BREAKING: Top Republican Rep Says Joe Biden Will Be Impeached

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As the new week begins with the vote for Majority Leader behind them, Republicans in the House are now focusing on the big picture for their leadership in the House and are taking aim at Democrats. Specifically, the President.

When Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to rid the White House of former President Trump through impeachment, they opened the door for considerations as to the grounds for such actions. Republicans have noted the growing pile of grievances and illegal instances in the actions of Joe Biden and his family, and now are voicing the intention to follow through with the process to oust the current president. From information found on the laptop of Hunter Biden to the recent “Twitter Files” regarding the last presidential election, evidence is stacking up.

This week seems to be the time for Republicans to voice intentions on the matter. and those intentions include a thorough investigation of Joe Biden. Even GOP House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who took a week to get votes from his own party to lead in the House due to his past inclinations to compromise with Democrats, supports the idea of impeachment.

“Over the last two years of Democrats’ one-party rule in Washington, House Democrats have not lifted a finger to engage in oversight and accountability of the Biden administration’s actions and abuses of power,” he said. “We will leave no stone unturned in order to deliver the accountability the American people deserve.”

This Sunday morning, GOP Rep Byron Donalds made a definitive statement when he told Maria Bartiromo that impeaching Joe Biden “will happen”.

“If you find that there was actual evidence of wrongdoing, will you support impeaching Joe Biden?”, the Fox News host asked.

“Oh that’s something that will happen,” Donalds said emphatically. “But what we want to do right now is go through the process of investigation,” he added.

Rep. Donalds isn’t the only one who has promised to impeach Biden. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greeene tweeted the following this weekend:

Ever since the GOP won back the House in November, many other top Reps have called for Joe’s impeachment.

Trending Politics notes that one of these Republicans is Representative Claudia Tenny:

“How I feel about Joe Biden? I see this guy as a talentless, career politician and completely derelict in his duty, which is why I’ve called for him to be impeached! One of the things about the Republicans that is kind of frustrating at times is, we don’t fight. We have to fight every single day, right now. I stand up to the status quo in both parties, I have a core set of principles. Can we preserve this Republic? It is all on the line. It’s not easy to fight the fight that patriots fight, but it’s worth it,” she said.

“Whether it is Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty at the Southern Border or his disastrous retreat in Afghanistan, I have called for Joe Biden to answer to the American people in Impeachment hearings. I will not stand by while Biden and Pelosi trample on our constitution to push their far-left agenda. I look forward to working with a Republican House Majority next Congress to impeach Biden and hold his administration accountable for their numerous failures,” she continued.

Recently, Dinesh D’Souza commented on why he believes Biden should be impeached:

“There are several reasons to open a Biden impeachment investigation, but the borderline insanity of Biden’s border policies is undoubtedly one of them.”

And making a blanket statement about the focus of his committee in the near future without naming names, GOP Rep. James Comer, who will most likely be the head of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, made a similar comment.

“Republicans will return the oversight committee to its primary duty to root out waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the federal government and hold the Biden administration accountable. We will use all tools at our disposal to identify problems and propose solutions that make the federal government more efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable to the American people,” Comer said.

Such comments from members of the now-powerful House may have prompted the recent visit President Biden finally deigned to make to Texas and the southern border, but if he thought his visit was timely he might be rethinking that as he was met with voters holding signs saying “IMPEACH 46” and other anti-Biden thoughts. Gov. Greg Abbot used the visit to meet Biden on the tarmac and make a statement about the “too late” visit, as well as hand Biden a letter describing in detail the crisis situation at the border and how the federal government has not helped Texas and border states with the stream of illegals flowing across.

Abbott noted that during Biden’s visit, he was resent only at legal ports of entry, and did not peruse the many illegal entry spots between the ports.


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