Bush And Obama Team Up Against Trump After His Big Announcement

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As the many close elections around the country have citizens already talking about the 2024 elections, some are still focused on the results that are not even in yet, whether those results are valid, and what the results will mean in the power structure in Washington, D.C.

“I know there’s a temptation to start talking about 2024 — no, no, no, no, no,” Kayleigh McEnany said on Wednesday’s edition of ‘Outnumbered.’ “2022 is not over. Every Republican energy needs to go to grinding the Biden agenda to a halt, and that could go straight through the state of Georgia.”

Georgia has announced a run-off between Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker. In Georgia, if a candidate does not have 51% of the vote, a run-off is mandated. Warnock has not publicly addressed the situation, but Walker spoke Tuesday night to supporters gathered in a hotel ballroom to “hang in there a little bit longer.” Walker stated, “I’m telling you right now– I didn’t come to lose.”

The Georgia runoff is scheduled for December 6 and has the potential to decide the fate of the majority in the Senate.

Rumors that former President Trump would appear in Georgia to support Walker have not yet been supported. some think he should not, given another high-profile situation.

Trump has stated that he has a big announcement, and some think they know what the announcement is about. Trump’s big announcement – largely rumored to be his 2024 presidential campaign announcement – is set for Tuesday.

Trump announced he would be delivering his promised ‘special announcement’ this Tuesday at 9pm EST from his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Finalized plans for the announcement came as the president began primary-like jabs at another possible candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who decidedly won his re-election bid on Tuesday in a landslide and has been predicted to be a GOP rival to Trump in 2024.

The former president announced during a rally last Monday that he would be making the statement next week, but whether it would finally happen seemed up in the air after his GOP aides implored him to put off the announcement until after the Georgia Senate seat runoff. Former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who now works for Fox News, advised on air that Trump should hold off on an announcement until after the Georgia Senate runoff December 6.

But whether the former president decided to make his announcement on Tuesday or to hold off until after Georgia’s run-off, it seems that two other former presidents are scheduling a forum at the time Trump’s announcement was scheduled to happen.

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama are hosting back-to-back conferences about disinformation in the days following Donald Trump’s “big announcement.”

Bush, 76, will host his The Struggle for Freedom conference in Dallas on November 16, while Obama’s democracy conference will be held in New York City on the 17th.

Organizers said the conferences were not planned together, but will focus on the rising threats from authoritarianism and disinformation. However, given that the idea of “disinformation” has been with us for some time, the timing of the events seems to be aimed at the former president and attention that will turn to him.

The idea of “disinformation” has arisen due to the lack of facts available in the media, and the current trend to present opinions as facts as well as censorship of statements that do not agree with others.

David J. Kramer, of the Bush Institute, said it was ‘terrific’ the two presidents would be focusing on similar topics, saying: “We’re very mindful of what’s happening in the United States, and we have to make sure we stay on a democratic path. At the same time, we have to help and support others around the world. So we can’t simply fold up our tent and focus on everything at home. We have to focus on both things.”

Bush will be sitting down for a live-stream with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his conference. It will also feature a taped interview with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, Daily Mail reports.

Valerie Jarrett, of the Obama Foundation, echoed similar sentiments, writing: ‘We are delighted to see the Bush Center — another institution doing the hard work to strengthen democracy — convene in Dallas to advance our shared values.’

Obama will be sitting down with the 14th Vice President of the Philippines, Leni Robredo, along with several journalists, a Columbia dean, and an environmental activist. “At a time when democracy is under threat around the world, the promise and potential of the next generation of leaders is more important than ever. The Forum will bring attention to the biggest challenges democratic institutions face today and showcase democracy in action around the world,” the Obama Foundation wrote.

Trump, who promised to “drain the swamp” in his first presidential campaign, will now be announcing his plans as two members of that swamp band together in their conferences.


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