BREAKING: Poll Pads Caught Adding *Hundreds* of Voters in Real Time as Poll is Being Closed

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Elected, not selected! That is the rallying cry of election integrity activists around the country as American citizens are stepping up to perform their civic duties, inspired to safeguard their liberty and freedom, only to watch as the most essential cornerstone of our Republic- free and fair elections- being destroyed.

There is proof that in one Texas county, there is an internal tabulator inside at least one tabulating machine at one poll. The actions were caught on film by a group of women who got their footage to a citizen advocacy group called The Election Oversight Group.

The Election Oversight Group of Texas describes their work in a GiveSend Go as: “The time is now! Our country is at a crossroads ,and the thought of what’s to come is unimaginable if we fail to correct our elections. Our group has the knowledge, tools, data, and experience to yield results. We have applied an investigative approach that not only focuses on counting votes and forensically examining voting machines but also provides an analysis of the periphery processes of the election as a whole. Proven with a long list of findings, some public and others confidential, we are armed with a solid understanding of what is happening. Now we need your help to act and do something about it.

We must ensure our elected officials are elected, not selected,” the group claims.

The Texas group has been working for two years on capturing evidence of problems in counties in Texas elections and what they found is proof that machines can be programmed to do some strange things.

They are not working alone- and Independent media is covering their work. VFor example, videos from the Texas group show ballot numbers being added as videos are being taken by poll workers.

The TX group works with a national group called County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF). According to the CCDF website, their mission is to empower and equips American citizens to defend their freedoms and liberties at the local level. By streamlining and simplifying activism, we support and champion American citizens who want to stand up for their independence.

The National Director of CCDF, Steve Maxwell, appeared on the War Room program with Steve Bannon in June, ahead of the 2022 midterms and shared his national vision for election integrity reforms.

“We are a group of businessmen after the election of 2020. We were invited down to meet with some congressmen in December. We realized that talking to them Senators, primarily that nothing was going to be done about these problems at the federal level. So we came back home and said, hey, what do we do? I mean, we’ve got a real enemy. So we stripped the emotion out and said, okay, what’s really going on?

That’s when you dive into to the, to the George Soros are Bill advisors Black Rock, all these globalist mentalities. So from that , we just said, okay, we’ve got how do we fight this? It’s got to come back to we. The people, there was no real vehicle for people to plug into at a local level.”

Brian Lupo reported for the Gateway Pundit on the shocking proof of votes coming out of nowhere in Texas:

The Election Oversight Group has been investigating and documenting Georgia’s election problems since the 2020 General Election, in conjunction with County Citizens Defending Freedom, has provided The Gateway Pundit with more evidence that our election system should not be trusted. This time, it’s direct from Texas but has implications and evidence of occurrences in many other jurisdictions.

In a shocking video that seems to confirm many things we knew but couldn’t prove, poll workers in Dallas, Tx, captured the number of checked in voters on their poll pads jumping higher and higher right before polls closed. The poll pads are used to check in voters and are the electronic version of the paper “voter roll,” which also keeps a running tally of the number of voters who have been “checked-in” on that particular device. While we only have confirmation of this one precinct because of the video, The Gateway Pundit is told by an individual present that his happened county-wide in Dallas County.

As you can see in the shorter videos, the poll pad on the screen jumps from 1,080 voters to 1,139 to 1,191 and finally to 1,259. No one or nothing is touching the poll pad as it is doing this. The poll pad displays “Poll Closed” to the left of the count. Be sure to turn the Quality up to 720 so you can read the numbers in real-time.

In the other full-length video, you can hear other poll workers in the background talking about their poll pads jumping by excessive numbers.

The group claims that they have been working with poll watchers and workers in another state with evidence of the same phenomenon occurring in several counties. TIn addition, the poll pad voter check-in numbers suddenly jumped right before the polls closed.


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