Brawl Erupts LIVE On Fox Between Hosts Over Absurd Biden Claim

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The conclusion of the A Block segment on Fox News’ MediaBuzz was marked by a heated exchange between Howard Kurtz and Clay Travis on the presence of concrete evidence implicating President Joe Biden in an illicit operation.

On Sunday, Kurtz convened a panel consisting of Travis and Leslie Marshall to engage in a discussion on the recent developments in the Hunter Biden investigation. This discussion was prompted by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s granting Attorney David Weiss the authority of a special counsel to conduct an inquiry into the activities of the president’s son. Travis asserted in his opinion that there were several credible claims implicating Joe Biden in significant involvement.

The argument put forth by the originator of Outkick was as follows:

“My theory is when Joe Biden got passed over for Hillary Clinton, I think he knew that his political career — believed that his political career — was over and basically said, ‘let’s turn on the money spigot.

It’s time for me to really cash in on my career, because I’m probably not going to have a career going forward politically. Let’s start making money.’

Look, Tony Bobulinski, 10 percent for the big guy. The text message, the WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden threatening his Chinese business partners that if he didn’t get paid immediately, there would be hell to pay while saying he was sitting next to his dad.

The 20 calls, as you mentioned. The Burisma prosecutor being fired. The Russian oligarch paid three and a half million dollars left off any list of impropriety there.

There is tons of evidence that the Biden Department of Justice has covered up — Look at the testimony under oath of the two IRS agents. All of that is very credible.”

Throughout the program, Kurtz made many attempts to intervene, citing time constraints as his rationale. Upon Travis resurfacing, Kurtz explicitly said that there is now no substantiated proof supporting the claim that President Biden has received monetary compensation.

“I just want to make the point — and I’m glad you said yours was a theory — that there’s no evidence, despite some claims, that money actually went to Joe Biden. If there is, I think his campaign is over.”

However, Travis expressed disagreement with the aforementioned statement and promptly re-engaged in the discussion.

“Hold on!” Travis shot back. “The evidence is there! It’s not corroborated. I just laid out the evidence, and it’s pretty credible.”

“Well, I’ll be happy to spend the whole show on it when it’s corroborated,” Kurtz exclaimed as the show went to a commercial.


Last week, leading Republican blasted a ‘damning’ picture of Biden with a Hunter-connected assistant on Air Force Two when they were traveling to Ukraine In order to get prosecutors to end the Burisma Holdings probe.

Elise Stefanik, a Congresswoman, expressed her disapproval of a photo taken on December 6, 2015, featuring the former Vice President and Amos Hochstein, who is now serving as Biden’s special presidential coordinator.

When Hunter was on the board of the Ukrainian energy business Burisma Holdings, Hochstein reportedly kept in touch with Hunter’s connections there.

If Viktor Shokin, their chief prosecutor, was not fired, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US funding. Three months following his travel to Ukraine in December 2015, he was fired.

Hochstein is still employed by the Biden administration. He consistently cautioned that Hunter’s membership on the Burisma board would give rise to conflict of interest claims, according to a scathing Republican Senate report in 2020.

Vadym Pozharskyi, a board adviser for Burisma, may have spoken with Hochstein, according to emails that emerged in 2020.

Pozharskyi pointed out to Hochstein’s office how Ukrainian tax law would affect the energy industry, a sector in which they were a significant player.

Hochstein is shown advising Biden in the picture. Stefanik claims that this demonstrates the “Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved.”

VP Joe Biden being briefed by Amos Hochstein, right, on Air Force Two on his way to Ukraine on Dec. 6, 2015

In a statement to Fox News, Stefanik said: “This damning picture of then Vice President Joe Biden on Air Force Two en route to Ukraine talking with Amos Hochstein is just further evidence that Biden and senior officials in the Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved while Vice President.”

“At the time of this photo, Hochstein was in communication with Hunter Biden and Burisma where Hunter served on the board,” Stefanik explained.

“We also know that this photo was taken on Air Force Two ahead of Joe Biden’s now infamous meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where Biden threatened to have aid withheld if a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired”

“All evidence points directly to Joe Biden being deeply compromised.”

“House Republicans will leave no stone unturned in our investigations into Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence peddling scheme.”


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