Black Rights Group Marches in Austin Chanting Anti-Immigrant Slogans and Demanding Reparations

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A Black gun rights group held what they call a Second Amendment unity march in Austin, Texas, recently openly carrying firearms and shouting out derogatory statements toward immigrants. But, unfortunately, the lapdog-mainstream media ignored the rally and the protest chats against one of Democrat Joe Biden’s biggest policy usurpations- opening the country, through the Southern Border, to be flooded with foreigners and migrants to replace these exact communities of Black protesters.

Even notable Black Scholars admit that illegal immigration hurts the Black Community the worst. Yet, no one from the left who has virtue signaled for votes to the Black Community cared about these protestors.

‘Close the borders!’ they chanted. One yelled ‘build the wall’ the protestors on their unity march chanted.

‘Immigrants, we’ve been here!’ another person yelled. ‘Take your ass home!’

‘What do we want? Closed borders! When do we want it? Now!’

Once at the capitol building, a speaker summarized the group’s demands as ‘Reparations now, delineation, a stop to illegal immigration.’

The group’s name is The EGP Gun Club, and their purpose is to “reaffirm Black rights and responsibility to practice the 2nd Amendment.”

They are not alone in this concern about the flood of migrants into their homeland. For example, in 2007, Professor at Vanderbilt University and notable scholar Carol Swain wrote about the effects of illegal immigration on the Black Community, reporting:

African Americans are losing more jobs to illegal immigrants than other racial or ethnic groups, yet low-income black workers don’t have political input in the debate.

“African Americans have been left devoid of a strong black voice in Congress on a topic that affects them deeply, given their high unemployment rates and historic struggle to get quality housing, health care, education and other goods and services,” writes Professor Swain.

Professor Swain based her comments on a study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, which found high unemployment rates among African Americans and Hispanics were partially attributed to a large number of low-skilled immigrants. She added that lax or non-existent immigration rules help businesses get away with hiring illegal immigrants rather than legal workers.

“The greatest competition occurs among people at the margins of society, a multi-racial group that includes poorly educated blacks, whites and Hispanics who compete against each other and against new immigrants for low-wage, low-skill jobs,” Professor Swain writes.

Professor Swain also found that cuts in governmental programs, like student loans, make it harder for low-income African American students to train for higher-paying jobs. In addition, somenotes that some African Americans feel threatened by surges of immigrants to the United States because of the immigrants’ potential impact on affirmative action.”

According to the group’s website, the group’s mission is: “Our Work The Elmer Geronimo Pratt Pistol and Rifle Gun Club fully affirm the right and duty of Black people to protect ourselves, our families and our communities and we embody that belief by leading by example. Our members and leaders never fail to rise to the occasion- from training those with the genuine desire to learn and serving the unhoused, to working with those with like-minded goals and making the political push needed to change unjust laws and influence the political landscape; all of these actions are sorely needed to improve the quality of life for our community. We will never stop fighting for justice for Black America.”

One independent news reporter caught the discussion at the beginning of the event and reported:

‘We have done this for three years, and we need to take our message to the streets on different issues. We have been successful, and in this third year, we have a Black agenda, an administration that some people voted for and passed a hate crime in Georgia. I didn’t vote for them. We need to hold politicians responsible. We need to make sure we vet these people better.”

Other independent media picked up the story:

“Take Your A$$ Home!” – Black Rights Group Marches in Austin Chanting Anti-Immigrant Slogans and Demanding Reparations,” Jim Hoft reported for The Gateway Pundit, adding:

“Dozens of members of The Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club marched in Austin, Texas on Sunday chanting anti-immigrant slogans and demanding reparations.

The black activists chanted, “Take your a$$ home!” and “Guns up, Shoot back!”

“AUSTIN, Texas – On Sunday, a group of armed Black gun rights activists marched through the streets of Austin, Texas, with chants of “No more hands up, don’t shoot. Hands up shoot back” and demanding operations.”

The Daily Mail reported adding more footage:

The march comes after Texas Gov. Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent thousands of migrants by bus to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago, Illinois – all three sanctuary cities that have pledged not to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

Other than The Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club, several other groups, were involved, including the Black Riders Liberation Party.

‘We don’t say ‘hands up, don’t shoot!” one explained. ‘Guns up!’ they chanted. ‘Shoot back!’


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