BREAKING: Donald J. Trump Officially Nominated for Speaker of the House

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) voted for former President Trump for Speaker of the House on Thursday during the seventh vote in an attempt to elect a Speaker, thereby nominating the former president for the position.

Gaetz was super excited to make that move, later posting about it on Twitter, with a clip to memorialize the historic moment:

“Let’s GOOOOO!”

Gaetz slammed the leading Republican candidate for the position, US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), relentlessly all day on Thursday from the floor of the US Capitol, even calling him out for squatting in the Speaker’s office while the vote was ongoing:

Many people expected Gaetz to nominate Trump, so it was not a complete surprise.  War Room host Steve Bannon talked about the idea on his show on Thursday as well, saying that Trump should be the Speaker.

Gaetz’s actions went viral immediately, with ‘Trump For Speaker’ trending on Twitter.

“Gaetz, who has been a staunch opponent of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) bid for Speaker, broke with his fellow anti-McCarthy members to vote for Trump on the seventh ballot. The remaining 19 representatives voted for Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.),” Julia Shapero reported for The Hill, adding:

Gaetz later tweeted out a photo illustration of Trump brandishing the Speaker’s gavel.

Although no movement occurred in the seventh vote — as the same 20 far-right members continued to split with the rest of the Republican Party — several members appeared to be making progress in negotiations with McCarthy overnight. Gaetz, however, seemed to dig in on his anti-McCarthy position.”

The move comes after Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), a member of the anti-McCarthy group, suggested on Wednesday night that she might nominate Trump for the position. The comment earned Boebert a barbed response from Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Hannity has shocked the world with his nasty attacks on the Congresswoman, yelling over her so she couldn’t get a word in to explain her point of view.

“Is this a game show? Like we’re gonna pick Jim Jordan one day, Trump the other day?” Hannity asked Boebert, referring to the Ohio Republican who was nominated for Speaker on Tuesday as a McCarthy alternative.

Despite the apparent support from Gaetz and Boebert, Trump himself has backed McCarthy’s bid for Speaker and urged Republican lawmakers to “get this thing over with,” adding confusion to the situation.

“I think it is a dangerous game, and, frankly, if they are not happy with him, they can do something about it at a later date,” Trump told Fox News Digital of the anti-McCarthy group.

However, the Gateway Pundit reported that Trump had said he would take the position.

“HUGE: Steve Bannon Also Calls for President Trump for Speaker – RELIABLE SOURCE Says President Trump Would Do It!,” Jim Hoft reported for the outlet.

Hoft reported on what Bannon said on the War Room segment.

Bannon said:

It can’t continue on like this.  This fight has been brewing for 10 years…since the Tea Party revolt in 2010.

All of the big guns running the GOP House are gone except McCarthy.I said on here over a year ago, that Donald Trump should be the Speaker.  At least come in for an interim of 100 days.  Why did I say that?  I knew this was going to end up…

… [after talking about a modern day Church commission to investigate the weaponization of the government] …What about Trump and do it for some interim period, maybe 100 days?

Would you not rather have Trump leading in the negotiation of the debt ceiling and the spending than some of these other people?  Would you not?  And that’s what it’s going to come down to.  We’re hurling towards an economic and financial crisis just like the 1930s.   We’re going through a dark valley…

Gaetz spoke to Laura Ingraham on Fox News in a combative interview- with her watching out for her own special interests- and held the line with her- telling her that he was not likely to vote for McCarthy under any circumstances.

But McCarthy was certainly making moves to get that position, he wants it so badly.
Ingraham said:  McCarthy did give a number of concessions that I’m not sure if I were on the other side, I would have given you, but a number of concessions from McCarthy were given, in an attempt to get to, 218 votes, she said, adding:

So, he lowered the threshold of the votes required to begin the process of removing himself. The speaker, just one person, one member of the conference can do it now, and to keep you also agree to keep his own pack out of GOP primaries and also to add more freedom caucus members to the house rules committee.

And I understand he also signed on to a separate approval process for earmarks and allowed floor votes on term limits for members and specific border policy legislation.

What else do you require that feed do or agree to before you will say, okay, I’m on board?”

Gaetz’s response enraged Ingraham.

“I wouldn’t be betting on my vote for Kevin McCarthy under almost any circumstance,” Gaetz answered, adding, ” Kevin McCarthy is the Masthead of the lobby core and I resent the extent to which Kevin McCarthy utilizes the lobbyists and special interests to be able to dictate how political decisions are made, how policy decisions are made and how leadership decisions are made. Kevin McCarthy has been in leadership for 14 years, and he has sold shares of himself to special interests to political action committees. And so, that’s why I don’t think he is an appropriate choice.,” Gaetz concluded.


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