child.

Owens said that hospital staff prevented her from leaving until they drew blood from the newborn infant, who showed no signs of illness at the time.

According to the Daily Mail, ” the 32-year-old slammed staff at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville while recounting the ’24 hours of torture’ she says she suffered after giving birth to her second child Louise on July 13.”

Owens told her audience on Monday that it all started after she declined antibiotics and contraction-inducing drugs while going into labor. She added that it culminated in staffers threatening to call child services on the right-wing commentator.

From the Daily Mail article:

Owens – who married British Oxford grad George Farmer in 2019 – further accused staffers of engaging in a concerted effort to empty her wallet by keeping her for over 48 hours so her stay was not covered by insurance.

When she refused, Owens says that a hospital pediatrician approached her and her husband as they tried to leave, callously telling the couple ‘that she watched a baby die in the 47th hour because her parents refused to stay.’

The pair ignored the staffer, Owens says – despite the workers’ false assertions that her insurance would likely not cover the visit if she went against medical advice and left.

When Owens responded that she didn’t care, a social worker employed by the hospital asked the couple to sign a document that said they were aware that The Department of Children’s Services (DCS) could pay them a visit for leaving against doctor’s orders, according to Owens.

The mother of two said she and her husband wanted to leave so badly because they ‘just wanted to sleep.’

This is more situational ethics and there is little concern over these medical issues from the people who claim that women have a choice over their own bodies.

Owens highlighted the story for her first podcast, telling the story every new Mom dreads- she was bullied by the hospital staff and treated like she had no choices over her own body or over her own infant.

Here is her story:

“On this first episode, I am going to tell my birth story, I’m going to tell you all about how it ended with the hospital threatening to send child services to my front door and charge me with a misdemeanor. I am just very plugged into what I believe to be the medical Mafia. And I know that that sounds extraordinary, but I think that in the post covid era, people are realizing that there is something sinister that seems to be underlying the medical community.

So I want to give you the story because I think it’s important that we talk about what I perceived to be the administrative state the FDA the CDC and all of these unelected bureaucrats who are suddenly telling us how we have to live.

So my story starts with and if you’re a woman listening to this, you’ll know what I’m talking about, the many tests that you have to get while you are pregnant. One of them is for Group, B strep. They say we’re going to test you for GBS now.”


Owens is a firebrand commentator. Recently she encouraged Democrats to stop voting for the people who are oppressing them, as Fox News reported:

Candace Owens tells residents of Democrat-run inner cities: ‘Don’t wait for it to be you … get out’
Owens blames defund police movement and far left bail reform policies for the crime surge

Owens urged Americans living in inner city communities of Democrat-run areas to “get out,” warning that liberal policies will only further embolden criminals and contributed to the staggering rise in crime across the U.S. In an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, Owens said the crime wave is a result of misguided criminal justice reform initiatives, including the defund the police movement.


“It’s infuriating…look at all the crime. Look at the statistics and look at the laws behind it. You know what it makes me think? You know what it makes the American people think? The criminals are on the streets, but the worst criminals are in office.

They are voting on pieces of legislation. They’re pushing through policies that are harming the American people. And they know it’s harming the American people. They just don’t care. Because they have armed guards. They live behind gated communities. They’ve sold out the American people.

We all knew this was going to come. We voted these people into office by the way. These are elected officials who stood on a platform and told you to defund police because they had armed guards. They didn’t care. Of course, we’re seeing this consequence.”

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