BREAKING: GOP Candidate’s Home Shot Up Nearly Killing Kids

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Political violence is not really a concern of the Democrats because when it happens in America unless it happens to Democrats- and they can use it for political theater- the truth is violence doesn’t get their notice at all.

How we know, that is a fact is seeing that the lapdog mainstream media has not shown any interest in a shocking story of real violence against a candidate in North Carolina, while at the same time they are heavily focused on the strange tale of Paul Pelosi, who was allegedly attacked by someone who was likely invited in the Pelosi family home.

According to the Daily Mail, a shooting at the North Carolina residence of a Republican congressional candidate has forced the politician to evacuate his family in the waning weeks of his campaign – all after receiving a slew of death threats that has spurred the ex-soldier to attend events in a bulletproof vest.

“The shooting transpired on October 18, and saw a single shot fired into a home belonging to the parents of Republican Pat Harrigan, a former Green Beret running for an open seat in the state’s left-leaning 14th Congressional District. Despite occurring almost a month ago, the incident had not been reported on until Thursday – after it was revealed the FBI had launched an investigation into the shooting, after the bullet was found just feet away from where the candidate’s daughters, aged 3 and 5, had been sleeping,” the outlet reported, adding:

“As the incident was made public, the family would reveal that the two girls had been living with their grandparents for much of the campaign cycle due to the slew of death threats – which they said put ‘tremendous stress’ on Harrigan, 35, and his loved ones.”

The kids have since been relocated out of state, according to their grandmother – while Harrigan, who was not at the residence at the time of the shooting, has since come forward to confirm that he owns a lakeside property near the residence, in the town of Hickory.

Shockingly, that same property was featured in a campaign ad recently aired by Harrigan’s primary opponent, Democrat Jeff Jackson – a scathing spot that showed the house and all of its surroundings. The commercial first aired on October 18, the day of the shooting, and has since been pulled from syndication.

An investigation has been underway since, but cops and federal agents have yet to to make an arrest. The shooting comes amid heightened concerns for the security of politicians ahead of next week’s Midterms, following Friday’s attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband at their San Francisco home.

The congressional candidate’s children were asleep in the bedroom directly above the room where the shooting occurred, with the bullet coming from a densely wooded area behind the house, piercing a window but not waking the kid.

Harrigan’s mother, Marla Harrigan, 74, told The Associated Press Thursday that she and her husband James Harrigan were sitting down in their living room when the bullet entered the residence, shattering their laundry room window in the process.

The grandmother said the children were asleep in the bedroom directly above the room where the shooting occurred but remained asleep despite the commotion.

The couple would then quickly call local police, who descended on residence in full, confirming in a report that the incident did involve a firearm before calling in the FBI.

According to Marla, the kids had have since been relocated out-of-state ‘out of an abundance of caution after the shooting,’ she said, with her Army veteran son now urging them to leave town as well.

Harrigan is running against Jackson, a former fellow soldier who served in the Army Reserve, for an open seat in the state’s new 14th Congressional District, which is notoriously left-leaning.

As a result, Harrigan – a political newcomer who was deployed to Afghanistan at 23 years old in 2010 – has reportedly received a slew of threats during his campaign, which seemingly culminated with last month’s shooting.

Marla Harrigan said the entire situation has put tremendous pressure on the Army vet, whose life has been uprooted now that his family has been split up and his girls whisked off.

‘It’s just disconcerting, especially with the children there,’ said Marla, before detailing the tension that has been thrust on the now- fractured family.

‘This campaign is so stressful, and we feel so badly for our son because, you know, he’s terribly stressed about his children.

‘And now they’re gone, they’re not with their parents – and it’s just very, very disruptive.’

The FBI are currently overseeing the investigation, and are being aided in their efforts by both state and local police. Authorities said the bullet came from a densely wooded area behind the house.

The ad shows a man on a jet ski as a narrator tells listeners Harrigan ‘made a fortune’ off tragedies such as the Sandy Hook Shooting, and bought a lake house. It then shows an image of Harrigan’s home, which is not far from that of his parents. The spot was released on the day of the shooting – and spurred an angry open letter from Harrigan to Jackson a week later.

Former Special Forces soldier Harrigan previously criticized his opponent for airing the location of his domicile despite knowing about him receiving death threats, and has since come forward to assert he would not be intimidated – and that ‘death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission.’

Because of these threats, the ex-soldier has been forced to don bulletproof vests while attending campaign events, and move his two girls out of the family home to stay with their grandparents, for much of his campaign.

They have since been relocated out of state following the scare – while Harrigan has revealed he owns a property near the home where the shooting occurred. No injuries were reported.

His opponent, meanwhile, was forced to pull the ad filmed directly outside the lakeside home, which criticized Harrigan’s gun manufacturing business, as well as his ownership of a home set outside the confines of the 14th District.



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