BUSTED! Camera’s Catch Biden Pulling Out a Card and Copying It in the Condolence Book for Queen Elizabeth (VIDEO)

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After seven decades of social change, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at her beloved summer home in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, at 96, being the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

When Princess Elizabeth turned 21 in 1947, she went on the radio and vowed to Britain and the Commonwealth: “my whole life, whether it be short or long, will be devoted to your service.”

In the course of her very long life, Queen Elizabeth II lived up to that vow.

The period spanned 15 prime ministers, including Winston Churchill and the next PM, Liz Truss.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth raise their glasses to make a toast at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in London, Britain, June 3, 2019. Dominic Lipinski/Pool via REUTERS
The Queen and Ronald Reagan

She was praised by world leaders for her long reign. She was been hailed as a “stateswoman of unsurpassed dignity and constancy” by Joe Biden.

Joe and Jill Biden visited the British Embassy in Washington, DC, to sign the condolence book for Queen Elizabeth.

Because Joe is mentally challenged, his message was written on a card by staffers prior to him signing the condolence book.

In a CSPAN close-up, we see Biden copying the pre-written card into the book.


Here is the full video.

In March of this year online mockery was leveled at Biden’s use of a printed ‘cheat sheet’ of answers to anticipated questions during his press conference on the Ukraine conflict.

During his visit to Poland, Biden said Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ before heading back to Washington, DC.

During a question-and-answer session on Monday, the 79-year-old president referred to a typed cue card for hints regarding his remarks that many regarded as advocating for regime change.

According to him, there was no need to apologize for his remarks, which were off the cuff and not part of his prepared remarks.

‘It’s more an aspiration than anything. He shouldn’t be in power. There’s no — I mean, people like this shouldn’t be ruling countries, but they do. The fact is they do, but it doesn’t mean I can’t express my outrage about it,’ he said, holding his cheat sheet firmly in one hand.

‘I was talking to the Russian people. The last part of the speech was talking to the Russian people, telling them what we thought.’

This is what the notes stated: ‘If you weren’t advocating for regime change, what did you mean? Can you clarify?

‘I was expressing the moral outrage I felt towards the actions of this man.

‘I was not articulating a change in policy.’

Biden also told Fox News’s Peter Doocy that he hadn’t made the statements regarding Putin and regime change among other things when he clearly did.

In addition, Biden expected to be asked about Emmanuel Macron’s reaction.

In an interview with French media on Sunday, Macron said he would not have used Biden’s words. He added that his priority was ‘achieving first a ceasefire and then the total withdrawal of [Russian] troops by diplomatic means’.

In an interview with France 3, he said: ‘If we want to do that, we can’t escalate in either words or actions.’

Biden’s notes state: ‘Is this now threatening to splinter unity with your NATO allies?’

Biden’s prepared answer was, ‘No. NATO has never been more united.’

As a candidate and in office, Biden is frequently photographed with cue cards.

His pocket often contained the daily COVID case totals, which he frequently referred to.

While answering a question about taxes during a Town Hall prior to the election, he used them to provide specific details.

‘I carry this card with me,’ Biden said, alluding to the card.

As part of his first presidential press conference, he used a cheat sheet with names and headshots of journalists he planned to call on.

In addition to using notes during a meeting with Putin in 2021, Biden also referenced notes while touring the damage caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and while speaking to reporters at the G20 meeting in Rome.

‘I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on,’ Biden told reporters at the forum last year.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky expressed concern with Biden’s use of cue cards and off-the-cuff remarks concerning Putin on Monday.

Biden’s remarks, Paul said, constitute a threat to national security because they reflect Biden’s declining mental acuity.

‘A lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it – but we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief,’ he said on Fox News.

‘And, it is actually a national security risk because he’s sending signals that no one in their right mind would want to send to Russia at this point.

‘We aren’t trying to replace Putin in Russia. We aren’t trying to have regime change. We’re not sending troops into Ukraine, and we’re not going to respond in kind with chemical weapons.’

On social media, Biden’s use of the cards was ridiculed.

Jake Schneider, the Deputy Director of Rapid Response for the Republican National Committee posted:

“Biden had to have “I was not articulating a change in policy” written verbatim on a notecard so he wouldn’t screw it up… and he still screwed it up.”

‘Our @POTUS, Joe Biden is just walking around on eggshells, reading cue cards his handlers provide,’ remarked a Twitter user.

‘If he EVER had a backbone, he can’t remember where he put it.’

“Joe Biden Reads Scripts Off of Cue Cards & Still Screws Up!” another posted.

Opinion columnist wrote, “Biden’s cheat sheet to clarify his many gaffes…”

Dan McLaughlin, the senior writer for National Review posted, “I did not believe this was real until I watched the video. I get that presidents need to be reminded what their policy is on some obscure corners of governance. But this is a simple question about the centerpiece of current U.S. foreign policy.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “The fact that Biden accepts using a “cheat sheet” for his pressers indicates he knows very well he’s incompetent! It gets worse day by day!”


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